6:30pm 300 MA
6:30pm Cinderella G
6:35pm 22 Jump Street MA
6:45pm Benny & Joon PG
7:00pm Jackass: The Movie MA
7:30pm Mr. Peabody & Sherman PG
7:45pm Cinderella II: Dreams Come True G
8:30pm 300: Rise Of An Empire MA
8:30pm The Silence Of The Lambs MA
8:30pm The Double M
8:30pm I, Frankenstein M
8:30pm Up Close & Personal M
8:30pm Jackass Number Two MA
9:00pm Cinderella III: A Twist In Time G
9:05pm The Croods PG
10:10pm Vampire Academy M
10:10pm The Thin Red Line M
10:10pm The Hangover MA
10:15pm Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen PG
10:20pm Serenity M
6:30pm Monsters University G
6:35pm Elysium MA
6:35pm Save The Last Dance M
6:45pm Wadjda PG
7:00pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult PG
7:30pm Mr. Bean's Holiday PG
8:15pm The Haunted Mansion PG
8:30pm The Fifth Estate M
8:30pm Gosford Park M
8:30pm Aliens vs Predator: Requiem MA
8:30pm The Other Woman M
8:30pm Without a Paddle M
8:30pm Inventing The Abbotts M
9:00pm Hotel For Dogs PG
9:45pm Bedknobs And Broomsticks G
10:10pm Species MA
10:15pm The Hangover Part III MA
10:20pm Diana M
10:25pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
6:30pm Treasure Planet PG
6:50pm Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny MA
6:50pm Hunger MA
7:30pm Space Warriors PG
8:05pm Mr. Magoo PG
8:30pm Body Of Lies MA
8:30pm Sleeping With The Enemy M
8:30pm The Monuments Men M
8:30pm The Grand Budapest Hotel M
8:30pm Cold Mountain MA
8:30pm High Fidelity M
9:05pm Problem Child PG
9:35pm Tarzan PG
10:10pm The Prestige M
10:15pm The Armstrong Lie M
10:30pm An American Tail: Fievel Goes West G
10:30pm Hairspray PG
10:30pm Dom Hemingway MA
6:30pm The Arrival M
6:30pm Flubber G
6:40pm Adventures Of Priscilla M
6:45pm Laurel Canyon MA
7:30pm Bandslam PG
8:05pm Dinosaur PG
8:30pm Strange Bedfellows M
8:30pm Mimic M
8:30pm How Stella Got Her Groove Back M
8:30pm Wind Chill MA
8:30pm 300: Rise Of An Empire MA
8:30pm Awakenings M
9:25pm A Heartbeat Away PG
9:30pm The Even Stevens Movie G
10:05pm Beautiful Creatures MA
10:15pm Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn M
10:15pm Bran Nue Dae PG
10:20pm Mimic 2 M
6:30pm Speed M
6:30pm Freaky Friday PG
6:55pm Where The Money Is PG
6:55pm Price Check M
6:55pm Laws Of Attraction PG
6:55pm Airheads M
7:30pm Justin Bieber's Believe G
8:10pm Honey, I Shrunk The Kids PG
8:30pm The Fourth Kind M
8:30pm World War Z M
8:30pm The Legend Of Hercules M
8:30pm Superbad MA
8:30pm Definitely, Maybe PG
8:35pm Locke MA
9:10pm Yours, Mine & Ours PG
9:45pm Honey, I Blew Up The Kid G
10:05pm August: Osage County MA
10:10pm Deja Vu M
10:15pm Ride Along M
10:25pm Conversations With Other Women M
10:30pm Get Shorty MA
6:30pm Home On The Range G
6:35pm Mission To Mars M
6:35pm The Butterfly Effect MA
6:50pm The Last Impresario M
6:55pm Gravity M
7:30pm Shark Tale G
7:45pm The Wild G
8:30pm Role Models MA
8:30pm The Fifth Element PG
8:30pm Cedar Boys MA
8:30pm Legends Of The Fall M
8:30pm The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug M
8:30pm Flatliners M
9:05pm Father Of The Bride G
9:10pm Brother Bear G
10:15pm Sydney White PG
10:20pm Wadjda PG
10:30pm The Game M
6:30pm Tinker Bell G
6:40pm Rocky V M
6:40pm Shall We Dance? M
7:00pm Duplex M
7:30pm Mr. Peabody & Sherman PG
7:50pm Muppets Most Wanted G
8:30pm The Pink Panther PG
8:30pm The Other Woman M
8:30pm Rocky Balboa M
8:30pm Last Vegas M
8:30pm Stigmata MA
8:30pm Son Of God M
9:05pm Uptown Girls PG
9:35pm Inspector Gadget PG
10:10pm Waiting MA
10:15pm Paranormal Activity M
10:15pm Undisputed MA
10:20pm 47 Ronin M
10:25pm Up Close & Personal M