6:30am Romancing the Stone M
8:20am The Jewel of the Nile PG
10:15am Blitz MA
12:00pm Independence Day M
2:20pm American Gangster MA
5:00pm Soldier MA
6:45pm Judge Dredd M
8:30pm Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes M
10:45pm Rob Roy M
1:00am True Lies M
3:20am The Last Boy Scout MA
5:05am Impostor MA
6:40am Broken Arrow M
8:30am Days of Thunder M
10:15am Hummingbird MA
12:00pm I, Robot M
2:00pm Sunshine M
3:55pm Tombstone M
6:10pm U.S. Marshals M
8:30pm The Recruit M
10:35pm The Day After Tomorrow M
12:45am Serenity M
2:50am Speed M
4:50am Shoot 'Em Up MA
6:25am The Three Musketeers M
8:20am Windtalkers MA
10:40am Stargate PG
12:45pm Timeline M
2:45pm Kickboxer MA
4:30pm U-571 M
6:30pm Kill Bill Vol. 1 MA
8:30pm Robocop MA
10:20pm Mimic M
12:10am Mimic 2 M
1:40am Mimic 3: Sentinel M
3:05am Elephant White MA
4:45am From Paris With Love MA
6:20am The Arrival M
8:20am X-Men M
10:05am Double Impact R
12:00pm The Last Boy Scout MA
1:55pm The Siege M
3:55pm G.I. Jane M
6:05pm Kill Bill Vol. 2 MA
8:30pm Robocop 2 MA
10:30pm Jet Li's Fearless M
12:20am Firestorm M
1:55am Hidalgo M
4:10am Bulletproof Monk M
5:55am Buffy The Vampire Slayer PG
7:25am X-Men 2 M
9:40am Rob Roy M
12:00pm Empire State MA
1:35pm Blitz MA
3:20pm Highwaymen M
4:40pm Wild Wild West PG
6:30pm I, Robot M
8:30pm Robocop 3 M
10:20pm Pacific Rim M
12:35am Independence Day M
3:05am The Terminator M
5:00am The Scorpion King M
6:40am From Paris With Love MA
8:20am Timeline M
10:25am Shoot 'Em Up MA
12:00pm The Recruit M
2:00pm U.S. Marshals M
4:20pm The Day After Tomorrow M
6:30pm Speed M
8:30pm Waist Deep MA
10:10pm Serenity M
12:10am Romancing the Stone M
1:55am The Jewel of the Nile PG
3:45am The Last Boy Scout MA
5:30am Days of Thunder M
7:20am Kickboxer MA
9:00am Braveheart MA
12:00pm The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones M
2:15pm Double Impact R
4:10pm Sunshine M
6:05pm True Lies M
8:30pm Maximum Risk M
10:20pm Man Of Tai Chi MA