6:30pm The Hunchback Of Notre Dame G
6:40pm The Paperboy MA
6:45pm Alex Cross M
6:50pm Free Money M
7:30pm Epic PG
8:05pm The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II G
8:30pm Monster MA
8:30pm Stranger Than Fiction M
8:30pm A.C.O.D. M
8:30pm Elephant White MA
8:30pm Turner & Hooch PG
8:30pm Evening M
9:15pm Rebound G
9:15pm Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey G
10:00pm A Haunted House MA
10:10pm In Too Deep MA
10:15pm Bull Durham M
10:20pm Sound Of My Voice MA
10:30pm Red Dragon MA
10:30pm Elizabethtown M
6:30pm Mulan G
6:30pm Disconnect MA
6:35pm Death to Smoochy M
6:35pm Snitch M
7:30pm Adventures In Zambezia G
8:00pm Tarzan PG
8:30pm The Man With The Iron Fists MA
8:30pm Metallica Through The Never M
8:30pm From Hell MA
8:30pm Chasing Liberty PG
8:30pm The Beverly Hillbillies G
8:30pm Born On The Fourth Of July M
8:55pm How To Eat Fried Worms PG
9:30pm Tarzan II G
10:10pm Thor: The Dark World M
10:10pm Macgruber MA
10:10pm Body Of Lies MA
10:20pm Music Of The Heart PG
10:25pm Next Stop Wonderland M
6:30pm The Little Mermaid G
6:40pm 2 Guns MA
6:40pm Little Miss Sunshine M
7:00pm Naked Gun 2 & 1/2: The Smell Of Fear M
7:30pm Moshi Monsters: The Movie G
7:55pm The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea G
8:30pm A Good Day To Die Hard M
8:30pm The Boys Are Back M
8:30pm Gangster Squad MA
8:30pm Blue Jasmine M
8:30pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult PG
8:30pm Enough Said M
8:55pm Hoot G
9:15pm The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning G
10:00pm Stuck On You M
10:10pm The Hangover Part III MA
10:10pm The Day After Tomorrow M
10:15pm Snow Angels MA
10:20pm Lost in Translation PG
10:30pm The Bay MA
10:30pm Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright G
6:30pm Frozen PG
6:40pm Muriel's Wedding M
6:50pm Beasts Of The Southern Wild M
7:30pm Despicable Me 2 PG
8:10pm The Story Of Frozen PG
8:30pm The Counselor MA
8:30pm Reservoir Dogs MA
8:30pm Silver Linings Playbook M
8:30pm The Warrior's Way MA
8:30pm Bachelorette MA
8:30pm Her MA
9:05pm Planes G
9:10pm Paranorman PG
10:00pm Heartbreakers M
10:10pm Death Proof MA
10:15pm Jet Li's Fearless M
10:30pm How I Live Now MA
6:30pm Paycheck M
6:30pm American Beauty MA
6:30pm Kingpin M
6:30pm One Hundred And One Dalmatians G
6:35pm Great Expectations M
6:45pm Frailty MA
7:30pm Turbo G
7:50pm George Of The Jungle 2 PG
8:30pm Jerry Maguire M
8:30pm Red 2 M
8:30pm She's Out of My League MA
8:30pm Independence Day M
8:30pm Before The Devil Knows You're Dead MA
8:35pm A Hard Day's Night M
9:10pm Fairytale: A True Story PG
9:20pm The Country Bears G
10:10pm Flags Of Our Fathers MA
10:20pm Soul Men MA
10:30pm Waking The Dead M
10:30pm The Conjuring MA
6:30pm The Shaggy Dog G
6:35pm The Hudsucker Proxy PG
6:45pm Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! PG
6:50pm Kissing Jessica Stein M
6:55pm The Bling Ring MA
7:30pm Escape From Planet Earth PG
8:15pm The Shaggy Dog PG
8:30pm 20 Feet From Stardom M
8:30pm Chopper MA
8:30pm The Perfect Storm M
8:30pm Getaway M
8:30pm Million Dollar Baby M
8:30pm Henry's Crime M
9:00pm Scooby-Doo G
9:55pm The Rocketeer PG
10:05pm Bad Country MA
10:05pm Letters from Iwo Jima MA
10:10pm Deadfall MA
10:25pm The Distinguished Gentleman M
10:30pm Madeline G
6:30pm Super Buddies G
6:40pm Paranoia M
6:45pm Blue Steel M
6:50pm Airheads M
6:55pm Notes On A Scandal MA
7:30pm Happily N'ever After G
7:50pm Home On The Range G
8:30pm Zero Dark Thirty M
8:30pm Diana M
8:30pm The Best Man Holiday M
8:30pm Snakes On A Plane M
8:30pm Casanova M
8:30pm Bart Got A Room M
9:00pm Adventures In Zambezia G
9:05pm Inspector Gadget PG
9:55pm Swing Vote M
10:20pm The Last Boy Scout MA
10:25pm Tad The Lost Explorer PG
10:25pm Tideland MA
10:25pm Inspector Gadget 2 G
10:30pm Valentino: The Last Emperor PG