9:00am Vehicle 19 M
10:25am Rumble In The Bronx M
12:00pm Jet Li's Fearless M
1:50pm We Were Soldiers MA
4:20pm Red Planet M
6:15pm The Legend Of Zorro M
8:30pm The Dark Knight M
11:05pm Solomon Kane MA
12:55am Blackthorn M
2:40am The Covenant M
4:20am Ninja Assassin MA
6:00am The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen M
8:00am The Art Of War MA
10:05am The Bank Job MA
12:00pm Get Carter MA
1:40pm Vehicle 19 M
3:10pm Eragon M
4:55pm The Last Boy Scout MA
6:45pm Alex Cross M
8:30pm Elephant White MA
10:10pm In Too Deep MA
11:55pm Halloween MA
1:50am Halloween II MA
3:40am Doomsday MA
5:35am The Patriot MA
8:20am Willard M
10:05am The Terminator M
12:00pm Blade II MA
2:05pm Constantine M
4:10pm The Italian Job M
6:05pm Master And Commander M
8:30pm The Man With The Iron Fists MA
10:10pm Body Of Lies MA
12:20am The Ring MA
2:20am The Ring 2 M
4:20am The Dark Knight M
6:55am The Guardian M
9:20am The Mexican M
11:30am Die Hard M
1:50pm Die Hard 2 M
4:00pm Die Hard: With A Vengeance M
6:15pm Die Hard 4.0 M
8:30pm A Good Day To Die Hard M
10:10pm The Day After Tomorrow M
12:10am Ghost Rider M
3:00am Blood Creek MA
4:40am Eragon M
6:30am The Tuxedo M
8:15am X-Men M
10:00am X-Men 2 M
12:20pm X-Men: The Last Stand M
2:10pm Ladder 49 M
4:15pm Tremors M
6:00pm The Hunger Games: Catching Fire M
8:30pm The Warrior's Way MA
10:15pm Jet Li's Fearless M
12:00am Vehicle 19 M
1:30am They M
3:05am Phantoms MA
4:45am Rumble In The Bronx M
6:20am U.S. Marshals M
8:35am Solomon Kane MA
10:20am Elephant White MA
12:00pm The Dark Knight M
2:30pm Master And Commander M
4:50pm Johnny Mnemonic M
6:30pm Paycheck M
8:30pm Independence Day M
11:00pm Impostor MA
12:40am Grave Encounters 2 MA
2:20am Battlefield Earth M
4:20am The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen M
6:15am Red Planet M
8:05am The Ring MA
10:05am The Ring 2 M
12:00pm Smokin' Aces MA
1:50pm Body Of Lies MA
4:05pm The Legend Of Zorro M
6:20pm Sneakers M
8:30pm The Perfect Storm M
10:45pm Doomsday MA