6:30pm Chicken Little PG
6:40pm Ripley Under Ground MA
6:55pm Enough Said M
7:00pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult PG
7:30pm How To Eat Fried Worms PG
7:55pm One Hundred And One Dalmatians G
8:30pm The Guardian M
8:30pm The Fourth Kind M
8:30pm The Spectacular Now M
8:30pm Old School MA
8:30pm Mansfield Park M
8:35pm Farewell, My Queen M
8:55pm The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas G
9:15pm The Little Mermaid G
10:05pm She's Out of My League MA
10:10pm Mud M
10:10pm From Hell MA
10:20pm Paul Kelly: Stories Of Me M
10:25pm Towelhead MA
10:30pm Home Alone 2: Lost In New York PG
6:30pm Hercules G
6:35pm Perfect Stranger M
6:45pm Freelancers MA
6:45pm Blue Jasmine M
6:50pm Birthday Girl M
7:00pm Flying High M
7:30pm Night At The Museum PG
8:05pm The Wild G
8:30pm Snitch M
8:30pm The Hudsucker Proxy PG
8:30pm 2 Guns MA
8:30pm Death In Brunswick M
8:30pm Moulin Rouge! M
8:30pm Smokin' Aces MA
9:20pm Gracie PG
9:30pm Frozen PG
10:25pm Cadillac Man M
10:25pm The Untouchables M
10:25pm The Art Of War MA
10:25pm The Black Dahlia MA
10:25pm Flight MA
6:30pm Toy Story G
6:30pm The Hand That Rocks The Cradle M
6:45pm Pretty In Pink M
7:00pm Bachelorette MA
7:30pm Turbo G
7:50pm Toy Story 2 G
8:30pm Magic Magic MA
8:30pm Blood Diamond MA
8:30pm Cast Away M
8:30pm Save The Last Dance M
8:30pm The Hangover MA
8:35pm In The Name Of The Father M
9:10pm Moshi Monsters: The Movie G
9:25pm Meet The Robinsons G
10:15pm Riddick MA
10:15pm American Pie: The Wedding MA
10:25pm Beasts Of The Southern Wild M
6:30pm The Counselor MA
6:30pm Monsters University G
6:50pm From Paris With Love MA
6:50pm Planes, Trains & Automobiles M
7:30pm Home Alone 3 PG
8:15pm New Adventures Of Spin And Marty PG
8:30pm Rush MA
8:30pm The Box M
8:30pm The Horse Whisperer M
8:30pm Ferris Bueller's Day Off PG
8:30pm Basic MA
8:30pm The Normal Heart MA
9:15pm Home Alone: The Holiday Heist PG
9:45pm Mulan G
10:10pm Broken Arrow M
10:20pm Dutch PG
6:30pm 300 MA
6:30pm Unidentified Flying Oddball G
6:30pm The Butterfly Effect MA
6:35pm Thor: The Dark World M
6:40pm America's Sweethearts M
7:30pm Son Of The Mask PG
8:05pm Oz The Great And Powerful PG
8:30pm Sydney White PG
8:30pm Mr. Pip M
8:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
8:30pm The Butterfly Effect 2 MA
8:30pm The Spirit M
8:30pm Intolerable Cruelty M
9:10pm Casper PG
10:05pm The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations MA
10:15pm Sky High PG
10:15pm An Officer And A Gentleman M
10:20pm The Patriot MA
10:25pm A Dirty Shame MA
10:25pm Passion MA
10:30pm Dave PG
6:30pm Cars G
6:40pm Snakes On A Plane M
6:45pm What About Bob? PG
6:50pm Reservoir Dogs R
6:55pm Drinking Buddies M
7:00pm Solitary Man M
7:30pm Despicable Me 2 PG
8:25pm Dinosaur PG
8:30pm House At The End Of The Street M
8:30pm The Hunger Games: Catching Fire M
8:30pm Housesitter PG
8:30pm Scent Of A Woman M
8:30pm Get Carter MA
8:35pm Lost in Translation PG
9:10pm Ice Age PG
9:50pm Zenon: Z3 G
10:15pm City By The Sea MA
10:20pm Dance Flick MA
10:20pm Reindeer Games MA
10:20pm Stoker MA
6:30pm Speed M
6:30pm Red 2 M
6:30pm The Shaggy Dog PG
6:50pm Piccadilly Jim PG
6:55pm Little Nicky M
7:30pm Uncle Buck PG
8:10pm Honey, I Shrunk The Kids PG
8:30pm The Mothman Prophecies M
8:30pm One Chance PG
8:30pm A Hard Day's Night M
8:30pm There's Something About Mary MA
8:30pm Dante's Peak M
8:30pm 2 Days In New York MA
9:15pm Happily N'ever After G
9:45pm Tiger Cruise PG
10:00pm Salinger M
10:10pm Silver Linings Playbook M
10:20pm Paranoia M
10:25pm True Lies M
10:30pm Blind Horizon M