5:00pm Mozart and The Whale M
6:40pm The Wedding Planner M
8:30pm Failure To Launch M
10:10pm Ride With The Devil MA
12:25am The Truth About Love MA
2:00am Carried Away MA
3:50am Mary And Martha PG
5:25am The Ramen Girl M
7:10am Motherhood MA
8:45am Frankie and Johnny M
10:45am Never Been Kissed PG
12:35pm Don't Come Knocking M
2:30pm Ceremony M
4:05pm Running With Scissors MA
6:10pm Sense And Sensibility G
8:30pm She's All That M
10:10pm Bran Nue Dae PG
11:40pm Regarding Henry M
1:30am Unhook The Stars M
3:15am The World's Fastest Indian PG
5:20am Footloose M
7:20am Dirty Girl MA
8:55am From Prada to Nada PG
10:45am Prime M
12:35pm Easy Virtue M
2:15pm Far and Away M
4:40pm A Good Year M
6:40pm Guinevere M
8:30pm About Time M
10:35pm Laws Of Attraction PG
12:05am An Awfully Big Adventure MA
1:55am Six Degrees Of Separation M
3:45am Marie Antoinette PG
5:45am The Wedding Planner M
7:35am The First Wives Club PG
9:20am The Joneses M
11:00am Two Lovers M
12:55pm Mansfield Park M
2:50pm The Piano M
4:55pm Transamerica MA
6:45pm Hitchcock M
8:30pm Girl with a Pearl Earring PG
10:15pm A Good Woman PG
11:50pm The Words M
1:35am Serendipity PG
3:05am 40 Days And 40 Nights M
4:40am The Delinquents M
6:30am Havana M
8:55am The Breakfast Club M
10:35am The White Countess M
12:55pm She's All That M
2:35pm Stepmom M
4:40pm Catch And Release M
6:35pm Snow Angels MA
8:30pm Where The Money Is PG
10:05pm Footloose M
11:55pm Surviving Picasso M
2:00am Dirty Girl MA
3:30am Invisible Circus M
5:05am Smoke Signals PG
6:35am Elizabeth MA
8:40am Guinevere M
10:30am Green Dragon M
12:25pm Cracks M
2:10pm The Apostle PG
4:25pm Marie Antoinette PG
6:30pm The Impossible M
8:30pm The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 M
10:30pm Jerry Maguire M
12:45am Carried Away MA
2:35am An Unfinished Life M
4:25am The Last Kiss MA
6:10am Hitchcock M
7:55am Moulin Rouge! M
10:05am The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 M
12:10pm Mozart and The Whale M
1:50pm From Prada to Nada PG
3:40pm Havana M
6:05pm Far and Away M
8:30pm Sense And Sensibility G
10:50pm Never Been Kissed PG