4:35pm The Guardian M
6:55pm Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters MA
8:30pm The Reaping M
10:15pm The Wicker Man M
12:00am Wind Chill MA
1:35am Halloween MA
3:25am Halloween II MA
5:10am Nitro Circus: The Movie M
6:40am The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey M
9:30am Cast Away M
12:00pm The Mist MA
2:10pm Deep Impact M
4:20pm Frequency M
6:25pm Paycheck M
8:30pm Deja Vu M
10:40pm Impostor MA
12:20am Piranha MA
1:50am Boiling Point M
3:25am The Proposition MA
5:10am The Patriot MA
7:55am Dante's Peak M
9:45am The Legend Of Zorro M
12:00pm Taken 2 M
1:40pm The Apparition M
3:10pm The Dark Knight M
5:40pm The Dark Knight Rises M
8:30pm Broken Arrow M
10:25pm Ninja Assassin MA
12:10am An Eye For An Eye M
2:00am Blackthorn M
3:50am The Protector MA
5:50am We Were Soldiers MA
8:20am Deepstar Six M
10:05am The Italian Job M
12:00pm The Covenant M
1:40pm The Perfect Storm M
3:50pm Battlefield Earth M
5:50pm Aliens M
8:30pm Alien 3 M
10:30pm Alien: Resurrection MA
12:25am The Crow MA
2:05am The Siege M
4:00am Hell Ride MA
5:25am Skinwalkers MA
7:00am Conan The Destroyer M
8:40am Nitro Circus: The Movie M
10:10am Chaos M
12:00pm The Reaping M
1:45pm Blade II MA
3:40pm The Dark Knight Rises M
6:25pm Cutthroat Island PG
8:30pm Ned Kelly M
10:20pm The Man With The Iron Fists MA
12:00am In Too Deep MA
1:40am Silver Bullet MA
3:20am Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters MA
4:55am Extreme Prejudice MA
6:45am Boiling Point M
8:20am Frequency M
10:25am Wind Chill MA
12:00pm Deja Vu M
2:20pm Impostor MA
4:00pm The Art Of War MA
6:00pm U.S. Marshals M
8:30pm Ronin M
10:35pm Reindeer Games MA
12:25am Cast Away M
2:45am The Wicker Man M
4:30am The Replacement Killers MA
6:05am Nitro Circus: The Movie M
7:45am Dreamcatcher MA
10:00am The Protector MA
12:00pm Broken Arrow M
1:50pm Paycheck M
3:55pm The Apparition M
5:25pm Taken 2 M
7:00pm Rumble In The Bronx M
8:30pm Get Carter MA
10:15pm Deep Impact M