6:30pm Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas G
6:35pm Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead PG
6:50pm Piccadilly Jim PG
7:30pm Angels Sing PG
7:40pm Frozen Sing-Along PG
8:30pm Master And Commander M
8:30pm Forrest Gump M
8:30pm American Hustle M
8:30pm The Prestige M
8:30pm The Great Gatsby M
8:30pm East Is East M
9:00pm Escape From Planet Earth PG
9:25pm Mulan G
10:15pm The Full Monty M
10:30pm Chitty Chitty Bang Bang G
6:30pm The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause G
6:35pm Thor: The Dark World M
6:45pm Norbit M
7:30pm Turbo G
8:05pm Chicken Little PG
8:30pm The Faculty M
8:30pm Layer Cake MA
8:30pm The Hunger Games: Catching Fire M
8:30pm G.I. Jane M
8:30pm Starter For 10 M
8:30pm Hairspray PG
9:05pm Wallace & Gromit: Curse Of Were-Rabbit PG
9:25pm Dinosaur PG
10:10pm Sense And Sensibility G
10:20pm After.Life MA
10:25pm Inside Llewyn Davis M
10:30pm 3 Ninjas PG
10:30pm The Nutty Professor M
6:30pm National Treasure PG
6:40pm Catch A Fire M
7:00pm Dude, Where's My Car? M
7:30pm Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull M
7:30pm Walking With Dinosaurs PG
8:30pm Mr. Brooks MA
8:30pm Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind MA
8:30pm Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones MA
8:30pm Pride & Prejudice G
8:30pm License To Wed M
8:40pm National Treasure: Book Of Secrets PG
9:00pm Stardust PG
9:40pm Mission To Mars M
10:05pm Sex Drive MA
10:15pm Carrie MA
10:30pm What's Love Got To Do With It MA
6:30pm 47 Ronin M
6:30pm Herbie Goes Bananas G
6:50pm The Mod Squad M
6:55pm Blood Creek MA
6:55pm Miss Potter G
7:00pm Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell Of Fear M
7:30pm Nancy Drew PG
8:05pm Knick-Knack G
8:10pm Meet The Robinsons G
8:30pm Hot Shots! M
8:30pm I Give It A Year MA
8:30pm Non-Stop M
8:30pm Cube M
8:30pm Nebraska M
8:30pm Bulletproof Monk M
9:10pm Titan A.E. PG
9:45pm Life-Size PG
10:00pm Scary Movie 2 MA
10:05pm Awake MA
10:10pm Reality Bites M
10:20pm Skinwalkers MA
10:20pm The Railway Man M
10:30pm No Country For Old Men MA
6:30pm Planes G
6:40pm Thunderstruck M
6:45pm Get Carter MA
6:50pm Cuban Fury M
6:55pm Love, Wedding, Marriage PG
7:30pm Mr. Bean's Holiday PG
8:05pm Cars G
8:30pm Me, Myself & Irene MA
8:30pm Pretty In Pink M
8:30pm Cube 2: Hypercube MA
8:30pm Mystery Road M
8:30pm Dredd MA
8:30pm The Amazing Spider-Man 2 M
9:00pm The Flintstones G
10:00pm Tiger Cruise PG
10:10pm Ceremony M
10:10pm Suicide Kings MA
10:10pm 300 MA
10:30pm Rain Man M
10:30pm The Big Lebowski MA
6:30pm Looking for Eric MA
6:30pm Aladdin G
6:40pm Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit M
6:45pm Little Miss Sunshine M
6:50pm The Importance Of Being Earnest G
6:50pm Friday The 13th MA
7:30pm Cheaper By The Dozen G
8:00pm The Return Of Jafar G
8:30pm The Gilded Cage M
8:30pm Cube Zero MA
8:30pm The Guardian M
8:30pm Star Trek Into Darkness M
8:30pm 40 Days And 40 Nights M
8:30pm Ferris Bueller's Day Off PG
9:10pm A Christmas Tree Miracle G
9:10pm Aladdin And The King Of Thieves G
10:05pm You Can Count On Me M
10:10pm Addicted To Love PG
10:15pm Constantine M
10:20pm There's Something About Mary MA
6:30pm Dark Blue MA
6:30pm A Good Year M
6:30pm Up! PG
6:45pm Soldier MA
6:45pm The Hangover MA
7:00pm A Month By the Lake PG
7:30pm Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters PG
8:10pm The Country Bears G
8:30pm The Others M
8:30pm The Hangover Part III MA
8:30pm Ladder 49 M
8:30pm Sense And Sensibility G
8:30pm Beerfest MA
8:35pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show M
9:20pm Turbo G
9:40pm Mary Poppins G
10:15pm Below M
10:15pm The Hungover Games MA
10:20pm Midnight Express MA
10:25pm This Is The End MA
10:30pm Serenity M