6:30pm Robocop M
6:30pm Atlantis: The Lost Empire PG
6:35pm The Illusionist M
6:35pm The Thomas Crown Affair M
6:35pm This Is The End MA
6:45pm Soldier MA
7:30pm Are We Done Yet? PG
8:05pm Atlantis: Milo's Return PG
8:30pm Snitch M
8:30pm River Queen MA
8:30pm Sabotage MA
8:30pm Escape From L.A. M
8:30pm Bad Neighbours MA
8:30pm View From The Top PG
9:05pm Home Alone PG
9:25pm New Adventures Of Spin And Marty PG
10:05pm Save The Last Dance M
10:15pm Observe And Report MA
10:20pm Dante's Peak M
10:25pm Layer Cake MA
10:25pm Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit M
10:30pm Awakenings M
6:30pm Ladder 49 M
6:30pm Cinderella G
6:40pm Baseketball M
6:45pm The Grand Budapest Hotel M
6:45pm Cuban Fury M
7:30pm Yours, Mine & Ours PG
7:45pm Frozen PG
8:30pm Diana M
8:30pm Blown Away M
8:30pm 25th Hour MA
8:30pm CBGB MA
8:30pm Fun With Dick And Jane M
8:30pm 22 Jump Street MA
9:00pm Uncle Buck PG
9:30pm Pete's Dragon G
10:10pm Loser M
10:20pm Cedar Boys MA
10:25pm The Family MA
10:25pm Pride & Prejudice G
6:30pm Bambi G
6:30pm The Big Lebowski MA
6:35pm Emperor's Club PG
6:40pm The Jewel of the Nile PG
6:40pm Endless Love M
6:40pm Bounce M
6:45pm Changing Lanes M
7:30pm The Spiderwick Chronicles PG
7:40pm Bambi II G
8:30pm Ned Kelly M
8:30pm Zero Dark Thirty M
8:30pm Havana M
8:30pm Grudge Match M
8:30pm Kingpin M
8:30pm The Devil Wears Prada PG
8:55pm The Sword In The Stone G
9:10pm Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat G
10:15pm Honey, I Shrunk The Kids PG
10:20pm About Time M
10:25pm Tombstone M
10:30pm 3 Days To Kill M
10:30pm Nothing But Trouble M
6:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
6:30pm Tarzan PG
6:40pm Deceived M
6:45pm Blitz MA
6:45pm Intolerable Cruelty M
7:00pm Ali G Indahouse MA
7:30pm Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas G
8:00pm Tarzan II G
8:30pm The Wolf Of Wall Street MA
8:30pm The Call MA
8:30pm Music And Lyrics PG
8:30pm Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny MA
8:30pm Crank MA
8:30pm Priceless M
8:50pm The Croods PG
9:15pm The Haunted Mansion PG
10:05pm Parker MA
10:10pm Awake MA
10:10pm Dance Flick MA
10:20pm God's Pocket MA
10:20pm While You Were Sleeping PG
10:30pm Son Of The Mask PG
6:30pm The Hunchback Of Notre Dame G
6:35pm The Grand Seduction M
6:40pm Desperately Seeking Susan M
6:45pm The Hangover Part III MA
7:30pm The Smurfs 2 G
8:05pm The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II G
8:30pm The Amazing Spider-Man 2 M
8:30pm The Mothman Prophecies M
8:30pm U.S. Marshals M
8:30pm Failure To Launch M
8:30pm Van Wilder: Party Liaison MA
8:30pm Mud M
9:15pm Happy Feet G
9:15pm The Lizzie McGuire Movie G
10:10pm The Wedding Planner M
10:10pm Van Wilder 2: The Rise Of Taj MA
10:30pm Assassination Tango M
6:30pm I, Robot M
6:30pm Mulan G
6:30pm A Good Year M
6:35pm We're The Millers MA
6:50pm The Ringer M
7:30pm Home Alone 2: Lost In New York PG
8:00pm Mulan II G
8:30pm The Internship M
8:30pm To The Wonder M
8:30pm The Siege M
8:30pm Bad Neighbours MA
8:30pm Layer Cake MA
8:30pm Body Heat MA
9:20pm Doug's 1st Movie G
9:30pm Problem Child PG
10:10pm The Monuments Men M
10:20pm Trainspotting MA
10:25pm Beaches PG
10:30pm The Grand Budapest Hotel M
6:30pm Jack The Giant Slayer M
6:30pm DuckTales: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp G
6:40pm Get Shorty MA
6:45pm Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones MA
6:50pm Sleeping With The Enemy M
6:50pm A Month By the Lake PG
6:50pm Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! PG
7:30pm Walking With Dinosaurs PG
7:45pm Chicken Little PG
8:30pm The Amityville Horror MA
8:30pm Hunger MA
8:30pm Afflicted MA
8:30pm Be Cool M
8:30pm Elysium MA
8:30pm Romeo + Juliet M
9:00pm Dr. Dolittle 2 PG
9:10pm Aladdin G
10:00pm Sinister MA
10:05pm Dracula 2000 MA
10:15pm All Is Lost M
10:25pm The Arrival M
10:30pm Nancy Drew PG