8:30pm Elizabeth MA
10:35pm Sense And Sensibility G
12:50am Transamerica MA
2:35am Havana M
4:55am Mansfield Park M
6:50am Little Miss Sunshine M
8:35am The Hoax M
10:35am Marie Antoinette PG
12:40pm Liberal Arts PG
2:20pm The Anniversary Party MA
4:20pm Prime M
6:10pm The Bridges Of Madison County M
8:30pm Evening M
10:30pm Elizabethtown M
12:35am A Good Year M
2:30am Stepmom M
4:35am Serendipity PG
6:10am Running With Scissors MA
8:15am P.S. M
10:00am Bran Nue Dae PG
11:30am 40 Days And 40 Nights M
1:10pm The First Wives Club PG
2:55pm Easy Virtue M
4:35pm Never Been Kissed PG
6:25pm The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 M
8:30pm Chasing Liberty PG
10:25pm Next Stop Wonderland M
12:00am Beasts Of The Southern Wild M
1:35am Birthday Girl M
3:10am Rabbit Hole M
4:40am How To Deal M
6:25am Twelve And Holding MA
8:05am Guinevere M
9:55am Ride With The Devil MA
12:15pm Mansfield Park M
2:10pm The Apostle PG
4:25pm Million Dollar Baby M
6:40pm Little Miss Sunshine M
8:30pm Blue Jasmine M
10:15pm Snow Angels MA
12:05am Beyond Borders MA
3:10am Les Misérables M
5:45am Woman Wanted M
7:40am Moulin Rouge! M
9:55am Transamerica MA
11:45am Scent Of A Woman M
2:25pm Elizabeth MA
4:30pm Sense And Sensibility G
6:50pm Beasts Of The Southern Wild M
8:30pm Silver Linings Playbook M
10:35pm 10 Years M
12:15am Failure To Launch M
1:50am Mozart and The Whale M
3:25am Crooked Arrows PG
5:10am Riding In Cars With Boys M
7:25am Pretty In Pink M
9:05am Failure To Launch M
10:45am American Dreamz M
12:35pm Silver Linings Playbook M
2:40pm A Good Year M
4:40pm One Fine Day PG
6:35pm Great Expectations M
8:30pm Jerry Maguire M
10:50pm Dogville MA
1:45am Smoke Signals PG
3:15am While You Were Sleeping PG
5:00am Easy Virtue M
6:40am The Anniversary Party MA
8:40am Serendipity PG
10:15am Birthday Girl M
11:55am Rabbit Hole M
1:30pm How To Deal M
3:15pm Elizabethtown M
5:20pm Bran Nue Dae PG
6:50pm Kissing Jessica Stein M
8:30pm Million Dollar Baby M
10:45pm The Hoax M