9:50am Parenthood M
12:00pm There's Something About Mary MA
2:00pm Grilled M
3:30pm Bart Got A Room M
4:50pm The Hangover MA
6:30pm How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days PG
8:30pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
10:30pm Me, Myself & Irene MA
12:30am Fat Pizza MA
2:10am Clerks II MA
3:45am Rapture-Palooza MA
5:15am The Rocky Horror Picture Show M
6:55am The Big Kahuna M
8:30am But I'm A Cheerleader M
10:05am Death to Smoochy M
12:00pm The Man M
1:25pm Evil Woman M
2:55pm John Tucker Must Die PG
4:25pm This Is 40 MA
6:40pm Muriel's Wedding M
8:30pm Strange Bedfellows M
10:15pm Adventures Of Priscilla M
12:00am Grandma's Boy MA
1:40am Virgin Territory MA
3:25am The Big Steal PG
5:10am Son In Law PG
6:50am Death In Brunswick M
8:45am Little Man M
10:25am Flying High M
12:00pm Down And Out In Beverly Hills M
1:50pm American Pie: The Wedding MA
3:30pm Free Money M
5:05pm Wrongfully Accused PG
6:35pm Big Stan MA
8:30pm Sweet Revenge M
10:05pm Breaking Wind MA
11:30pm So Undercover M
1:00am Boys And Girls M
2:40am Quick Change M
4:10am The Beverly Hillbillies G
5:40am Bart Got A Room M
7:00am Virgin Territory MA
8:40am Outrageous Fortune M
10:25am Old School MA
12:00pm Management M
1:40pm Lay The Favourite MA
3:15pm Outside Providence MA
4:55pm Ferris Bueller's Day Off PG
6:45pm K-9 M
8:30pm The Trip MA
10:25pm The Naked Gun M
11:55pm Stuck On You M
1:55am Pluto Nash M
3:35am Kenny M
5:15am Stakeout M
7:20am Doc Hollywood M
9:10am Fat Pizza MA
10:50am National Lampoon's Dirty Movie MA
12:30pm Me, Myself & Irene MA
2:30pm How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days PG
4:30pm Parenthood M
6:40pm Goddess PG
8:30pm The Full Monty M
10:10pm Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell Of Fear M
11:40pm Sydney White PG
1:30am The Man M
3:00am Evil Woman M
4:30am Slacker M
6:30am Clerks II MA
8:15am Muriel's Wedding M
10:05am Strange Bedfellows M
12:00pm Breaking Wind MA
1:30pm The Big Steal PG
3:15pm Adventures Of Priscilla M
5:00pm Death to Smoochy M
6:50pm Ruthless People M
8:30pm Nuns On The Run M
10:10pm Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult PG
11:35pm The Hangover MA
1:15am This Is 40 MA
3:25am Big Stan MA
5:15am Little Man M
6:50am Down And Out In Beverly Hills M
8:40am A Fish Called Wanda M
10:25am So Undercover M
12:00pm Death In Brunswick M
1:55pm Sweet Revenge M
3:30pm The Beverly Hillbillies G
5:10pm Grandma's Boy MA
6:50pm Showtime M
8:30pm The Actors M
10:10pm American Pie: The Wedding MA
11:50pm Free Money M