6:30pm The Hoax M
6:30pm Dead Man Down MA
6:30pm The Gingerbread Man M
6:30pm Home On The Range G
6:35pm Bulworth MA
6:50pm Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey PG
7:00pm Vehicle 19 M
7:30pm Chasing Mavericks PG
7:50pm Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco G
8:30pm Body Heat M
8:30pm The Iceman MA
8:30pm Man Of Steel M
8:30pm The Bridges Of Madison County M
8:30pm Stuck On You M
8:30pm Running Scared MA
9:20pm Pixel Perfect G
9:30pm Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were- PG
10:20pm The French Lieutenant's Woman M
10:25pm What Lies Beneath M
10:30pm The Campaign MA
6:30pm Patch Adams M
6:30pm Cars G
6:40pm Bad Country MA
6:40pm What Doesn't Kill You MA
7:30pm The Magic Of Belle Isle PG
8:25pm The Love Bug G
8:30pm Shattered Glass M
8:30pm 42 PG
8:30pm The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones M
8:30pm The Terminator M
8:30pm Vanity Fair PG
8:30pm Housesitter PG
9:20pm The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything G
9:55pm Bambi G
10:10pm American Psycho MA
10:20pm There's Something About Mary MA
10:25pm Doomsday MA
6:30pm Now You See It... G
6:35pm Before Midnight MA
6:55pm Planes, Trains & Automobiles M
6:55pm Rabbit Hole M
7:00pm Dead Europe MA
7:00pm Highwaymen M
7:30pm Hoot G
8:00pm The Lizzie McGuire Movie G
8:30pm Uncle Buck PG
8:30pm In The Valley Of Elah MA
8:30pm Elephant White MA
8:30pm The Affair Of The Necklace M
8:30pm Identity Thief MA
8:30pm Towelhead MA
9:05pm Valiant G
9:35pm New Adventures Of Spin And Marty PG
10:10pm 300 MA
10:15pm Doc Hollywood M
10:25pm Silver Linings Playbook M
10:25pm Aquamarine PG
10:30pm A Home At The End Of The World MA
6:30pm A Civil Action M
6:30pm Pitch Perfect M
6:30pm The Fox And The Hound II G
6:45pm Johnny Mnemonic M
6:55pm Laws Of Attraction PG
7:30pm Happy Feet G
7:40pm Wreck-It Ralph PG
8:30pm Soul Men MA
8:30pm Committed M
8:30pm Wonderland MA
8:30pm House Of Wax MA
8:30pm The East M
8:30pm Red Dragon MA
9:20pm Fluke PG
9:25pm Sky High PG
10:15pm Girl with a Pearl Earring PG
10:20pm Under Suspicion M
10:20pm Dance Flick MA
10:30pm Imogene M
10:30pm Dead Silence M
6:30pm Pete's Dragon G
6:35pm Perfect Stranger M
6:40pm Splash PG
6:45pm The Hangover Part III MA
6:50pm Cake M
7:00pm Separate Lies M
7:30pm Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters PG
8:30pm 21 Grams MA
8:30pm The Conjuring MA
8:30pm 2 Guns MA
8:30pm Turner & Hooch PG
8:30pm The Wedding Planner M
8:35pm Coco Avant Chanel PG
8:40pm Toy Story G
9:20pm Good Boy! G
10:05pm Herbie: Fully Loaded G
10:15pm Larry Crowne M
10:20pm The Wedding Singer M
10:25pm Insidious: Chapter 2 M
10:30pm The Punisher MA
10:30pm The Truman Show PG
6:30pm The Impossible M
6:30pm Pixel Perfect G
6:40pm Payback MA
6:50pm Trainspotting MA
6:50pm Road Trip MA
7:30pm Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were- PG
8:00pm Toy Story 2 G
8:30pm The Silence Of The Lambs MA
8:30pm The Best Offer M
8:30pm Riddick MA
8:30pm Trainwreck: My Life As An Idiot M
8:30pm The Protector MA
8:30pm Beasts Of The Southern Wild M
9:00pm Duma PG
9:35pm Mary Poppins G
10:10pm The American President M
10:15pm L.A. Story M
10:30pm Dead Calm M
10:30pm Freddy Vs Jason MA
10:30pm Bullet To The Head MA
6:30pm Jack The Giant Slayer M
6:30pm Hercules G
6:35pm Ghost Rider M
6:35pm Gasland PG
6:45pm Drillbit Taylor PG
6:45pm 10 Years M
7:30pm How To Eat Fried Worms PG
8:05pm Super Buddies G
8:30pm G.I. Joe: Retaliation M
8:30pm Blade Runner: The Final Cut M
8:30pm Philadelphia PG
8:30pm The Love Guru M
8:30pm The Gingerbread Man M
8:30pm The Hoax M
8:55pm St Trinian's: Legend Of Fritton's Gold PG
9:30pm Recess: School's Out G
10:00pm The Big Kahuna M
10:30pm The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 M
10:30pm The Illusionist M
10:30pm Drag Me To Hell MA