6:30pm National Treasure: Book Of Secrets PG
6:35pm Dave PG
6:40pm Calvary MA
6:40pm The 13th Warrior MA
6:40pm Ghost Town M
7:30pm The Simpsons Movie PG
8:30pm Just Visiting PG
8:30pm One Fine Day PG
8:30pm Red Dragon MA
8:30pm Fargo MA
8:30pm The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising PG
8:30pm A Most Wanted Man M
8:35pm Tom And Huck PG
9:00pm Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas PG
10:05pm Vegas Vacation PG
10:10pm Pocahontas G
10:15pm American Beauty MA
10:15pm Waist Deep MA
10:25pm Remember Me M
10:30pm Hook PG
6:30pm Adaptation MA
6:30pm D2: The Mighty Ducks G
6:40pm Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit M
6:40pm Layer Cake MA
6:40pm She's Having A Baby M
6:55pm The Great Buck Howard G
7:30pm The Rugrats Movie G
8:20pm D3: The Mighty Ducks G
8:30pm Sexy Beast MA
8:30pm Margaret Pomeranz Presents: Hannah Arendt PG
8:30pm Days of Thunder M
8:30pm X-Men: Days Of Future Past M
8:30pm Big Stan MA
8:30pm Four Weddings And A Funeral M
8:35pm Hannah Arendt PG
8:55pm Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters PG
10:00pm Reservoir Dogs MA
10:05pm Glory Road PG
10:20pm The Groomsmen M
10:25pm The Siege M
10:30pm Dirty Pretty Things MA
10:30pm About Time M
6:30pm 100-Yr-Old Man Who Climbed Out A Window M
6:30pm Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen PG
6:30pm Winter's Tale M
6:35pm Broken Arrow M
6:40pm First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest M
6:45pm Black Widow M
7:30pm Rugrats In Paris: The Movie G
8:00pm Frozen PG
8:30pm The Fault In Our Stars M
8:30pm Passion MA
8:30pm Save The Last Dance M
8:30pm Drive Me Crazy M
8:30pm Cobra MA
8:30pm Force Majeure M
8:50pm Finding Neverland PG
9:45pm Mr. Headmistress PG
10:05pm Green Lantern M
10:10pm Delivery Man M
10:15pm Heavenly Creatures M
10:30pm Get Over It M
10:30pm Nacho Libre PG
6:30pm Return To Oz G
6:45pm Starsky & Hutch M
6:45pm Cedar Boys MA
6:50pm The Lost Boys M
7:30pm The Simpsons Movie PG
8:20pm Bridge To Terabithia PG
8:30pm The Purge: Anarchy MA
8:30pm I, Robot M
8:30pm Scream MA
8:30pm Jersey Girl M
8:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
8:35pm Graeme Blundell Presents: Restoration M
8:40pm Restoration M
9:00pm Ella Enchanted PG
9:55pm The Shaggy Dog G
10:15pm Sex And The City MA
10:20pm Deliver Us From Evil MA
10:25pm Scream 2 MA
10:30pm Bottle Rocket M
10:30pm The Scorpion King M
6:30pm Chasing Amy MA
6:30pm Mighty Joe Young PG
6:35pm 27 Dresses PG
6:35pm Into The Blue M
6:45pm Philomena M
6:55pm Babylon A.D. M
6:55pm The Darjeeling Limited M
7:30pm Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Pt 1 M
8:25pm Meet The Deedles PG
8:30pm The Lovely Bones M
8:30pm The Bucket List M
8:30pm Blended M
8:30pm Valentine's Day M
8:30pm Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back MA
8:30pm The Expendables 3 M
9:55pm The Goonies PG
10:00pm Bedknobs And Broomsticks G
10:10pm Born On The Fourth Of July M
10:20pm Stealing Harvard M
10:30pm Divergent M
6:30pm The Lion King G
6:30pm Edge Of Tomorrow M
6:35pm Thor: The Dark World M
6:35pm Unknown M
6:50pm Suddenly 30 PG
6:55pm Vegas Vacation PG
7:30pm Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Pt 2 M
8:00pm The Lion King II: Simba's Pride G
8:30pm The Other Woman M
8:30pm Around the World in 80 Days PG
8:30pm Angel Eyes MA
8:30pm Clash Of The Titans M
8:30pm The Hundred-Foot Journey PG
8:30pm Gosford Park M
9:20pm The Lion King 1 1/2 G
9:40pm Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 G
10:15pm Wolf Creek 2 MA
10:20pm Warm Bodies M
10:20pm 300 MA
6:30pm The Rescuers G
6:40pm Young Guns M
6:45pm Police Academy M
6:50pm Lions For Lambs M
7:30pm Furry Vengeance PG
7:50pm The Rescuers Down Under G
8:30pm Dirty Dancing M
8:30pm Stargate PG
8:30pm Captain Phillips M
8:30pm Godzilla M
8:30pm The Witches Of Eastwick M
8:30pm Jersey Boys M
9:05pm Uptown Girls PG
9:10pm James And The Giant Peach PG
10:15pm Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights PG
10:30pm Down And Out In Beverly Hills M
10:30pm Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery G