6:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
6:30pm Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco G
6:35pm The Hand That Rocks The Cradle M
6:40pm Imogene M
7:30pm Big Fat Liar G
8:00pm The Shaggy Dog G
8:30pm What Lies Beneath M
8:30pm Chinese Puzzle M
8:30pm X-Men: Days Of Future Past M
8:30pm Pacific Rim M
8:30pm The American President M
8:30pm The World's End MA
9:00pm Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer PG
9:45pm Swiss Family Robinson G
10:25pm Intolerable Cruelty M
10:25pm Dirty Rotten Scoundrels PG
6:30pm D2: The Mighty Ducks G
6:35pm The Cowboy Way M
6:35pm Grudge Match M
6:40pm First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest M
6:45pm Heavenly Creatures M
6:50pm Still Life M
7:30pm Mr. Bean's Holiday PG
8:15pm D3: The Mighty Ducks G
8:30pm The Siege M
8:30pm Smilla's Sense Of Snow M
8:30pm Son Of God M
8:30pm Chef M
8:30pm Much Ado About Nothing PG
8:30pm Ali G Indahouse MA
9:00pm The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas G
10:00pm Whiteboyz MA
10:00pm Miracle PG
10:25pm The Duchess M
10:30pm 3 Days To Kill M
10:30pm The Wolverine M
6:30pm Ladder 49 M
6:30pm Atlantis: The Lost Empire PG
6:40pm Three Men And A Baby PG
6:45pm Charlie Wilson's War M
6:50pm The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill G
6:55pm Very Good Girls M
7:00pm Awake MA
7:30pm Rio 2 G
8:05pm Atlantis: Milo's Return PG
8:30pm Cold Mountain MA
8:30pm U.S. Marshals M
8:30pm Sleeping With The Enemy M
8:30pm The Lunchbox PG
8:30pm Three Men And A Little Lady PG
8:30pm The Fault In Our Stars M
9:15pm A Monstrous Holiday G
9:25pm National Treasure PG
10:10pm Moshi Monsters: The Movie G
10:15pm The Talented Mr Ripley M
10:20pm City Slickers PG
10:25pm Chicago M
6:30pm Patch Adams M
6:30pm Bridge To Terabithia PG
6:35pm Young Guns M
6:35pm Memento MA
6:40pm Non-Stop M
6:45pm Ferris Bueller's Day Off PG
7:30pm Postman Pat: The Movie G
8:05pm Meet The Robinsons G
8:30pm Ronin M
8:30pm Close Encounters Of The Third Kind PG
8:30pm Sex Tape MA
8:30pm Pride & Prejudice G
8:30pm Fun With Dick And Jane M
8:30pm Hidalgo M
9:00pm Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas G
9:40pm Operation Dumbo Drop PG
10:10pm Brick Mansions M
10:10pm Top Secret! M
10:20pm Hoot G
10:30pm Reservoir Dogs MA
6:30pm Awakenings M
6:30pm Planes: Fire & Rescue G
6:35pm Chasing Liberty PG
6:45pm Basic MA
6:50pm Trainwreck: My Life As An Idiot M
6:55pm A Beginner's Guide To Endings M
7:30pm The Road To El Dorado G
7:55pm Camp Rock G
8:30pm Forgetting Sarah Marshall MA
8:30pm Windtalkers MA
8:30pm Wedding Daze M
8:30pm Enemy MA
8:30pm Exorcist: The Beginning MA
8:35pm Valkyrie M
9:00pm March Of The Penguins G
9:30pm Zenon: Z3 G
10:05pm Finders Keepers MA
10:05pm Up In The Air M
10:25pm Holidaze PG
10:30pm Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning MA
10:30pm Sex Drive MA
6:30pm The Wild G
6:40pm Family Weekend M
6:45pm House At The End Of The Street M
6:55pm The Double M
7:30pm How To Train Your Dragon 2 PG
7:55pm Underdog PG
8:30pm Untraceable MA
8:30pm Not Without My Daughter PG
8:30pm Guardians Of The Galaxy M
8:30pm Transcendence M
8:30pm Legally Blonde PG
8:30pm The Joneses M
9:15pm Night At The Museum PG
9:20pm DuckTales: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp G
10:10pm Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde PG
10:15pm Into The Blue M
10:15pm Son In Law PG
10:30pm The Darjeeling Limited M
6:30pm The Witches Of Eastwick M
6:30pm Herbie Rides Again G
6:40pm The Lunchbox PG
6:50pm When Harry Met Sally... M
7:30pm Moms' Night Out PG
8:00pm The Even Stevens Movie G
8:30pm Rob Roy M
8:30pm Orphan MA
8:30pm Edge Of Tomorrow M
8:30pm Steel Magnolias M
8:30pm The Birdcage M
8:35pm The Illusionist M
9:10pm Father Of The Bride G
9:35pm The Rocketeer PG
10:25pm Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn M
10:30pm Little Voice M
10:30pm Beaches PG