1:30pm Committed M
3:10pm Easy Virtue M
4:50pm Last Chance Harvey PG
6:25pm Dangerous Liaisons M
8:30pm Legends Of The Fall M
10:45pm Scent Of A Woman M
1:20am We Are Marshall PG
3:30am When A Man Loves A Woman M
5:35am Reality Bites M
7:15am The Last Kiss MA
9:05am Casanova M
11:00am The Wedding Party MA
12:40pm Dangerous Liaisons M
2:40pm The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 M
4:40pm Four Weddings And A Funeral M
6:40pm Shall We Dance? M
8:30pm The Other Woman M
10:25pm Up Close & Personal M
12:30am Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! PG
2:05am My Summer Of Love MA
3:30am Committed M
5:05am Wishful Thinking M
6:35am Admission M
8:30am Alfie M
10:20am Captain Corelli's Mandolin MA
12:30pm Dave PG
2:20pm Diana M
4:15pm Thelma & Louise M
6:30pm Steel Magnolias M
8:30pm Legally Blonde PG
10:10pm Nine Months M
12:00am Death Defying Acts PG
1:40am Woman Wanted M
2:30am Get Over It M
3:55am Little City M
5:25am Tadpole MA
6:50am 10 Years M
8:35am Desperately Seeking Susan M
10:20am Steel Magnolias M
12:20pm America's Sweethearts M
2:05pm What Women Want PG
4:15pm View From The Top PG
5:45pm Almost Famous M
8:30pm Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde PG
10:10pm Serendipity PG
11:45pm Easy Virtue M
1:20am One Fine Day PG
3:10am Miss Potter G
4:40am Inventing The Abbotts M
6:30am Last Holiday PG
8:25am She's Out of My League MA
10:15am Footloose M
12:05pm Laws Of Attraction PG
1:35pm Legally Blonde PG
3:15pm Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde PG
4:55pm Nine Months M
6:40pm The Wedding Planner M
8:30pm Suddenly 30 PG
10:15pm Catch And Release M
12:05am Surviving Picasso M
2:10am Wishful Thinking M
3:40am Conversations With Other Women M
5:05am Worth Winning M
6:50am Kissing Jessica Stein M
8:30am The Third Wheel PG
10:00am Mannequin PG
11:35am For Better Or For Worse PG
1:05pm Suddenly 30 PG
2:45pm Peaceful Warrior PG
4:50pm To The Wonder M
6:45pm Benny & Joon PG
8:30pm Return To Me M
10:30pm Love Is All You Need M
12:25am Frankie and Johnny M
2:20am Save The Last Dance M
4:15am Bitter Moon MA
6:35am Alfie M
8:25am We Are Marshall PG
10:40am Stranded In Paradise PG
12:15pm Return To Me M
2:15pm Great Expectations M
4:10pm Legends Of The Fall M
6:25pm The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 M
8:30pm No Reservations PG
10:20pm A Good Year M