6:30pm Flatliners M
6:30pm Muppets Most Wanted G
6:35pm 27 Dresses PG
6:45pm The Human Stain MA
6:50pm Bad Neighbours MA
6:50pm The Pink Panther PG
7:30pm The Wild Thornberrys Movie G
8:20pm Planes G
8:30pm The Insider M
8:30pm A Million Ways To Die In The West MA
8:30pm Soldier MA
8:30pm The Pallbearer M
8:30pm City Slickers PG
8:35pm Healing M
9:00pm Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters PG
9:55pm Super Buddies G
10:10pm Before Midnight MA
10:15pm Die Hard 2 M
10:30pm Sex Tape MA
10:30pm Baseketball M
6:30pm Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy G
6:40pm No Reservations PG
6:45pm Role Models MA
7:30pm The Lego Movie PG
7:50pm Maleficent M
8:30pm Stargate PG
8:30pm Prisoners MA
8:30pm Deja Vu M
8:30pm Nine Months M
8:30pm American Pie: The Wedding MA
8:30pm The Double M
9:15pm Rio 2 G
9:30pm The Devil And Max Devlin G
10:10pm The Babadook M
10:15pm Road Trip MA
10:20pm The Wedding Planner M
6:30pm The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen M
6:30pm Mickey's Adventures In Wonderland G
6:35pm A Monstrous Holiday G
6:50pm Betsy's Wedding M
6:50pm Dead Calm M
7:00pm Scary Movie 2 MA
7:25pm A Goofy Movie G
7:30pm Kaena: The Prophecy PG
8:30pm The Shining MA
8:30pm What We Do In The Shadows M
8:30pm Suddenly 30 PG
8:30pm Blades Of Glory M
8:30pm I, Robot M
8:30pm The Darjeeling Limited M
8:45pm An Extremely Goofy Movie G
9:05pm Home Alone PG
10:00pm Non-Stop M
10:05pm Old School MA
10:05pm Pixel Perfect G
10:10pm Bottle Rocket M
10:10pm Legally Blonde PG
10:30pm Die Hard 4.0 M
6:30pm The Hunchback Of Notre Dame G
6:30pm The Box M
6:30pm Nebraska M
6:45pm The Hangover MA
6:50pm The Scorpion King M
7:30pm Zoom PG
8:05pm The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II G
8:30pm The Juror MA
8:30pm Little Voice M
8:30pm The Rover MA
8:30pm The Fault In Our Stars M
8:30pm The Hangover Part II MA
8:30pm Kill Bill Vol. 1 MA
9:00pm Home Alone 2: Lost In New York PG
9:15pm Peter Pan G
10:10pm Rushmore M
10:20pm The Amazing Spider-Man 2 M
10:20pm The Hangover Part III MA
10:25pm Crank MA
6:30pm The Love Bug G
6:40pm Man Of Tai Chi MA
6:40pm From Prada to Nada PG
6:50pm American Pie: The Wedding MA
6:55pm Sexy Beast MA
7:30pm Guardians Of The Galaxy M
7:30pm March Of The Penguins G
8:20pm The Love Bug G
8:30pm Captain Phillips M
8:30pm When Harry Met Sally... M
8:30pm The Heat MA
8:30pm Kill Bill Vol. 2 MA
8:30pm Priceless M
8:55pm We Are Marshall PG
9:35pm Captain America: The Winter Soldier M
9:50pm New Adventures Of Spin And Marty PG
10:10pm Lucky You PG
10:20pm The Shadow PG
10:30pm Starsky & Hutch M
6:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
6:30pm Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco G
6:35pm The Hand That Rocks The Cradle M
6:40pm Imogene M
7:30pm Big Fat Liar G
8:00pm The Shaggy Dog G
8:30pm What Lies Beneath M
8:30pm Chinese Puzzle M
8:30pm X-Men: Days Of Future Past M
8:30pm Pacific Rim M
8:30pm The American President M
8:30pm The World's End MA
9:00pm Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer PG
9:45pm Swiss Family Robinson G
10:25pm Intolerable Cruelty M
10:25pm Dirty Rotten Scoundrels PG
6:30pm D2: The Mighty Ducks G
6:35pm The Cowboy Way M
6:35pm Grudge Match M
6:40pm First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest M
6:45pm Heavenly Creatures M
6:50pm Still Life M
7:30pm Mr. Bean's Holiday PG
8:15pm D3: The Mighty Ducks G
8:30pm The Siege M
8:30pm Smilla's Sense Of Snow M
8:30pm Son Of God M
8:30pm Chef M
8:30pm Much Ado About Nothing PG
8:30pm Ali G Indahouse MA
9:00pm The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas G
10:00pm Whiteboyz MA
10:00pm Miracle PG
10:25pm The Duchess M
10:30pm 3 Days To Kill M
10:30pm The Wolverine M