8:30pm Carrie MA
8:35pm Memento MA
9:20pm The Spiderwick Chronicles PG
9:25pm Brother Bear G
10:00pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show M
10:00pm My Soul To Take MA
10:10pm What Dreams May Come M
10:15pm Fright Night 2 MA
10:25pm Halloween II MA
6:30pm How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days PG
6:30pm Mulan G
7:30pm Khumba PG
8:00pm Mulan II G
8:30pm The Arrival M
8:30pm Backyard Ashes M
8:30pm Flightplan M
8:30pm Happy-Go-Lucky M
8:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
8:30pm Goodbye Bafana M
8:55pm Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfe PG
9:20pm Life-Size PG
10:10pm The Counselor MA
10:15pm Red Eye M
10:30pm Me, Myself & Irene MA
10:30pm Freelancers MA
10:30pm City Of Ember G
6:30pm Geppetto G
6:40pm One Chance PG
6:40pm Muriel's Wedding M
6:45pm The Tuxedo M
7:30pm Titanic M
7:30pm Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 G
8:00pm George And A.J. G
8:05pm Chicken Little PG
8:30pm Strange Bedfellows M
8:30pm The Crow MA
8:30pm Horsemen MA
8:30pm In The House MA
8:30pm American Hustle M
9:05pm The Magic Of Belle Isle PG
9:25pm The Million Dollar Duck G
10:05pm Cleanskin MA
10:15pm The Terminator M
10:15pm Adventures Of Priscilla M
10:20pm Greetings From Tim Buckley M
6:30pm The Butterfly Effect MA
6:30pm Ronin M
6:30pm Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey G
6:35pm Big Stan MA
6:45pm Grown Ups 2 PG
7:30pm Racing Stripes G
7:55pm Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco G
8:30pm Basic Instinct 2 MA
8:30pm Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues M
8:30pm X-Men M
8:30pm Sweet Revenge M
8:30pm American Dreamz M
8:35pm Born On The Fourth Of July M
9:15pm Agent Cody Banks PG
9:25pm Big Red G
10:05pm Breaking Wind MA
10:20pm Die Hard M
10:25pm How To Make An American Quilt PG
10:30pm Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning MA
10:30pm Rush MA
6:30pm Alien 3 M
6:30pm The Young Black Stallion G
6:35pm The Paper M
6:45pm K-9 M
6:45pm After Earth M
6:45pm Dan In Real Life PG
6:50pm The Butterfly Effect 2 MA
7:25pm Monsters University G
7:30pm Battle Of The Year PG
8:30pm Disturbia M
8:30pm Stories We Tell M
8:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
8:30pm X-Men 2 M
8:30pm Happy Endings M
8:30pm The Trip MA
9:10pm Unidentified Flying Oddball G
9:20pm Home Alone 2: Lost In New York PG
10:25pm A Simple Plan M
10:25pm The Naked Gun M
10:25pm Behind The Candelabra M
10:30pm Pacific Rim M
6:30pm A Goofy Movie G
6:30pm Klute M
6:35pm Alien: Resurrection MA
6:40pm Goddess PG
6:45pm The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations MA
6:45pm Passion MA
7:00pm Conversations With Other Women M
7:30pm Happy Feet G
7:50pm Hercules G
8:30pm X-Men: The Last Stand M
8:30pm The Good Shepherd M
8:30pm Blue Jasmine M
8:30pm The Full Monty M
8:30pm We're The Millers MA
8:30pm Hitchcock M
9:20pm The Croods PG
9:25pm Balloon Farm G
10:10pm Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell Of Fear M
10:15pm A Hard Day's Night M
10:15pm About Time M
10:20pm Die Hard: With A Vengeance M
10:25pm Convict MA
6:30pm The Shaggy Dog G
6:45pm House At The End Of The Street M
6:50pm Ruthless People M
6:55pm Motherhood MA
7:30pm The School Of Rock PG
8:15pm Flubber G
8:30pm Payback MA
8:30pm Plush MA
8:30pm Now You See Me M
8:30pm Nuns On The Run M
8:30pm Beaches PG
8:35pm The Boys Are Back M
9:20pm The Wind In The Willows G
9:50pm Newsies PG
10:10pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult PG
10:15pm And Soon The Darkness MA
10:20pm Die Hard 4.0 M
10:25pm Frances Ha MA
10:30pm The World's End MA