6:30pm Cars G
6:35pm End Of Watch MA
6:40pm Romancing the Stone M
6:45pm The Nutty Professor M
6:55pm Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa M
7:30pm The Flintstones G
8:25pm Disney's The Kid PG
8:30pm Boiler Room M
8:30pm Only God Forgives MA
8:30pm Jet Li's Fearless M
8:30pm Runner Runner MA
8:30pm Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! PG
8:30pm My One And Only M
9:05pm Rise Of The Guardians PG
10:05pm Bill Cunningham New York PG
10:05pm Ghost Team One MA
10:10pm The Wild G
10:15pm Soul Men MA
10:20pm Shoot 'Em Up MA
10:20pm Titanic M
6:30pm Pete's Dragon G
6:30pm Stakeout M
6:40pm The Jewel of the Nile PG
6:45pm Body Of Evidence MA
6:45pm After Earth M
6:55pm Don Jon MA
7:30pm Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days PG
8:30pm American Psycho MA
8:30pm The Tuxedo M
8:30pm Thanks For Sharing MA
8:30pm Three Fugitives PG
8:30pm Georgia Rule M
8:30pm Flags Of Our Fathers MA
8:40pm New Adventures Of Spin And Marty PG
9:05pm The Smurfs 2 G
10:10pm Bambi G
10:15pm Death Proof MA
10:15pm Death Sentence MA
10:15pm Free Money M
10:25pm The Hungover Games MA
10:25pm 2 Days In New York MA
6:30pm The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea G
6:35pm The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen M
6:35pm Body Heat M
6:35pm Jack The Giant Slayer M
6:35pm Bull Durham M
7:30pm Dino Time G
7:50pm Toy Story G
8:30pm The Big Lebowski MA
8:30pm Blue Steel M
8:30pm You're Next MA
8:30pm Notes On A Scandal MA
8:30pm The Ring MA
8:30pm Great Expectations M
9:00pm Funky Monkey PG
9:10pm Toy Story 2 G
10:10pm The Fifth Estate M
10:10pm Kill Your Darlings MA
10:15pm Saw MA
10:25pm The Mother MA
10:30pm The Ring 2 M
10:30pm Nurse Betty MA
6:30pm Red 2 M
6:30pm Accidental Tourist PG
6:30pm National Treasure PG
6:35pm The Devil Wears Prada PG
6:50pm Save Your Legs! M
7:30pm Turbo G
8:30pm Kingpin M
8:30pm Die Hard M
8:30pm Out Of Sight M
8:30pm A.C.O.D. M
8:30pm Les Misérables M
8:35pm The Hudsucker Proxy PG
8:40pm National Treasure: Book Of Secrets PG
9:10pm The Croods PG
10:05pm We're The Millers MA
10:30pm You Can Count On Me M
10:30pm Observe And Report MA
6:30pm Ghost Dog M
6:30pm Brother Bear 2 G
6:35pm Under Suspicion M
6:50pm But I'm A Cheerleader M
7:30pm Happily N'ever After G
7:45pm The Country Bears G
8:30pm Ocean's Thirteen PG
8:30pm Farewell, My Queen M
8:30pm Delivery Man M
8:30pm Die Hard 2 M
8:30pm Scent Of A Woman M
8:30pm Baseketball M
9:00pm Racing Stripes G
9:15pm Tiger Cruise PG
10:15pm M. Butterfly M
10:15pm Wrongfully Accused PG
10:20pm The World's End MA
6:30pm Tarzan PG
6:40pm Wild Wild West PG
6:40pm Trust MA
6:45pm Hummingbird MA
6:50pm Planes, Trains & Automobiles M
7:30pm Happy Feet G
8:00pm Tarzan II G
8:30pm A Civil Action M
8:30pm Paranoia M
8:30pm Frankie and Johnny M
8:30pm X-Men M
8:30pm Muriel's Wedding M
8:35pm Noise MA
9:15pm Recess: All Growed Down G
9:20pm Parental Guidance PG
10:15pm Eragon M
10:15pm Recess: Taking The Fifth Grade G
10:20pm Now You See Me M
10:20pm How To Lose Friends & Alienate People M
10:25pm Being John Malkovich MA
10:30pm Point Of No Return M
10:30pm Almost Famous M
6:30pm Monsters University G
6:40pm Rocky Balboa M
6:40pm Doc Hollywood M
6:45pm Leaves Of Grass MA
7:30pm Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 G
8:15pm Treasure Planet PG
8:30pm The Untouchables M
8:30pm Red 2 M
8:30pm X-Men 2 M
8:30pm The Love Guru M
8:30pm Green Dragon M
8:35pm Lagerfeld Confidential PG
9:05pm The Last Mimzy PG
9:50pm Fantasia 2000 G
10:00pm L.A. Story M
10:15pm Moonstruck PG
10:25pm Catch And Release M
10:30pm Red Tails M