8:30pm About Time M
10:40pm Starter For 10 M
12:20am The Truth About Love MA
1:55am Wishful Thinking M
3:25am Upside Down M
5:10am Anna Karenina (1997) M
7:05am How To Make An American Quilt PG
9:10am Tiny Furniture MA
10:55am Intolerable Cruelty M
12:40pm High Fidelity M
2:35pm Dreamgirls M
4:50pm Thelma & Louise M
7:00pm Conversations With Other Women M
8:30pm Reality Bites M
10:15pm Undiscovered PG
11:55pm On The Road MA
2:15am The Ramen Girl M
4:00am Sylvia M
5:55am My Tutor MA
7:40am Dan In Real Life PG
9:20am Undiscovered PG
11:05am Reality Bites M
12:45pm Save The Last Dance M
2:40pm Trust The Man M
4:25pm Cheri M
6:00pm Far and Away M
8:30pm The Host M
10:40pm Happy Endings M
12:55am The Last Kiss MA
2:40am How To Steal A Million G
4:45am 8 Femmes M
6:40am Promised Land M
8:30am The Horse Whisperer M
11:20am Beaches PG
1:25pm No Reservations PG
3:15pm Anna Karenina (1997) M
5:15pm Death Defying Acts PG
6:55pm Straight A's MA
8:30pm Remember Me M
10:25pm Happy-Go-Lucky M
12:25am A Home At The End Of The World MA
2:00am The American President M
3:55am What Women Want PG
6:10am On The Road MA
8:30am Addicted To Love PG
10:15am Straight A's MA
11:50am Bran Nue Dae PG
1:20pm Birthday Girl M
2:55pm Pretty In Pink M
4:35pm Serendipity PG
6:10pm Sense And Sensibility G
8:30pm 10 Years M
10:15pm Lars And The Real Girl PG
12:00am How To Deal M
1:40am Dirty Girl MA
3:10am Shrink MA
5:00am The Bridges Of Madison County M
7:15am Never Been Kissed PG
9:05am The Wedding Planner M
10:55am A Good Year M
12:55pm 40 Days And 40 Nights M
2:35pm Casanova M
4:30pm Jerry Maguire M
6:50pm Kissing Jessica Stein M
8:30pm John Tucker Must Die PG
10:00pm Elizabeth MA
12:05am Catch And Release M
1:55am Remember Me M
3:45am The Words M
5:25am Mermaids PG
7:20am Chasing Liberty PG
9:15am The Great Gatsby M
11:40am One Fine Day PG
1:30pm 10 Years M
3:15pm John Tucker Must Die PG
4:50pm How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days PG
6:50pm Next Stop Wonderland M
8:30pm Cheri M
10:05pm Safe Haven M