6:30pm Disney's The Kid PG
6:35pm White Chicks M
6:40pm The Terminator M
6:45pm Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa MA
6:50pm The Importance Of Being Earnest G
6:50pm Takedown M
7:30pm Shark Tale G
8:15pm Honey, I Shrunk The Kids PG
8:30pm Tracks M
8:30pm True Lies M
8:30pm The Wolverine M
8:30pm The Nutty Professor M
8:30pm Becoming Jane PG
8:30pm Mr. Brooks MA
9:05pm Chasing Mavericks PG
9:50pm Honey, I Blew Up The Kid G
10:15pm Hairspray PG
10:25pm The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou M
6:30pm Glory Road PG
6:30pm Beautiful Girls M
6:35pm Death to Smoochy M
6:45pm Red Rock West M
6:45pm Heavenly Creatures M
7:30pm Moshi Monsters: The Movie G
8:30pm The Railway Man M
8:30pm Reservoir Dogs MA
8:30pm Mickey, Donald, Goofy: Three Musketeers G
8:30pm Deja Vu M
8:30pm The Amazing Spider-Man 2 M
8:30pm High Fidelity M
8:30pm Role Models MA
8:55pm Son Of The Mask PG
9:40pm A Goofy Movie G
10:15pm 28 Weeks Later MA
10:15pm Don't Be A Menace MA
10:25pm Mozart and The Whale M
10:30pm The Illusionist M
6:30pm Alien: Resurrection MA
6:30pm Muppets Most Wanted G
6:40pm Norbit M
6:45pm Philomena M
6:45pm The First Wives Club PG
6:45pm The Invisible M
7:30pm The Croods PG
8:20pm The Even Stevens Movie G
8:30pm Awake MA
8:30pm 52 Tuesdays MA
8:30pm Riddick MA
8:30pm Mimic M
8:30pm Choke R
8:30pm The Last Kiss MA
9:10pm Uncle Buck PG
9:55pm Zenon: Z3 G
10:00pm The Ninth Gate MA
10:05pm Kenny M
10:15pm Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! PG
10:20pm Mimic 2 M
10:30pm Backyard Ashes M
10:30pm The Trip To Italy M
6:30pm Jack The Giant Slayer M
6:30pm D3: The Mighty Ducks G
6:40pm Emperor's Club PG
6:50pm The Pallbearer M
7:00pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult PG
7:30pm Justin And The Knights Of Valour PG
8:15pm Bridge To Terabithia PG
8:30pm Wagons East PG
8:30pm The Devil Wears Prada PG
8:30pm The Omen MA
8:30pm Volcano M
8:30pm Man Of Steel M
8:35pm Chicago M
9:10pm Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas G
9:50pm Disney's The Kid PG
10:20pm Cursed M
10:20pm The Last Boy Scout MA
10:25pm Footloose M
10:25pm Hot Shots! M
10:30pm Hansel and Gretel G
6:30pm Alice In Wonderland G
6:40pm Playing For Keeps M
6:40pm Nightwatch MA
6:45pm The Hangover MA
7:30pm Free Birds G
7:50pm The Sword In The Stone G
8:30pm Captain America: The Winter Soldier M
8:30pm The Wicker Man M
8:30pm Men Of Honor M
8:30pm Legend Of Hercules M
8:30pm Waitress M
8:30pm Big Stan MA
9:05pm Cheaper By The Dozen G
9:10pm The Lizzie McGuire Movie G
10:15pm Ender's Game M
10:15pm The Others M
10:20pm P.S. I Love You M
10:25pm Starsky & Hutch M
6:30pm The Emperor's New Groove G
6:40pm Never Been Kissed PG
6:45pm After Earth M
6:55pm Gravity M
7:00pm Flying High II: The Sequel PG
7:30pm The Prince & Me PG
7:50pm The Emperor's New Groove 2 G
8:30pm Sunshine M
8:30pm How Stella Got Her Groove Back M
8:30pm Sleeping With The Enemy M
8:30pm Without a Paddle M
8:30pm The Wolf Of Wall Street MA
8:30pm August: Osage County MA
9:05pm The Cheetah Girls G
9:25pm Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters PG
10:10pm The Bling Ring MA
10:15pm Four Rooms MA
10:25pm X-Men 2 M
6:30pm Toy Story G
6:35pm Thanks For Sharing MA
6:35pm The Deep End Of The Ocean M
6:40pm Payback MA
6:55pm The Great Buck Howard G
7:30pm Justin Bieber's Believe G
7:55pm National Treasure PG
8:30pm The Patriot MA
8:30pm The Fourth Kind M
8:30pm Little Miss Sunshine M
8:30pm How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days PG
8:30pm Last Vegas M
8:35pm The Great Gatsby M
9:10pm Peter Pan PG
10:05pm Stitch! The Movie G
10:15pm A Simple Plan M
10:20pm Labor Day M
10:20pm Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star M
10:30pm My Summer Of Love MA