3:15pm The Oranges M
4:50pm Trouble With The Curve M
6:45pm 10 Years M
8:30pm The Hoax M
10:30pm The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 M
12:30am P.S. I Love You M
2:35am Mickey Blue Eyes M
4:20am Jack & Sarah M
6:10am King Of California M
7:50am Peaceful Warrior PG
9:55am Laws Of Attraction PG
11:30am The Butcher Boy MA
1:25pm Lars And The Real Girl PG
3:20pm Quartet M
5:00pm The Devil Wears Prada PG
6:55pm Bran Nue Dae PG
8:30pm Music And Lyrics PG
10:20pm Emperor's Club PG
12:10am Love And Other Impossible Pursuits M
1:50am Moll Flanders M
3:50am Unconditional Love M
5:50am The Other End Of The Line PG
7:40am Bella PG
9:15am Ceremony M
10:50am Elizabeth MA
1:00pm What Dreams May Come M
2:55pm Committed M
4:35pm The American President M
6:35pm Stage Beauty M
8:30pm The White Countess M
10:50pm King Of California M
12:25am Being Flynn MA
2:05am Ruby Sparks M
3:50am The Wedding Singer M
5:25am Tideland MA
7:25am P.S. I Love You M
9:35am The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 M
11:40am Running With Scissors MA
1:45pm The Wedding Singer M
3:25pm Music And Lyrics PG
5:15pm Ceremony M
6:50pm Mozart and The Whale M
8:30pm Resurrecting The Champ M
10:25pm A Home At The End Of The World MA
12:05am Rabbit Hole M
1:35am The Oranges M
3:05am Smoke Signals PG
4:35am Private Parts MA
6:30am Bran Nue Dae PG
8:10am The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 M
10:10am Jerry Maguire M
12:30pm The Piano M
2:35pm Mansfield Park M
4:30pm Wuthering Heights MA
6:40pm Footloose M
8:30pm Ruby Sparks M
10:15pm Sense And Sensibility G
12:30am Camp M
2:20am Regarding Henry M
4:10am The Bonfire Of The Vanities M
6:20am Marie Antoinette PG
8:25am The White Countess M
10:40am The Breakfast Club M
12:20pm Transamerica MA
2:10pm Moulin Rouge! M
4:20pm Guinevere M
6:10pm Jerry Maguire M
8:30pm Snow Angels MA
10:25pm She's All That M
12:05am The Joneses M
1:40am Serendipity PG
3:10am The Story Of Us M
4:45am Invisible Circus M
6:20am Mozart and The Whale M
8:00am Snow Angels MA
9:55am Easy Virtue M
11:35am Never Been Kissed PG
1:25pm Ride With The Devil MA
3:45pm Sense And Sensibility G
6:05pm On The Road MA
8:30pm The Impossible M
10:25pm Girl with a Pearl Earring PG