10:00am The Arrival M
12:00pm Payback MA
1:50pm Speed M
3:55pm The Dark Knight M
6:35pm Red Planet M
8:30pm Mission To Mars M
10:30pm Doomsday MA
12:25am Shoot 'Em Up MA
2:00am Death Proof MA
4:00am The Crow MA
5:50am Ned Kelly M
7:50am Deja Vu M
10:05am The Ring 2 M
12:00pm Broken Arrow M
1:50pm Basic MA
3:30pm Pathfinder MA
5:10pm Highwaymen M
6:35pm Push M
8:30pm Eagle Eye M
10:30pm The Pact MA
12:00am The Day After Tomorrow M
2:10am A Sound Of Thunder M
4:00am The Siege M
6:00am Star Trek: Nemesis M
8:00am Oblivion M
10:05am The Bank Job MA
12:00pm Body Of Lies MA
2:10pm U.S. Marshals M
4:25pm Running Scared MA
6:30pm Dead Man Down MA
8:30pm Parker MA
10:35pm Brooklyn's Finest MA
12:45am The Mexican M
2:50am TT: Closer To The Edge M
4:30am Kiss of Death M
6:15am Traitor M
8:10am The Spirit M
10:00am The Siege M
12:00pm Wild Wild West PG
1:50pm Freddy Vs Jason MA
3:30pm The Tuxedo M
5:15pm Buffy The Vampire Slayer PG
6:45pm Cypher M
8:30pm Jet Li's Fearless M
10:20pm Ninja Assassin MA
12:00am From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money MA
1:30am From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Dau MA
3:05am Thir13en Ghosts MA
4:40am The Ring MA
6:40am The Ring 2 M
8:30am Solomon Kane MA
10:15am Kickboxer MA
12:00pm Mission To Mars M
1:50pm Piranha MA
3:25pm Shoot 'Em Up MA
4:55pm Payback MA
6:40pm The Crow MA
8:30pm Days of Thunder M
10:25pm Braveheart MA
1:20am The Arrival M
3:20am The Pact MA
4:55am The Protector MA
6:50am Broken Arrow M
8:45am Johnny Mnemonic M
10:25am Ghost Ship MA
12:00pm Eagle Eye M
2:00pm After The Sunset M
3:40pm Get Lucky MA
5:10pm They M
6:40pm Romancing the Stone M
8:30pm The Jewel of the Nile PG
10:20pm Ned Kelly M
12:10am Push M
2:05am Doomsday MA
4:00am The Dark Knight M
6:30am A Sound Of Thunder M
8:15am Pathfinder MA
10:00am Star Trek: Nemesis M
12:00pm Parker MA
2:00pm Dead Man Down MA
4:05pm The Mexican M
6:15pm U.S. Marshals M
8:30pm The Last Boy Scout MA
10:20pm Body Of Lies MA