8:30pm The Terminator M
10:25pm Doomsday MA
12:20am Traitor M
2:20am Kiss of Death M
4:10am The Crazies MA
6:00am Willard M
7:45am Taken 2 M
9:25am Sneakers M
11:30am The Guardian M
1:50pm Slither MA
3:30pm A Sound Of Thunder M
5:15pm In Dreams MA
7:00pm Highwaymen M
8:30pm Elephant White MA
10:10pm 300 MA
12:10am The Dark Knight M
2:40am The Dark Knight Rises M
5:30am Looper MA
7:35am Eragon M
9:25am Rocky Balboa M
11:15am The Tuxedo M
1:00pm Solomon Kane MA
2:50pm Star Trek: Nemesis M
4:55pm 16 Blocks M
6:45pm Johnny Mnemonic M
8:30pm House Of Wax MA
10:30pm Dead Silence M
12:00am The Howling MA
1:35am The Crazies MA
3:20am The Devil's Rejects MA
5:10am Queen Of The Damned M
7:00am Barb Wire M
8:40am Eight Legged Freaks M
10:25am Romancing the Stone M
12:15pm The Mexican M
2:20pm The Day After Tomorrow M
4:30pm The Mod Squad M
6:15pm Body Of Lies MA
8:30pm 2 Guns MA
10:30pm The Punisher MA
12:40am Evil Dead II MA
2:10am Running Scared MA
4:20am Red Dawn M
6:00am Roll M
6:55am Vehicle 19 M
8:25am The Last Legion M
10:10am The Jewel of the Nile PG
12:00pm The Terminator M
1:50pm Wild Wild West PG
3:35pm Paranormal Activity 4 M
5:00pm Blitz MA
6:40pm Payback MA
8:30pm The Protector MA
10:30pm Freddy Vs Jason MA
12:15am After The Sunset M
2:00am Independence Day M
4:30am Alex Cross M
6:15am Cast Away M
8:45am Kiss of Death M
10:30am Highwaymen M
12:00pm Elephant White MA
1:35pm 300 MA
3:35pm Dead Silence M
5:05pm Boogeyman M
6:35pm Ghost Rider M
8:30pm Blade Runner: The Final Cut M
10:30pm Drag Me To Hell MA
12:15am Sneakers M
2:30am Taken 2 M
4:10am Grave Encounters 2 MA
5:55am Raw Deal M
7:45am Johnny Mnemonic M
9:30am House Of Wax MA
11:30am Eragon M
1:25pm Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey M
4:20pm The Tuxedo M
6:05pm The Guardian M
8:30pm The Dark Knight M
11:05pm Traitor M