6:35pm The Deep End Of The Ocean M
8:30pm The Bridges Of Madison County M
10:45pm The Anniversary Party MA
12:40am Leaving Las Vegas MA
2:30am Even Cowgirls Get the Blues M
4:05am White Palace M
5:50am You Instead MA
7:15am Never Been Kissed PG
9:05am The Delinquents M
10:55am The Master MA
1:15pm Moulin Rouge! M
3:25pm The Ramen Girl M
5:10pm Your Sister's Sister M
6:45pm Seeking A Friend For The End Of The Wrld M
8:30pm Cracks M
10:20pm How To Make An American Quilt PG
12:15am Dark Horse M
1:40am An Awfully Big Adventure MA
3:30am The Triumph of Love PG
5:20am The Illustrated Family Doctor MA
7:05am Catch A Fire M
8:50am Invisible Circus M
10:30am Ruby Sparks M
12:20pm Next Stop Wonderland M
2:00pm The Bridges Of Madison County M
4:15pm Sense And Sensibility G
6:35pm The Crossing Guard M
8:30pm Boy A MA
10:20pm Little Miss Sunshine M
12:05am Unconditional Love M
2:05am Imaginary Heroes MA
3:55am Transamerica MA
5:40am Memoirs Of A Geisha M
8:10am Ladies In Lavender M
10:00am Prime M
12:00pm Twelve And Holding MA
1:40pm Riding In Cars With Boys M
3:55pm The English Patient M
6:40pm Somersault MA
8:30pm Moonstruck PG
10:15pm Carried Away MA
12:05am Japanese Story M
1:50am Evening M
3:50am Dark Horse M
5:15am Lola Versus M
6:45am Cosmopolis MA
8:35am Oyster Farmer MA
10:10am Boy A MA
12:00pm Motherhood MA
1:35pm The White Countess M
3:55pm The Magdalene Sisters MA
6:00pm Memoirs Of A Geisha M
8:30pm Mansfield Park M
10:25pm Jerry Maguire M
12:45am Separate Lies M
12:45am Separate Lies M
2:10am How To Make An American Quilt PG
4:05am Stage Beauty M
5:55am The Girlfriend Experience M
7:15am The Prime Gig M
9:00am Good Will Hunting M
11:10am The Sleeping Dictionary M
1:00pm The Deep End Of The Ocean M
2:50pm Invisible Circus M
4:30pm Towelhead MA
6:40pm Friends With Kids MA
8:30pm The Sapphires PG
10:15pm Joyful Noise PG
12:10am Ride With The Devil MA
2:25am The Mother MA
4:15am The Joneses M
5:50am She's All That M
5:50am She's All That M
7:30am Please Give M
9:05am Emma G
11:10am Moonrise Kingdom PG
12:45pm Charlotte Gray M
2:50pm Somersault MA
4:40pm The Sapphires PG
6:30pm Mental MA
8:30pm Birthday Girl M
10:10pm The Delinquents M