12:20am Eulogy M
2:00am Bright Young Things M
3:45am Soul Men MA
5:30am Macgruber MA
7:00am Bart Got A Room M
8:20am Thunderstruck M
10:00am The Distinguished Gentleman M
12:00pm Muriel's Wedding M
1:45pm Scoop PG
3:20pm Mixed Nuts M
5:00pm Stuck On You M
7:00pm Flying High M
8:30pm Flying High II: The Sequel PG
10:00pm Clerks II MA
11:40pm Cecil B. Demented MA
1:15am Housos Vs. Authority MA
3:05am Next Friday MA
4:45am Friday After Next MA
6:15am There's Something About Mary MA
8:20am Outrageous Fortune M
10:05am Spud M
12:00pm A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas MA
1:30pm Click M
3:20pm Just Friends M
5:00pm Accepted M
6:40pm Grind M
8:30pm Scary Movie 2 MA
10:00pm Borat MA
11:30pm Old School MA
1:05am Housesitter PG
2:50am Boys And Girls M
4:30am Cheats M
6:10am Manhattan Murder Mystery PG
8:00am Bright Young Things M
9:50am Patch Adams M
12:00pm What About Bob? PG
1:40pm Bart Got A Room M
3:05pm L.A. Story M
4:45pm High Fidelity M
6:45pm Turner & Hooch PG
8:30pm 50 First Dates M
10:20pm Kingpin M
12:15am The Opposite Sex And How To Live With M
1:45am Splash PG
3:40am Trainwreck: My Life As An Idiot M
5:15am Fanboys M
6:50am Daddy And Them M
8:40am The Love Guru M
10:10am Town & Country M
12:00pm The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou M
2:00pm Eulogy M
3:30pm Drillbit Taylor PG
5:15pm Macgruber MA
6:50pm Teaching Mrs. Tingle M
8:30pm Dutch PG
10:20pm Soul Men MA
12:10am Colour Me Kubrick: A True...Ish Story M
1:40am Adventures Of Priscilla M
3:20am Uncle Buck PG
5:05am Married To The Mob M
6:50am Stuck On You M
8:55am Scoop PG
10:30am Flying High M
12:00pm Flying High II: The Sequel PG
1:30pm Beerfest MA
3:25pm Muriel's Wedding M
5:10pm Reckless Kelly PG
6:30pm How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days PG
8:30pm Heartbreakers M
10:40pm Lay The Favourite MA
12:15am Next Friday MA
1:55am Friday After Next MA
3:25am Airheads M
5:00am Kinky Boots M
6:50am Mixed Nuts M
8:30am Accepted M
10:05am Splash PG
12:00pm Cecil B. Demented MA
1:35pm Old School MA
3:15pm Borat MA
4:50pm Grind M
6:40pm Housesitter PG
8:30pm K-9 M
10:15pm The Concierge PG
11:55pm Thunderstruck M