6:30pm Aladdin G
6:35pm A Fish Called Wanda M
6:40pm Guinevere M
6:40pm This Is The End MA
6:45pm Thunderstruck M
7:30pm Battle Of The Year PG
8:00pm The Return Of Jafar G
8:30pm Letters from Iwo Jima MA
8:30pm Runner Runner MA
8:30pm Deja Vu M
8:30pm The Family MA
8:30pm About Time M
8:30pm The Nutty Professor M
9:10pm Aladdin And The King Of Thieves G
9:20pm Bratz G
10:05pm Highway MA
10:10pm Extreme Movie MA
10:25pm Pacific Rim M
6:30pm Mary Poppins G
6:45pm Hitchcock M
6:45pm The Crazies MA
6:50pm R.I.P.D. M
6:55pm Let's Go To Prison M
7:30pm Ice Age PG
8:30pm Broken Arrow M
8:30pm Now You See Me M
8:30pm Blood Diamond MA
8:30pm Girl with a Pearl Earring PG
8:30pm How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days PG
8:30pm Don Jon MA
8:50pm Balloon Farm G
8:55pm Battle For Terra PG
10:10pm Flags Of Our Fathers MA
10:15pm Music Of The Heart PG
10:15pm A Good Woman PG
10:25pm Ninja Assassin MA
10:25pm Tall Tale PG
10:30pm Mud M
10:30pm Soul Men MA
6:30pm Tarzan PG
6:35pm Snow Angels MA
6:35pm City By The Sea MA
6:40pm Kinky Boots M
6:45pm What Maisie Knew M
7:30pm Adventures In Zambezia G
8:00pm The Shaggy Dog PG
8:30pm Red Dragon MA
8:30pm 2 Guns MA
8:30pm Dark Blue MA
8:30pm Where The Money Is PG
8:30pm The Full Monty M
8:30pm Alien 3 M
8:55pm Rebound G
9:40pm Honey, I Shrunk The Kids PG
10:05pm Footloose M
10:05pm Fat Pizza MA
10:20pm Elysium MA
10:25pm The Prince of Egypt G
10:30pm Alien: Resurrection MA
6:30pm The Impossible M
6:30pm Tarzan II G
6:45pm 50 First Dates M
6:50pm Teeth MA
6:55pm Storytelling MA
6:55pm Lovelace MA
7:30pm Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 G
7:45pm Hercules G
8:30pm The Minus Man M
8:30pm House Of Flying Daggers M
8:30pm Disconnect MA
8:30pm Ned Kelly M
8:30pm The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 M
8:30pm Nurse Betty MA
9:05pm Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were- PG
9:20pm Recess: All Growed Down G
10:20pm The Man With The Iron Fists MA
10:25pm Operation Dumbo Drop PG
10:25pm The Number 23 MA
10:25pm Road Trip MA
10:30pm Jerry Maguire M
10:30pm Warm Bodies M
10:30pm Epic PG
6:30pm Big Red G
6:40pm Married To The Mob M
6:40pm Zig Zag MA
7:00pm Death Clique M
7:30pm The Spiderwick Chronicles PG
8:00pm The Haunted Mansion PG
8:30pm Ronin M
8:30pm Green Street Hooligans MA
8:30pm Coriolanus M
8:30pm The Hangover Part III MA
8:30pm Sense And Sensibility G
8:30pm Slacker M
9:05pm Jack PG
9:30pm The Lizzie McGuire Movie G
10:15pm Generation Um MA
10:15pm A Dirty Shame MA
10:25pm Hannibal Rising MA
6:30pm Herbie: Fully Loaded G
6:40pm The Hard Word MA
6:40pm Coco Avant Chanel PG
6:45pm Uncle Buck PG
6:50pm Empire State MA
7:00pm Rumble In The Bronx M
7:30pm Despicable Me 2 PG
8:10pm Going To The Mat PG
8:30pm Point Of No Return M
8:30pm Runner Runner MA
8:30pm Ruthless People M
8:30pm Get Carter MA
8:30pm Won't Back Down PG
8:35pm Catch Me If You Can M
9:10pm Paranorman PG
9:45pm Newsies PG
10:05pm Thin Ice M
10:10pm Outrageous Fortune M
10:15pm What Lies Beneath M
10:15pm Deep Impact M
6:30pm The Country Bears G
6:35pm Jagged Edge MA
6:45pm The Crow MA
6:45pm How I Live Now MA
6:55pm Little City M
7:00pm Surfer, Dude MA
7:30pm Escape From Planet Earth PG
8:00pm Dinosaur PG
8:30pm Wishful Thinking M
8:30pm There's Something About Mary MA
8:30pm Ghost Team One MA
8:30pm Monster MA
8:30pm Romeo + Juliet M
8:30pm Constantine M
9:00pm Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins PG
9:25pm New Adventures Of Spin And Marty PG
10:00pm A Haunted House MA
10:05pm Frankie and Johnny M
10:20pm Instinct M
10:25pm Thumbelina G