3:40am Far and Away M
6:00am Anna Karenina M
7:50am Alfie M
9:40am The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill G
11:20am While You Were Sleeping PG
1:05pm Mannequin PG
2:40pm Addicted To Love PG
4:25pm Liberal Arts PG
6:05pm The Great Gatsby M
8:30pm Four Weddings And A Funeral M
10:30pm The Last Kiss MA
12:15am Mozart and The Whale M
1:50am Spanish Fly MA
3:30am Trust The Man M
5:10am How Stella Got Her Groove Back M
7:15am The Horse Whisperer M
10:05am Lucky You PG
12:15pm Music And Lyrics PG
2:00pm She's All That M
3:40pm Enough Said M
5:15pm Titanic M
8:30pm View From The Top PG
10:05pm Save The Last Dance M
12:00am Chasing Liberty PG
1:50am Ceremony M
3:20am My Summer Of Love MA
4:50am A Good Year M
6:50am Definitely, Maybe PG
8:45am Love, Wedding, Marriage PG
10:15am Beaches PG
12:20pm View From The Top PG
1:50pm Becoming Jane PG
3:55pm Riding In Cars With Boys M
6:10pm Jerry Maguire M
8:30pm Diana M
10:25pm Pride & Prejudice G
12:35am Romeo + Juliet M
2:35am The Great Gatsby M
5:00am A Good Woman PG
6:40am Starter For 10 M
8:20am Spanish Fly MA
10:00am Stuck In Love MA
11:40am Diana M
1:35pm My Tutor MA
3:20pm Undiscovered PG
5:00pm All In Good Time M
6:40pm Bounce M
8:30pm The Devil Wears Prada PG
10:20pm About Time M
12:20am Kate & Leopold PG
2:20am Laurel Canyon MA
4:00am The American President M
5:50am Sense And Sensibility G
8:10am Chasing Liberty PG
10:05am Sunlight Jr. MA
11:45am From Prada to Nada PG
1:35pm The First Wives Club PG
3:20pm The Importance Of Being Earnest G
5:00pm Trust The Man M
6:45pm Intolerable Cruelty M
8:30pm Music And Lyrics PG
10:20pm While You Were Sleeping PG
12:05am Anna Karenina M
1:50am Beautiful Girls M
3:45am Love Story PG
5:30am Save The Last Dance M
7:25am The Duchess M
9:20am Elizabethtown M
11:25am Full Frontal MA
1:10pm Happy Endings M
3:25pm Dogfight M
5:00pm A Home At The End Of The World MA
6:40pm Desperately Seeking Susan M
8:30pm Failure To Launch M
10:10pm The Wedding Planner M
11:55pm Far and Away M
2:15am My Tutor MA
3:55am Serendipity PG
5:30am Liberal Arts PG
7:10am The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill G
8:50am Addicted To Love PG
10:35am The Four Feathers MA
12:50pm Desperately Seeking Susan M
2:35pm Alfie M
4:25pm An Officer And A Gentleman M
6:30pm A Good Year M
8:30pm To The Wonder M
10:25pm Beaches PG