8:30pm Almost Famous M
11:10pm The Devil Wears Prada PG
1:00am Freedom Writers M
3:00am The Anniversary Party MA
4:55am Laurel Canyon MA
6:40am Jack & Sarah M
8:35am Tiny Furniture MA
10:20am Please Give M
11:55am From Prada to Nada PG
1:45pm Havana M
4:10pm Les Misérables M
6:50pm 2 Days In New York MA
8:30pm Kundun PG
10:45pm Music And Lyrics PG
12:30am Alfie M
2:15am Around The Bend M
3:40am Smart People M
5:15am A Home At The End Of The World MA
6:55am Mermaids PG
8:45am One True Thing M
10:55am Ondine M
12:40pm My One And Only M
2:30pm The American President M
4:25pm The Mother MA
6:20pm How To Steal A Million G
8:30pm Bobby M
10:30pm Grace Is Gone M
12:00am French Kiss M
1:50am People Like Us M
3:45am The Walker M
5:30am Sylvia M
7:25am Winter Passing MA
9:10am Far and Away M
11:30am Celeste & Jesse Forever MA
1:05pm Ladies In Lavender M
2:50pm Freedom Writers M
4:55pm Where The Money Is PG
6:30pm The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 M
8:30pm Dreamgirls M
10:45pm The Magdalene Sisters MA
12:45am Chinese Box M
2:25am Cake M
4:00am Holy Smoke MA
5:55am Evelyn PG
7:35am The Last Kiss MA
9:20am The Anniversary Party MA
11:20am Smart People M
1:00pm Laurel Canyon MA
2:45pm Music And Lyrics PG
4:35pm Frankie and Johnny M
6:35pm Footloose M
8:30pm Chasing Liberty PG
10:25pm Mermaids PG
12:15am The Sleeping Dictionary M
2:05am An Unfinished Life M
3:50am Separation City MA
5:35am Bella PG
7:10am P.S. I Love You M
9:20am The Ice Storm M
11:15am Titanic M
2:30pm Quartet M
4:15pm The Bridges Of Madison County M
6:35pm One Fine Day PG
8:30pm Diana M
10:25pm A Good Woman PG
12:00am Somebody To Love M
1:40am Gandhi PG
4:45am Georgia Rule M
6:40am One Fine Day PG
8:35am The Mother MA
10:30am The Devil Wears Prada PG
12:20pm Lars And The Real Girl PG
2:10pm 2 Days In New York MA
3:50pm Almost Famous M
6:35pm Resurrecting The Champ M
8:30pm Million Dollar Baby M
10:45pm Tiny Furniture MA