Ted MA d, s, l
10:00pm Friday 25th April

3:10am Beetlejuice M
4:50am The Man with One Red Shoe PG
6:30am The Full Monty M
8:10am Reckless Kelly PG
9:55am Mystery Men PG
12:00pm Norbit M
1:55pm Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd M
3:25pm Serial Mom M
5:00pm Sightseers MA
6:35pm Kinky Boots M
8:30pm Borat MA
8:30pm Borat MA
10:00pm Ted MA
11:50pm Unfaithfully Yours PG
1:35am Parenthood M
3:40am MacGruber MA
5:15am Whole Lotta Sole M
6:50am Safety Not Guaranteed M
8:20am Bad News Bears M
10:20am Nothing But Trouble M
12:00pm Spring Breakdown M
1:30pm Beverly Hills Cop III M
3:15pm Vampire In Brooklyn MA
5:00pm Little Nicky M
6:30pm Kingpin M
8:30pm Stuck On You M
10:35pm There's Something About Mary MA
12:40am The 'Burbs PG
2:25am The Lonely Guy M
4:00am A Dirty Shame MA
5:35am The Rage In Placid Lake M
7:10am Little Man M
8:50am Teaching Mrs. Tingle M
10:30am Scary Movie 3 M
12:00pm Addicted To Love PG
12:00pm Addicted To Love PG
1:45pm How To Lose Friends & Alienate People M
3:40pm Surfer, Dude MA
5:10pm Married to the Mob M
7:00pm The Love Guru M
8:30pm Beerfest MA
10:25pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show M
12:15am Fat Pizza MA
2:00am Whipped MA
3:30am I Want Candy MA
5:10am Fathers' Day M
6:55am Planes, Trains & Automobiles M
8:35am Larry Crowne M
10:20am Quick Change M
12:00pm Chasing Amy MA
2:00pm Flying High M
3:35pm Empire Records M
3:35pm Empire Records M
5:30pm The Naked Gun M
7:00pm Naked Gun 2 & 1/2: The Smell Of Fear M
8:30pm Clerks MA
10:05pm Clerks II MA
11:45pm Fun With Dick And Jane M
1:20am Norbit M
3:20am Dance Flick MA
4:50am Swingers M
6:30am Parenthood M
8:40am The Man with One Red Shoe PG
10:20am The Concierge PG
12:00pm Borat MA
12:00pm Borat MA
1:30pm Reckless Kelly PG
3:15pm Unfaithfully Yours PG
5:00pm Beetlejuice M
6:40pm HouseSitter PG
8:30pm My Boss's Daughter M
10:00pm Mystery Men PG
12:10am A Few Best Men MA
1:50am Cheats M
3:25am Serial Mom M
5:00am Whole Lotta Sole M
6:30am Beverly Hills Cop III M
8:15am Kingpin M
10:10am Kinky Boots M
12:00pm Stuck On You M
2:00pm MacGruber MA
3:30pm The Lonely Guy M
5:05pm Scary Movie 3 M
6:30pm Bad News Bears M
8:30pm Dogma MA
10:40pm Spring Breakdown M
12:10am A Dirty Shame MA
1:45am I Want Candy MA
3:15am Vampire In Brooklyn MA
5:00am Nothing But Trouble M
6:40am But I'm A Cheerleader M
8:20am Addicted To Love PG
8:20am Addicted To Love PG
10:05am Beerfest MA
12:00pm Whipped MA
1:25pm The Love Guru M
2:55pm The World According to Garp M
5:10pm National Lampoon's Vacation M
6:50pm National Lampoon's European Vacation M
8:30pm K-9 M
10:20pm Planes, Trains & Automobiles M