12:35am The Bank Job MA
2:30am The Spirit M
4:15am Jet Li's Fearless M
6:00am Red Planet M
7:55am Sneakers M
10:10am The Terminator M
12:00pm True Lies M
2:35pm The Last Boy Scout MA
4:30pm U.S. Marshals M
6:45pm After Earth M
8:30pm Sunshine M
10:25pm X-Men 2 M
12:40am Body Of Lies MA
2:50am Shoot 'Em Up MA
4:20am Ninja Assassin MA
6:00am Death Proof MA
8:00am The Day After Tomorrow M
10:10am Dragonheart M
12:00pm Sunshine M
1:55pm Mimic M
3:45pm Mimic 2 M
5:15pm Mimic 3: Sentinel M
6:40pm Payback MA
8:30pm The Patriot MA
11:20pm Olympus Has Fallen MA
1:30am Wild Wild West PG
3:20am Dobermann MA
5:00am Speed M
7:05am Red Planet M
9:00am Days of Thunder M
10:50am Oblivion M
1:00pm Once Upon a Time in Mexico MA
2:50pm Cop Land MA
4:45pm The Condemned MA
6:40pm The Warrior's Way MA
8:30pm G.I. Joe: Retaliation M
10:35pm Kickboxer MA
12:15am Undisputed MA
1:50am Jack The Giant Slayer M
3:50am The Fifth Element PG
6:00am The Bank Job MA
8:00am Freelancers MA
9:40am The Crow: City Of Angels MA
11:15am Volcano M
1:05pm Shoot 'Em Up MA
2:40pm The Siege M
4:40pm Dragonheart M
6:30pm 300 MA
8:30pm Blade II MA
10:30pm Solomon Kane MA
12:15am Man Of Tai Chi MA
2:00am Jet Li's Fearless M
3:40am Babylon A.D. M
5:10am Jason X MA
6:40am Ninja Assassin MA
8:20am Get Carter MA
10:00am G.I. Joe: Retaliation M
12:00pm Kickboxer MA
1:40pm Blade II MA
3:40pm Sneakers M
5:50pm American Gangster MA
8:30pm Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead MA
10:30pm U.S. Marshals M
12:45am True Lies M
3:20am The Last Boy Scout MA
5:10am Olympus Has Fallen MA
7:15am The Condemned MA
9:10am Wild Wild West PG
11:00am Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead MA
1:00pm Dobermann MA
2:45pm Kiss of Death M
4:35pm The Day After Tomorrow M
6:45pm Dredd MA
8:30pm Judge Dredd M
10:15pm Soldier MA
12:00am Deja Vu M
2:15am Romancing the Stone M
4:05am The Jewel of the Nile PG
6:00am Mimic M
7:50am Mimic 2 M
9:15am Mimic 3: Sentinel M
10:45am Mission To Mars M
12:40pm Sunshine M
2:30pm Battlefield Earth M
4:30pm The Terminator M
6:20pm Oblivion M
8:30pm I, Robot M
10:30pm Babylon A.D. M