6:50pm Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde PG
7:30pm Postman Pat: The Movie G
8:10pm Cinderella G
8:30pm Pulp Fiction MA
8:30pm Charlie Wilson's War M
8:30pm Life Of Crime MA
8:30pm Divergent M
8:30pm She's Having A Baby M
8:30pm The Pink Panther PG
9:00pm Nacho Libre PG
9:25pm Cinderella II: Dreams Come True G
10:10pm Road Trip MA
10:15pm I, Frankenstein M
10:15pm Juno M
10:25pm 27 Dresses PG
6:30pm City Slickers PG
6:30pm Toy Story G
6:35pm Up In The Air M
6:50pm Still Life M
7:30pm Furry Vengeance PG
7:55pm Toy Story 2 G
8:30pm Stargate PG
8:30pm Revolver MA
8:30pm Lost in Translation PG
8:30pm X-Men: Days Of Future Past M
8:30pm Before Midnight MA
8:30pm Just Visiting PG
9:05pm Shark Tale G
9:30pm The Country Bears G
10:05pm Family Weekend M
10:20pm The Human Stain MA
10:20pm The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
10:25pm Elizabeth MA
6:30pm Catch And Release M
6:30pm Planes G
6:40pm Bulletproof Monk M
6:40pm Grown Ups 2 PG
6:55pm Don Jon MA
7:30pm Rio 2 G
8:05pm Heavyweights G
8:30pm The Big Lebowski MA
8:30pm Tremors M
8:30pm Death Defying Acts PG
8:30pm 25th Hour MA
8:30pm Wadjda PG
8:30pm Bad Neighbours MA
9:15pm Jack PG
9:40pm Lorenzo G
9:50pm The Jungle Book PG
10:10pm Brick Mansions M
10:10pm America's Sweethearts M
10:10pm Rocky M
10:15pm No Country For Old Men MA
10:30pm The Trip MA
6:30pm Robin Hood G
6:35pm The Thomas Crown Affair M
6:40pm The Last Kiss MA
6:50pm Sex Tape MA
6:50pm Soapdish M
7:00pm Locke MA
7:30pm Hotel For Dogs PG
7:55pm Peter Pan G
8:30pm The Ghost Writer MA
8:30pm The Thin Red Line M
8:30pm Divergent M
8:30pm Ladder 49 M
8:30pm The Wedding Planner M
8:30pm Nurse Betty MA
9:10pm Hoot G
9:15pm Return To Neverland G
10:15pm Shall We Dance? M
10:20pm The Groomsmen M
10:30pm Rocky II PG
10:30pm Pooh's Heffalump Movie G
6:30pm An Extremely Goofy Movie G
6:35pm Biker Boyz M
6:40pm Inventing The Abbotts M
6:50pm I, Frankenstein M
6:55pm Horsemen MA
7:30pm Father Of The Bride G
7:50pm John Henry G
8:05pm Pinocchio G
8:30pm Loser M
8:30pm Last Holiday PG
8:30pm Blood Diamond MA
8:30pm The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug M
8:30pm The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen M
8:35pm The Babadook M
9:15pm The Dolphin: Story Of A Dreamer PG
9:35pm Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey G
10:10pm Envy M
10:15pm Behind The Candelabra M
10:25pm Rocky III PG
10:25pm How Stella Got Her Groove Back M
6:30pm The Emperor's New Groove G
6:30pm Love Is All You Need M
6:50pm Babylon A.D. M
6:50pm The Fourth Kind M
7:00pm Observe And Report MA
7:30pm Peter Pan PG
7:50pm Aladdin G
8:30pm August: Osage County MA
8:30pm Captain America: The Winter Soldier M
8:30pm How I Live Now MA
8:30pm White Chicks M
8:30pm The Terminator M
8:30pm Serendipity PG
9:20pm The Return Of Jafar G
9:25pm Mr. Peabody & Sherman PG
10:05pm Return To Me M
10:15pm Instinct M
10:20pm Rocky IV PG
10:30pm Airheads M
10:30pm Aladdin And The King Of Thieves G
6:30pm 300 MA
6:30pm Underdog PG
6:35pm Out To Sea PG
6:40pm 300: Rise Of An Empire MA
6:40pm She's Having A Baby M
6:40pm American Psycho MA
6:50pm Red Rock West M
7:30pm Big Fat Liar G
7:55pm The Incredibles PG
8:30pm Rushmore M
8:30pm Psycho M
8:30pm Steel Magnolias M
8:30pm Space Station 76 MA
8:30pm American Gangster MA
8:30pm The Witches Of Eastwick M
9:00pm Are We Done Yet? PG
9:50pm George Of The Jungle 2 PG
10:10pm The Grand Budapest Hotel M
10:10pm Need For Speed M
10:20pm The Crazies MA
10:30pm Almost Famous M