6:25pm Star Trek: Nemesis M
8:30pm The Arrival M
10:30pm Freelancers MA
12:10am The Protector MA
2:00am Death Proof MA
4:00am Slither MA
5:40am Skinwalkers MA
7:20am They M
8:55am Romancing the Stone M
10:40am The Jewel of the Nile PG
12:30pm Impostor MA
2:10pm Dead Man Down MA
4:10pm True Lies M
6:45pm The Tuxedo M
8:30pm The Crow MA
10:15pm The Terminator M
12:05am The Day After Tomorrow M
2:10am The Sweeney MA
4:00am Doomsday MA
5:50am The Warrior's Way MA
7:35am TT: Closer To The Edge M
9:20am Piranha MA
10:50am Ghost Ship MA
12:30pm From Paris With Love MA
2:10pm The Bank Job MA
4:05pm Kiss of Death M
5:55pm Aliens M
8:30pm X-Men M
10:20pm Die Hard M
12:40am Basic MA
2:25am Jack Reacher M
4:45am Emergo MA
6:10am Parker MA
8:15am Johnny Mnemonic M
9:55am The Last Boy Scout MA
11:45am Ghost Rider M
1:40pm Thir13en Ghosts MA
3:15pm Get Lucky MA
4:45pm Jet Li's Fearless M
6:30pm Alien 3 M
8:30pm X-Men 2 M
10:50pm Die Hard 2 M
12:55am Kickboxer MA
2:35am The Spirit M
4:25am The Ring MA
6:20am Speed M
8:25am Slither MA
10:05am The Protector MA
12:00pm The Arrival M
2:00pm Star Trek: Nemesis M
4:00pm The Dark Knight M
6:35pm Alien: Resurrection MA
8:30pm X-Men: The Last Stand M
10:20pm Die Hard: With A Vengeance M
12:35am Dante's Peak M
2:30am Freelancers MA
4:10am The Ring 2 M
6:00am True Lies M
8:30am The Tuxedo M
10:15am The Crow MA
12:00pm Death Proof MA
2:05pm Wild Wild West PG
4:00pm The Sweeney MA
6:00pm Cast Away M
8:30pm Payback MA
10:20pm Die Hard 4.0 M
12:35am Impostor MA
2:10am Ninja Assassin MA
3:55am Sneakers M
6:00am X-Men M
7:50am X-Men 2 M
10:10am X-Men: The Last Stand M
12:00pm Brooklyn's Finest MA
2:20pm Jack Reacher M
4:40pm Basic MA
6:30pm Traitor M
8:30pm Push M
10:25pm A Good Day To Die Hard M