9:30pm Tarzan II G
10:10pm Robocop M
10:15pm Pleasantville M
10:25pm Elizabeth MA
10:30pm Disaster Movie M
6:30pm Forgetting Sarah Marshall MA
6:30pm Herbie Goes Bananas G
6:30pm We Own The Night MA
6:30pm 3 Days To Kill M
7:30pm The Lego Movie PG
8:05pm Bridge To Terabithia PG
8:30pm The Recruit M
8:30pm Layer Cake MA
8:30pm Fury MA
8:30pm Kate & Leopold PG
8:30pm Old School MA
8:35pm Cedar Boys MA
9:15pm The Iron Giant PG
9:40pm The Shaggy Dog G
10:05pm Good Luck Chuck MA
10:20pm Jackie Brown MA
10:25pm Curse Of The Golden Flower M
10:30pm Pride & Prejudice G
6:30pm Kill Bill Vol. 1 MA
6:30pm Miracle PG
6:40pm Valkyrie M
6:40pm Snow Angels MA
6:50pm Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny MA
6:50pm Deadfall MA
6:50pm Mozart and The Whale M
7:30pm Home Alone 2: Lost In New York PG
8:30pm The Fault In Our Stars M
8:30pm The Invisible M
8:30pm Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! PG
8:30pm Without a Paddle M
8:30pm Robocop MA
8:40pm Healing M
8:45pm The Mighty Ducks G
9:30pm Home Alone 3 PG
10:10pm Jerry Maguire M
10:15pm How I Live Now MA
10:15pm Blades Of Glory M
10:20pm Mimic M
10:30pm D2: The Mighty Ducks G
6:30pm Heavyweights G
6:30pm Frankie and Johnny M
6:50pm The Nutty Professor M
7:00pm Lovelace MA
7:30pm A Cinderella Story PG
8:10pm Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey G
8:30pm Robocop 2 MA
8:30pm Butterfly On A Wheel MA
8:30pm Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes M
8:30pm Lucky You PG
8:30pm Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star M
8:35pm Rushmore M
9:10pm Ever After: A Cinderella Story PG
9:35pm Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco G
10:10pm What Lies Beneath M
10:15pm Under The Skin MA
10:15pm What About Bob? PG
10:30pm Jet Li's Fearless M
6:30pm I, Robot M
6:30pm Not Without My Daughter PG
6:30pm A Goofy Movie G
6:30pm Steel Magnolias M
6:30pm Now You See Me M
6:40pm The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps M
7:30pm Moms' Night Out PG
7:50pm An Extremely Goofy Movie G
8:30pm Divergent M
8:30pm The Box M
8:30pm Duets M
8:30pm Dude, Where's My Car? M
8:30pm Robocop 3 M
8:30pm All This Mayhem MA
9:10pm Hoot G
9:10pm Beverly Hills Family Robinson PG
10:00pm Going Overboard M
10:20pm Son Of God M
10:20pm Pacific Rim M
10:25pm Save The Last Dance M
10:30pm The Black Dahlia MA
6:30pm Speed M
6:30pm Robocop M
6:30pm The Incredibles PG
6:50pm I.Q. G
7:00pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult PG
7:30pm Walking With Dinosaurs PG
8:25pm The Wild G
8:30pm Waist Deep MA
8:30pm The Invisible Woman M
8:30pm Hot Shots! M
8:30pm The Shadow PG
8:30pm X-Men: Days Of Future Past M
8:30pm Sexy Beast MA
9:00pm Mr. Bean's Holiday PG
9:50pm Atlantis: The Lost Empire PG
10:00pm The Witches Of Eastwick M
10:05pm Insomnia M
10:10pm Serenity M
10:20pm Tim Winton's The Turning MA
10:30pm A Heartbeat Away PG
10:30pm The Boys Are Back M
6:30pm Lady And The Tramp G
6:40pm Pompeii M
6:40pm While You Were Sleeping PG
6:45pm Untraceable MA
6:55pm Fun With Dick And Jane M
7:30pm How To Train Your Dragon 2 PG
7:50pm Frozen PG
8:30pm Out Of Time M
8:30pm Angela's Ashes M
8:30pm Walk Of Shame M
8:30pm Maximum Risk M
8:30pm Music And Lyrics PG
8:30pm I Love You Phillip Morris MA
9:15pm We Are Marshall PG
9:35pm Ice Princess PG
10:10pm The Rover MA
10:15pm The Joneses M
10:20pm 27 Dresses PG
10:20pm Darkness M
10:20pm Man Of Tai Chi MA