6:30pm Dead Man Down MA
6:30pm Swiss Family Robinson G
6:30pm Anna Karenina (1997) M
6:40pm Going Overboard M
6:45pm Convict MA
6:50pm Hyde Park On Hudson M
7:30pm Nacho Libre PG
8:30pm Parker MA
8:30pm All The King's Men M
8:30pm In The Name Of The Father M
8:30pm Homefront MA
8:30pm Baseketball M
8:30pm Almost Famous M
8:35pm Beverly Hills Family Robinson PG
9:05pm Horrid Henry: The Movie G
10:10pm Disney's Leroy & Stitch G
10:15pm We're The Millers MA
10:20pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show M
6:30pm The AristoCats G
6:30pm Under Suspicion M
6:35pm Keeping Mum M
6:40pm Secretary MA
6:45pm Cypher M
7:00pm Someone Marry Barry MA
7:30pm Dear Dumb Diary PG
7:50pm The Odd Life Of Timothy Green G
8:30pm Please Give M
8:30pm Jet Li's Fearless M
8:30pm The Wrong Man MA
8:30pm White House Down M
8:30pm Kingpin M
8:35pm Next Goal Wins M
9:05pm Father Of The Bride G
9:35pm Life-Size PG
10:05pm No Reservations PG
10:20pm jOBS M
10:20pm Ninja Assassin MA
10:30pm Sydney White PG
10:30pm Edison MA
6:30pm The Lizzie McGuire Movie G
6:35pm Side Effects MA
6:40pm The Crow MA
6:40pm The Expatriate M
6:40pm Promised Land M
6:50pm License To Wed M
7:30pm Battle Of The Year PG
8:05pm Safety Patrol G
8:30pm Short Term 12 M
8:30pm Days of Thunder M
8:30pm Prisoners MA
8:30pm Boy A MA
8:30pm A Good Woman PG
8:30pm The Love Guru M
9:20pm Khumba PG
9:35pm The Young Black Stallion G
10:00pm Outside Providence MA
10:10pm The Horse Whisperer M
10:15pm The Summit M
10:20pm Half Light M
10:25pm Braveheart MA
10:25pm Jack-Jack Attack G
6:30pm Brother Bear G
6:30pm Escape Plan MA
6:40pm Romancing the Stone M
6:45pm In The House MA
6:55pm Flying High M
7:30pm Akeelah And The Bee PG
7:55pm Brother Bear 2 G
8:30pm Blood MA
8:30pm Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa MA
8:30pm About Time M
8:30pm The Jewel of the Nile PG
8:30pm Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead PG
8:35pm Greetings From Tim Buckley M
9:10pm Honey, I Shrunk The Kids PG
9:25pm Moshi Monsters: The Movie G
10:10pm Trust MA
10:15pm Admission M
10:20pm Quick Change M
10:20pm Ned Kelly M
10:25pm Ronin M
6:30pm Dumbo G
6:50pm Pluto Nash M
6:55pm Date And Switch M
6:55pm Dead Silence M
7:00pm Conversations With Other Women M
7:30pm The Croods PG
7:35pm Freaky Friday PG
8:30pm The Last Boy Scout MA
8:30pm Pacific Rim M
8:30pm Bug MA
8:30pm Reality Bites M
8:30pm The Great Buck Howard G
8:30pm Mystery Road M
9:10pm Son Of The Mask PG
9:15pm National Treasure PG
10:10pm Grandma's Boy MA
10:15pm Undiscovered PG
10:20pm Body Of Lies MA
10:25pm Drag Me To Hell MA
6:30pm Lilo & Stitch G
6:35pm Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
6:50pm Loser M
6:55pm Gravity M
7:30pm Nancy Drew PG
7:55pm Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch G
8:30pm The Host M
8:30pm Fracture M
8:30pm Are We Officially Dating? MA
8:30pm Adoration MA
8:30pm Soldier MA
8:35pm The Man Without A Face M
9:05pm Luxo Jr. G
9:10pm Home On The Range G
9:10pm One Direction: This Is Us PG
10:15pm The Hangover MA
10:20pm Deja Vu M
10:25pm Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues M
10:30pm Instinct M
10:30pm Pollyanna G
6:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
6:30pm Mr. Headmistress PG
6:35pm Nothing But The Truth MA
6:55pm Straight A's MA
7:30pm TMNT PG
8:00pm Mr. Magoo PG
8:30pm The Number 23 MA
8:30pm The Book Thief PG
8:30pm 47 Ronin M
8:30pm Hamburger Hill MA
8:30pm Duplex M
8:30pm Remember Me M
9:00pm Muppets From Space G
9:30pm Piglet's Big Movie G
10:05pm The Royal Tenenbaums MA
10:15pm Trainspotting MA
10:25pm Happy-Go-Lucky M
10:30pm Machete Kills MA
10:30pm Payback MA
10:30pm Chasing Mavericks PG