6:30pm I, Robot M
6:30pm Not Without My Daughter PG
6:30pm A Goofy Movie G
6:30pm Steel Magnolias M
6:30pm Now You See Me M
6:40pm The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps M
7:30pm Moms' Night Out PG
7:50pm An Extremely Goofy Movie G
8:30pm Divergent M
8:30pm The Box M
8:30pm Duets M
8:30pm Dude, Where's My Car? M
8:30pm Robocop 3 M
8:30pm All This Mayhem MA
9:10pm Hoot G
9:10pm Beverly Hills Family Robinson PG
10:00pm Going Overboard M
10:20pm Son Of God M
10:20pm Pacific Rim M
10:25pm Save The Last Dance M
10:30pm The Black Dahlia MA
6:30pm Speed M
6:30pm Robocop M
6:30pm The Incredibles PG
6:50pm I.Q. G
7:00pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult PG
7:30pm Walking With Dinosaurs PG
8:25pm The Wild G
8:30pm Waist Deep MA
8:30pm The Invisible Woman M
8:30pm Hot Shots! M
8:30pm The Shadow PG
8:30pm X-Men: Days Of Future Past M
8:30pm Sexy Beast MA
9:00pm Mr. Bean's Holiday PG
9:50pm Atlantis: The Lost Empire PG
10:00pm The Witches Of Eastwick M
10:05pm Insomnia M
10:10pm Serenity M
10:20pm Tim Winton's The Turning MA
10:25pm The Boys Are Back M
10:30pm A Heartbeat Away PG
6:30pm Lady And The Tramp G
6:40pm Pompeii M
6:40pm While You Were Sleeping PG
6:45pm Untraceable MA
6:55pm Fun With Dick And Jane M
7:30pm How To Train Your Dragon 2 PG
7:50pm Frozen PG
8:30pm Out Of Time M
8:30pm Angela's Ashes M
8:30pm Walk Of Shame M
8:30pm Maximum Risk M
8:30pm Music And Lyrics PG
8:30pm I Love You Phillip Morris MA
9:15pm We Are Marshall PG
9:35pm Ice Princess PG
10:10pm The Rover MA
10:15pm The Joneses M
10:20pm 27 Dresses PG
10:20pm Darkness M
10:20pm Man Of Tai Chi MA
6:30pm U-571 M
6:30pm Shallow Hal M
6:30pm 101 Dalmatians G
6:35pm Before Midnight MA
6:55pm God's Pocket MA
7:30pm Teen Wolf PG
8:15pm 102 Dalmatians G
8:30pm The Reaping M
8:30pm For the Boys M
8:30pm The Skeleton Twins M
8:30pm Titanic M
8:30pm The Pink Panther PG
8:30pm Fury MA
9:05pm Kaena: The Prophecy PG
9:55pm The Love Bug G
10:10pm Sex Tape MA
10:10pm Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle MA
10:15pm Ronin M
6:30pm Hairspray PG
6:30pm Million Dollar Arm PG
6:35pm All This Mayhem MA
6:50pm Punch-Drunk Love M
7:30pm Transformers: Age Of Extinction M
7:30pm Rio 2 G
8:30pm Chicago M
8:30pm Jackie Brown MA
8:30pm Up In The Air M
8:30pm The In-Laws M
8:30pm The Score M
8:35pm Glory Road PG
9:15pm A Cinderella Story PG
10:10pm Son In Law PG
10:20pm Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa MA
10:25pm Wedding Daze M
10:30pm Brassed Off M
6:30pm Timeline M
6:30pm Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen PG
6:30pm Frankie and Johnny M
6:35pm Sex Drive MA
6:35pm Sabotage MA
6:40pm Hackers M
7:30pm Hotel For Dogs PG
8:00pm Twitches PG
8:30pm Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie M
8:30pm Ocean's Thirteen PG
8:30pm Waitress M
8:30pm Jackass: The Movie MA
8:30pm Thor: The Dark World M
8:30pm The Lunchbox PG
9:10pm Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron PG
9:30pm Twitches Too PG
10:00pm Jackass Number Two MA
10:10pm The Other Woman M
10:20pm Sunlight Jr. MA
10:20pm About Adam M
10:30pm 300 MA
6:30pm Pinocchio G
6:40pm Nine Months M
6:40pm Last Vegas M
6:45pm Flightplan M
6:50pm Trainwreck: My Life As An Idiot M
7:30pm Bandslam PG
8:00pm Geppetto G
8:30pm 2 Guns MA
8:30pm Fury MA
8:30pm A Simple Plan M
8:30pm Definitely, Maybe PG
8:30pm American Pie: The Wedding MA
8:30pm M. Butterfly M
9:25pm The Road To El Dorado G
9:30pm Whispers: An Elephant's Tale PG
10:10pm Choke MA
10:15pm Network M
10:25pm When A Man Loves A Woman M
10:30pm U.S. Marshals M