8:30pm Smokin' Aces MA
10:25pm The Art Of War MA
12:30am The Dark Knight M
3:00am Elephant White MA
4:35am Snakes On A Plane M
6:25am Vehicle 19 M
7:50am Ghost Ship MA
9:25am True Lies M
12:00pm A Good Day To Die Hard M
1:45pm The Italian Job M
3:45pm The Legend Of Zorro M
6:00pm Independence Day M
8:30pm Cast Away M
11:00pm The Wicker Man M
12:45am I Know What You Did Last Summer MA
2:30am I Still Know What You Did Last Summer MA
4:15am The Faculty M
6:05am Ghost Rider M
8:00am Enemy At The Gates MA
10:15am Blitz MA
12:00pm Blade II MA
2:00pm The Guardian M
4:25pm Jack Reacher M
6:50pm From Paris With Love MA
8:30pm Basic MA
10:10pm Broken Arrow M
12:00am The Sweeney MA
2:00am Deep Impact M
4:05am House Of Wax MA
6:10am Eragon M
8:00am Die Hard M
10:15am Die Hard 2 M
12:25pm Die Hard: With A Vengeance M
2:35pm Die Hard 4.0 M
4:50pm A Good Day To Die Hard M
6:30pm 300 MA
8:30pm The Spirit M
10:20pm The Patriot MA
1:20am The Perfect Storm M
3:35am Doomsday MA
5:25am Constantine M
7:30am The Protector MA
9:25am The Dark Knight M
12:00pm Smokin' Aces MA
1:50pm Freelancers MA
3:30pm Elephant White MA
5:00pm The Covenant M
6:40pm Snakes On A Plane M
8:30pm Get Carter MA
10:20pm Reindeer Games MA
12:10am Paycheck M
2:15am In Too Deep MA
4:00am Running Scared MA
6:00am The Art Of War MA
8:00am Red Planet M
9:50am Sneakers M
12:00pm Battlefield Earth M
2:00pm Independence Day M
4:30pm The Italian Job M
6:30pm Speed M
8:30pm Dante's Peak M
10:25pm True Lies M
12:55am Ghost Rider M
2:45am Conan The Destroyer M
4:30am Hell Ride MA
6:00am The Legend Of Zorro M
8:15am The Terminator M
10:00am 300 MA
12:00pm The Sweeney MA
2:00pm The Warrior's Way MA
3:40pm Cast Away M
6:05pm Jack Reacher M
8:30pm Impostor MA
10:10pm Deep Impact M