6:30pm Fool's Gold M
6:30pm Peter Pan G
6:35pm Diana M
6:55pm The Pink Panther PG
7:30pm Rio 2 G
7:50pm Return To Neverland G
8:30pm Margaret Pomeranz Presents: Whiplash MA
8:30pm Guardians Of The Galaxy M
8:30pm The Age Of Innocence G
8:30pm The Family MA
8:30pm Starship Troopers MA
8:30pm The Talented Mr. Ripley M
8:35pm Whiplash MA
9:05pm The Mighty Ducks G
9:15pm Standing Up PG
10:25pm August: Osage County MA
10:25pm Danny Deckchair PG
6:30pm Ladder 49 M
6:30pm Tinker Bell G
6:30pm Cold Creek Manor M
6:40pm Endless Love M
6:45pm Blind Date M
7:30pm Hook PG
7:50pm Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy G
8:30pm Closed Circuit M
8:30pm Hercules M
8:30pm Legally Blonde PG
8:30pm The Fifth Element PG
8:30pm Superbad MA
8:35pm Yves Saint Laurent M
9:10pm Ice Princess PG
9:50pm Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Pt 1 M
10:10pm Now You See Me M
10:10pm Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde PG
10:15pm The Inbetweeners 2 MA
10:25pm Proof M
10:30pm Romy And Michele's High School Reunion M
6:30pm Speed M
6:30pm Tarzan & Jane G
6:30pm Romeo & Juliet M
6:30pm Robocop M
6:35pm Definitely, Maybe PG
6:40pm The Others M
6:50pm Due Date MA
7:30pm Freddy Frogface PG
7:50pm Robin Hood G
8:30pm Paranormal Activity M
8:30pm Mr Woodcock M
8:30pm First Blood M
8:30pm Blended M
8:30pm 300: Rise Of An Empire MA
8:35pm Graeme Blundell Presents: Nicholas Nickleby M
8:40pm Nicholas Nickleby M
8:55pm Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas G
9:15pm National Treasure PG
10:00pm Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones MA
10:05pm Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle MA
10:10pm Die Hard 2 M
10:15pm Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Pt 2 M
10:20pm I Origins M
10:30pm Valentine's Day M
6:30pm Frozen Sing Along PG
6:35pm Forgetting Sarah Marshall MA
6:55pm Little Voice M
7:30pm Yogi Bear G
8:10pm Sleeping Beauty G
8:30pm John Q M
8:30pm Felony M
8:30pm Rambo: First Blood Part II M
8:30pm The Hundred-Foot Journey PG
8:30pm We're The Millers MA
8:35pm The Grand Budapest Hotel M
8:55pm The Prince & Me PG
9:30pm Fantasia 2000 G
10:15pm Die Hard: With A Vengeance M
10:20pm Arizona Dream M
10:20pm The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug M
10:25pm Adventures Of Priscilla M
10:30pm Contagion M
6:30pm Ratatouille PG
6:35pm Margaret Pomeranz Presents: Whiplash MA
6:40pm Whiplash MA
6:45pm Dirty Dancing M
6:50pm Blades Of Glory M
6:55pm Cobra MA
7:30pm Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles M
7:30pm Jingle All The Way 2 PG
8:20pm The Incredibles PG
8:30pm Fargo MA
8:30pm Mamma Mia! PG
8:30pm Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues M
8:30pm Rambo III M
8:30pm The Silence Of The Lambs MA
9:05pm Justin Bieber's Believe G
9:15pm Ender's Game M
10:15pm The Bucket List M
10:15pm DuckTales: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp G
10:20pm Die Hard 4.0 M
10:25pm Romeo + Juliet M
10:30pm Event Horizon MA
10:30pm Old School MA
6:30pm I, Robot M
6:30pm Snow Dogs G
6:30pm The Hours M
6:30pm Kate & Leopold PG
6:40pm Hall Pass MA
6:50pm I, Frankenstein M
6:55pm Sexy Beast MA
7:30pm Mr. Peabody & Sherman PG
8:10pm First Kid PG
8:30pm Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind MA
8:30pm Judge Dredd M
8:30pm Divergent M
8:30pm Dude, Where's My Car? M
8:30pm French Kiss M
8:30pm Calvary MA
9:05pm Mr. Bean's Holiday PG
9:50pm Mail To The Chief G
10:00pm Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back MA
10:15pm The Shawshank Redemption MA
10:15pm Cop Land MA
10:25pm The Counselor MA
10:25pm While You Were Sleeping PG
6:30pm Riddick MA
6:30pm The Broken Circle Breakdown MA
6:30pm The Lion King II: Simba's Pride G
6:35pm Memento MA
6:40pm Bounce M
6:50pm Fun With Dick And Jane M
7:30pm Shark Tale G
7:50pm The Lion King 1 1/2 G
8:30pm Fury MA
8:30pm The Hand That Rocks The Cradle M
8:30pm Thanks For Sharing MA
8:30pm Shallow Hal M
8:30pm Ghost Rider M
8:30pm Dear Frankie M
9:05pm Walking With Dinosaurs PG
9:10pm The Million Dollar Duck G
10:20pm 12 Years A Slave MA
10:25pm Duets M
10:25pm Sleeping With The Enemy M
10:25pm Biker Boyz M
10:30pm Baseketball M