6:30pm Freaky Friday PG
6:35pm Identity Thief MA
6:45pm Kickboxer MA
6:45pm Razorback M
7:00pm Only God Forgives MA
7:30pm The Smurfs 2 G
8:10pm Halloweentown High PG
8:30pm Below M
8:30pm Machete Kills MA
8:30pm The Siege M
8:30pm Waiting MA
8:30pm The Last Kiss MA
8:35pm Drugstore Cowboy M
9:15pm The School Of Rock PG
9:30pm Return To Halloweentown PG
10:10pm Fat Pizza MA
10:20pm Two Little Boys MA
10:20pm Dying Breed MA
10:20pm How To Make An American Quilt PG
10:25pm The Butler M
10:30pm The Spirit M
6:30pm Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery G
6:35pm Red Planet M
6:35pm Disturbia M
6:45pm Turner & Hooch PG
6:50pm The Truman Show PG
7:30pm Ice Age 2: The Meltdown PG
8:00pm For The Birds G
8:05pm Planes G
8:30pm Prisoners MA
8:30pm Closed Circuit M
8:30pm Straight A's MA
8:30pm Mission To Mars M
8:30pm Joe Versus The Volcano PG
8:35pm Away From Her M
9:05pm Racing Stripes G
9:40pm One Hundred And One Dalmatians G
10:05pm Death Defying Acts PG
10:10pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
10:15pm Splash PG
10:30pm W. M
10:30pm Doomsday MA
6:30pm The Pooch And The Pauper G
6:35pm Push M
6:35pm Nurse Betty MA
6:45pm Intolerable Cruelty M
6:55pm Runner Runner MA
7:30pm Stuart Little G
8:00pm The Shaggy Dog PG
8:30pm The Groomsmen M
8:30pm Eagle Eye M
8:30pm Playing For Keeps M
8:30pm The Illusionist M
8:30pm The Gilded Cage M
8:30pm Are We Officially Dating? MA
9:00pm Happy Feet G
9:40pm Meet The Robinsons G
10:05pm Satellite Boy PG
10:10pm Grown Ups 2 PG
10:15pm Borat MA
10:20pm Havana M
10:25pm Flightplan M
10:30pm The Pact MA
6:30pm Dead Man Down MA
6:30pm Swiss Family Robinson G
6:30pm Anna Karenina (1997) M
6:40pm Going Overboard M
6:45pm Convict MA
6:50pm Hyde Park On Hudson M
7:30pm Nacho Libre PG
8:30pm Parker MA
8:30pm All The King's Men M
8:30pm In The Name Of The Father M
8:30pm Homefront MA
8:30pm Baseketball M
8:30pm Almost Famous M
8:35pm Beverly Hills Family Robinson PG
9:05pm Horrid Henry: The Movie G
10:10pm Disney's Leroy & Stitch G
10:15pm We're The Millers MA
10:20pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show M
6:30pm The AristoCats G
6:30pm Under Suspicion M
6:35pm Keeping Mum M
6:40pm Secretary MA
6:45pm Cypher M
7:00pm Someone Marry Barry MA
7:30pm Dear Dumb Diary PG
7:50pm The Odd Life Of Timothy Green G
8:30pm Please Give M
8:30pm Jet Li's Fearless M
8:30pm The Wrong Man MA
8:30pm White House Down M
8:30pm Kingpin M
8:35pm Next Goal Wins M
9:05pm Father Of The Bride G
9:35pm Life-Size PG
10:05pm No Reservations PG
10:20pm jOBS M
10:20pm Ninja Assassin MA
10:30pm Sydney White PG
10:30pm Edison MA
6:30pm The Lizzie McGuire Movie G
6:35pm Side Effects MA
6:40pm The Crow MA
6:40pm The Expatriate M
6:40pm Promised Land M
6:50pm License To Wed M
7:30pm Battle Of The Year PG
8:05pm Safety Patrol G
8:30pm Short Term 12 M
8:30pm Days of Thunder M
8:30pm Prisoners MA
8:30pm Boy A MA
8:30pm A Good Woman PG
8:30pm The Love Guru M
9:20pm Khumba PG
9:35pm The Young Black Stallion G
10:00pm Outside Providence MA
10:10pm The Horse Whisperer M
10:15pm The Summit M
10:20pm Half Light M
10:25pm Braveheart MA
10:25pm Jack-Jack Attack G
6:30pm Brother Bear G
6:30pm Escape Plan MA
6:40pm Romancing the Stone M
6:45pm In The House MA
6:55pm Flying High M
7:30pm Akeelah And The Bee PG
7:55pm Brother Bear 2 G
8:30pm Blood MA
8:30pm Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa MA
8:30pm About Time M
8:30pm The Jewel of the Nile PG
8:30pm Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead PG
8:35pm Greetings From Tim Buckley M
9:10pm Honey, I Shrunk The Kids PG
9:25pm Moshi Monsters: The Movie G
10:10pm Trust MA
10:15pm Admission M
10:20pm Quick Change M
10:20pm Ned Kelly M
10:25pm Ronin M