2:20am Die Hard 4.0 M
4:30am The Accidental Spy M
6:00am The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen M
7:50am Starship Troopers MA
10:00am Braveheart MA
1:00pm Aliens vs Predator: Requiem MA
2:35pm Hitman MA
4:15pm White House Down M
6:35pm Wild Wild West PG
8:30pm Hidalgo M
10:50pm Young Guns M
12:40am The Guardian M
3:00am The Warrior's Way MA
4:45am The Legend Of Zorro M
6:55am Hummingbird MA
8:35am The Cowboy Way M
10:25am Babylon A.D. M
12:00pm Rocky M
2:15pm Ladder 49 M
4:20pm The Fifth Element PG
6:30pm Raiders Of The Lost Ark M
8:30pm Last Action Hero M
10:45pm Independence Day M
1:15am The Covenant M
3:00am Shoot 'Em Up MA
4:35am Jet Li's Fearless M
6:20am Dante's Peak M
8:10am The Terminator M
10:00am Mission To Mars M
12:00pm Rocky II PG
2:05pm Paycheck M
4:10pm The Perfect Storm M
6:25pm Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom M
8:30pm Volcano M
10:20pm Die Hard M
12:35am Eagle Eye M
2:35am Tremors M
4:10am Hell Ride MA
5:35am Blade II MA
7:30am The Legend Of Zorro M
9:45am The Wolverine M
12:00pm Rocky III PG
1:50pm American Gangster MA
4:35pm Dragonheart M
6:20pm Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade PG
8:30pm Soldier MA
10:15pm Die Hard 2 M
12:25am Starship Troopers MA
2:35am Drift M
4:30am The Covenant M
6:15am Babylon A.D. M
7:50am Young Guns M
9:45am White House Down M
12:00pm Rocky IV PG
1:35pm Hidalgo M
3:55pm Last Action Hero M
6:20pm Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull M
8:30pm Stargate PG
10:35pm Die Hard: With A Vengeance M
12:50am Braveheart MA
3:50am The Wolverine M
6:00am Ladder 49 M
8:00am The Arrival M
10:00am The Condemned MA
12:00pm Rocky V M
1:45pm Highwaymen M
3:05pm Shoot 'Em Up MA
4:40pm The Cowboy Way M
6:30pm The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen M
8:30pm I, Robot M
10:30pm Die Hard 4.0 M
12:45am Blitz MA
2:30am Jet Li's Fearless M
4:20am The Day After Tomorrow M
6:30am Mimic M
8:20am Wild Wild West PG
10:10am Volcano M
12:00pm Rocky Balboa M
1:45pm Tremors M
3:25pm The Terminator M
5:15pm Elephant White MA
6:50pm The Scorpion King M
8:30pm Kill Bill Vol. 1 MA
10:25pm Crank MA