8:30pm Muriel's Wedding M
9:05pm Night At The Museum PG
9:15pm Chicken Little PG
10:20pm Emperor's Club PG
10:20pm Fay Grim M
10:20pm Drop Dead Gorgeous M
10:25pm Gambit PG
6:30pm Dinosaur PG
6:35pm Girls MA
6:35pm Stage Beauty M
6:50pm They Live M
6:55pm The Night Listener M
6:55pm The Big Wedding MA
7:30pm The Croods PG
7:55pm Monsters University G
8:30pm The White Countess M
8:30pm Fast & Furious 6 M
8:30pm Hyde Park On Hudson M
8:30pm The Dark Knight Rises M
8:30pm Showtime M
8:30pm The Untouchables M
9:10pm Getting Even With Dad PG
9:40pm Going To The Mat PG
10:10pm Old School MA
10:10pm Performance M
6:30pm The Wild G
6:45pm Stoker MA
6:50pm After The Sunset M
6:50pm Mozart and The Whale M
7:00pm Quick Change M
7:30pm The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale PG
7:55pm Newsies PG
8:30pm What About Bob? PG
8:30pm Resurrecting The Champ M
8:30pm American Psycho MA
8:30pm The Majestic PG
8:30pm In Too Deep MA
8:30pm Pain & Gain MA
8:55pm Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat G
10:00pm Now You See It... G
10:15pm Shelter MA
10:15pm Married To The Mob M
10:15pm The Mexican M
10:20pm Horrid Henry: The Movie G
10:25pm A Home At The End Of The World MA
6:30pm Bambi II G
6:35pm Cassandra's Dream M
6:40pm Footloose M
6:50pm Senseless M
6:55pm Taken 2 M
6:55pm Bullet To The Head MA
7:30pm Bratz G
7:45pm Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey G
8:30pm Boiler Room M
8:30pm Family Weekend M
8:30pm Ruby Sparks M
8:30pm The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou M
8:30pm Thir13en Ghosts MA
8:30pm A Beautiful Mind M
9:10pm Home On The Range G
9:15pm Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox M
10:05pm Silver Bullet MA
10:15pm Sense And Sensibility G
10:20pm World War Z M
10:30pm Daddy And Them M
10:30pm Aladdin G
6:30pm Holes PG
6:35pm End Of Watch MA
7:00pm Flying High M
7:30pm Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 G
8:30pm Riddick MA
8:30pm Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco G
8:30pm Before The Devil Knows You're Dead MA
8:30pm Solitary Man M
8:30pm Disconnect MA
8:30pm Flying High II: The Sequel PG
8:30pm Snow Angels MA
9:05pm Casper PG
10:00pm Clerks II MA
10:00pm The Shaggy Dog PG
10:05pm Red Dragon MA
10:25pm She's All That M
10:25pm The Internship M
10:30pm Monster MA
10:30pm Slither MA
6:30pm 300 MA
6:30pm Operation Dumbo Drop PG
6:35pm 2 Guns MA
6:40pm Grind M
7:30pm Holidaze PG
8:20pm My Favorite Martian PG
8:30pm The Normal Heart MA
8:30pm House At The End Of The Street M
8:30pm The Impossible M
8:30pm Scary Movie 2 MA
8:30pm Impostor MA
8:30pm Pacific Rim M
9:00pm The Adventures Of Pinocchio G
9:55pm The Tigger Movie G
10:00pm Borat MA
10:10pm Highwaymen M
10:15pm Zig Zag MA
10:25pm Girl with a Pearl Earring PG
6:30pm Doug's 1st Movie G
6:35pm Two Lovers M
6:40pm The Tall Man M
6:45pm Blitz MA
6:45pm Turner & Hooch PG
7:30pm Night At The Museum PG
7:50pm Honey, I Shrunk The Kids PG
8:30pm 50 First Dates M
8:30pm The Apostle PG
8:30pm The Tailor Of Panama MA
8:30pm The Wicker Man M
8:30pm The Hangover Part III MA
8:30pm American Beauty MA
9:20pm Music Of The Heart PG
9:25pm The Rocketeer PG
10:15pm Gambit PG
10:15pm The Pact MA
10:20pm Kingpin M
10:25pm Alpha Dog MA