8:05am Hart's War MA
10:15am The Crow MA
12:00pm Get Carter MA
1:45pm Roll M
2:35pm Kiss of Death M
4:20pm The Punisher MA
6:30pm Star Trek: Nemesis M
8:30pm Wild Wild West PG
10:20pm Piranha MA
11:55pm Death Proof MA
2:00am Shocker M
3:55am The Legend Of Zorro M
6:00am The Siege M
8:05am Traitor M
10:05am The Bank Job MA
12:00pm Hell Ride MA
1:30pm Constantine M
3:30pm The Italian Job M
5:20pm The Apparition M
6:45pm 16 Blocks M
8:30pm Shoot 'Em Up MA
10:00pm Aliens M
12:35am Alien 3 M
2:35am Alien: Resurrection MA
4:25am The Mod Squad M
6:00am Ned Kelly M
7:50am U.S. Marshals M
10:25am Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters MA
12:00pm Days of Thunder M
1:50pm Cast Away M
4:20pm The Reaping M
6:00pm Independence Day M
8:30pm Dredd MA
10:15pm Brooklyn's Finest MA
12:30am Get Lucky MA
2:00am Raw Deal M
3:45am The Last Legion M
5:25am The Fog M
7:00am They Live M
8:40am Paycheck M
10:45am Payback MA
12:30pm The Day After Tomorrow M
2:40pm Broken Arrow M
4:30pm Deja Vu M
6:50pm Impostor MA
8:30pm Tremors M
10:15pm The Mist MA
12:25am Queen Of The Damned M
2:15am Freddy Vs Jason MA
4:00am The Devil's Rejects MA
6:00am Frequency M
8:00am Dante's Peak M
9:55am Star Trek: Nemesis M
11:55am Wild Wild West PG
1:40pm The Legend Of Zorro M
3:50pm The Perfect Storm M
6:05pm The Guardian M
8:30pm Master And Commander M
10:55pm Ghost Ship MA
12:30am Ronin M
2:35am Get Carter MA
4:20am The Art Of War MA
6:25am 16 Blocks M
8:10am Shocker M
10:05am Traitor M
12:00pm Shoot 'Em Up MA
1:35pm The Apparition M
3:00pm Brooklyn's Finest MA
5:15pm The Crow MA
7:00pm Buffy The Vampire Slayer PG
8:30pm The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen M
10:30pm The Siege M
12:30am Constantine M
2:35am The Man With The Iron Fists MA
4:15am Piranha MA
5:50am The Reaping M
7:35am Cast Away M
10:00am Nitro Circus: The Movie M
11:45am Tremors M
1:30pm Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters MA
3:00pm The Punisher MA
5:00pm The Last Legion M
6:45pm A Sound Of Thunder M
8:30pm Death Proof MA
10:30pm The Bank Job MA