1:45pm There's Something About Mary MA
3:40pm Grilled M
5:05pm Spring Breakdown M
6:35pm Rat Race M
8:30pm Patch Adams M
10:30pm The Royal Tenenbaums MA
12:20am Repossessed M
1:45am How To Lose Friends & Alienate People M
3:30am Norbit M
5:10am Pluto Nash M
6:45am Drop Dead Gorgeous M
8:20am Man About Town M
10:05am The Trip MA
12:00pm Observe And Report MA
1:30pm Click M
3:20pm L.A. Story M
4:55pm The Upside of Anger M
6:50pm Material Girls PG
8:30pm High Fidelity M
10:30pm The Long Weekend MA
12:05am Drillbit Taylor PG
1:50am Little Man M
3:35am Phat Girlz M
5:20am Planes, Trains & Automobiles M
6:55am Dan In Real Life PG
8:35am Slacker M
10:20am Nacho Libre PG
12:00pm Adventures In Babysitting M
1:50pm Pledge This! MA
3:25pm Death to Smoochy M
5:15pm Wrongfully Accused PG
6:45pm The Nutty Professor M
8:30pm Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! PG
10:15pm Soul Men MA
11:55pm Outside Providence MA
1:30am Where's Marlowe? M
3:10am Addicted To Love PG
4:50am Doc Hollywood M
6:35am So Undercover M
8:10am The Full Monty M
9:40am This Is 40 MA
12:00pm Pitch Perfect M
1:50pm Fun Size PG
3:20pm Strange Wilderness MA
4:45pm Mad Money PG
6:30pm Stakeout M
8:30pm Three Fugitives PG
10:15pm Free Money M
11:50pm Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny MA
1:25am Man Of The Year M
3:20am The Big White M
5:10am Grilled M
6:35am Spring Breakdown M
8:05am Patch Adams M
10:05am The Royal Tenenbaums MA
12:00pm Repossessed M
1:35pm Phat Girlz M
3:20pm Hot Rod M
4:55pm Just Friends M
6:35pm Bull Durham M
8:30pm The Big Lebowski MA
10:30pm Nurse Betty MA
12:30am There's Something About Mary MA
2:35am Parenthood M
4:45am The 'Burbs PG
6:35am Drillbit Taylor PG
8:20am Material Girls PG
10:00am The Upside of Anger M
12:00pm High Fidelity M
2:00pm The Long Weekend MA
3:30pm Nuns On The Run M
5:10pm Norbit M
6:50pm Save Your Legs! M
8:30pm Kingpin M
10:30pm Observe And Report MA
12:00am The Trip MA
1:55am Showtime M
3:30am Spring Breakdown M
5:00am Fun Size PG
6:25am The Nutty Professor M
8:05am Parenthood M
10:10am Click M
12:00pm Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! PG
1:40pm So Undercover M
3:20pm Nacho Libre PG
4:55pm Rat Race M
6:50pm But I'm A Cheerleader M
8:30pm Baseketball M
10:15pm Wrongfully Accused PG
11:45pm Man About Town M