1:25am The Extra Man M
3:10am Splash PG
5:00am Slacker M
6:45am The Beverly Hillbillies G
8:25am The Nutty Professor M
10:05am Wagons East PG
12:00pm Planes, Trains & Automobiles M
1:35pm Blind Date M
3:10pm Stuck On You M
5:15pm The Man M
6:45pm The Hangover MA
8:30pm Big Stan MA
10:25pm Starsky & Hutch M
12:15am Daltry Calhoun M
1:55am Strange Wilderness MA
3:25am Breaking Wind MA
4:50am Son In Law PG
6:35am Spring Breakdown M
8:10am Heartbreakers M
10:20am The Full Monty M
12:00pm Big Stan MA
1:55pm Role Models MA
3:35pm Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny MA
5:10pm Manhattan Murder Mystery PG
7:00pm Flying High II: The Sequel PG
8:30pm Without a Paddle M
10:15pm Four Rooms MA
12:00am There's Something About Mary MA
2:00am Identity Thief MA
3:55am Don't Be A Menace MA
5:35am Three Fugitives PG
7:20am Quick Change M
8:55am Sgt. Bilko G
10:30am Rapture-Palooza MA
12:00pm Without a Paddle M
1:45pm Nothing But Trouble M
3:30pm Town & Country M
5:20pm Keeping Up With The Steins PG
6:55pm The Great Buck Howard G
8:30pm Little Miss Sunshine M
10:20pm Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star M
12:00am Dance Flick MA
1:25am American Pie: The Wedding MA
3:05am Class Act M
4:50am Soul Men MA
6:40am Happy, Texas M
8:25am Kenny M
10:10am Norbit M
12:00pm Choke R
1:35pm Scary Movie 5: Uncut MA
3:10pm Sydney White PG
5:00pm Grind M
6:55pm Old School MA
8:30pm The Internship M
10:35pm The Groomsmen M
12:10am Family Weekend M
2:00am Ferris Bueller's Day Off PG
3:45am Outrageous Fortune M
5:30am Chasing Papi PG
6:55am Down And Out In Beverly Hills M
8:45am Dance Flick MA
10:10am The Hangover MA
12:00pm Waiting MA
1:30pm Starsky & Hutch M
3:15pm Daltry Calhoun M
4:55pm The Nutty Professor M
6:35pm Keeping Mum M
8:30pm Identity Thief MA
10:25pm Blind Date M
12:05am The Full Monty M
1:35am Mad Money PG
3:20am The Trip MA
5:15am Scary Movie 2 MA
6:45am Wagons East PG
8:40am Don't Be A Menace MA
10:15am Four Rooms MA
12:00pm Manhattan Murder Mystery PG
1:50pm The Ringer M
3:25pm Spring Breakdown M
4:55pm Adventures In Babysitting M
6:40pm Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead PG
8:30pm The Bonfire Of The Vanities M
10:45pm Trainwreck: My Life As An Idiot M
12:30am Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny MA
2:15am Town & Country M
4:05am Stakeout M
6:05am Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star M
7:55am Big Stan MA
9:55am There's Something About Mary MA
12:00pm Little Miss Sunshine M
1:45pm Class Act M
3:20pm Quick Change M
4:50pm American Pie: The Wedding MA
6:35pm This Is The End MA
8:30pm Superbad MA
10:30pm Strange Wilderness MA