10:05am Coco Avant Chanel PG
12:00pm Bill Cunningham New York PG
1:30pm Hyde Park On Hudson M
3:05pm The Squid And The Whale MA
4:30pm The Hudsucker Proxy PG
6:25pm Snow Falling On Cedars M
8:35pm Noise MA
10:25pm Being John Malkovich MA
12:20am Storytelling MA
1:55am Get The Gringo MA
3:35am The Truman Show PG
5:20am Syriana MA
7:30am Tea With Mussolini PG
9:30am The Departed MA
12:00pm You Can Count On Me M
1:55pm Notes On A Scandal MA
3:30pm Frances Ha MA
5:00pm Farewell, My Queen M
6:45pm Leaves Of Grass MA
8:35pm Lagerfeld Confidential PG
10:15pm Moonstruck PG
12:00am Braveheart MA
3:00am Downfall MA
5:40am The Last King Of Scotland MA
7:45am Bulworth MA
9:35am Letters from Iwo Jima MA
12:00pm Snow Falling On Cedars M
2:10pm The Fifth Estate M
4:20pm Accidental Tourist PG
6:25pm Midnight Express MA
8:30pm About Time M
10:35pm Mademoiselle C M
12:15am Safe MA
1:55am Uncharted Waters M
3:25am Changing Lanes M
5:05am The Affair Of The Necklace M
7:05am Blackfish M
8:30am Before Midnight MA
10:25am Planet Ocean G
12:00pm Don Jon MA
1:35pm Stranger Than Fiction M
3:30pm The September Issue PG
5:10pm Bill Cunningham New York PG
6:40pm Diana M
8:35pm Letters from Iwo Jima MA
11:00pm jOBS M
1:10am The French Lieutenant's Woman M
3:20am Generation Iron M
5:10am Coco Avant Chanel PG
7:05am Red Obsession PG
8:30am Hyde Park On Hudson M
10:10am Light Sleeper M
12:00pm Ghost Dog M
2:00pm Romeo + Juliet M
4:00pm The Phantom Of The Opera PG
6:25pm Rust And Bone MA
8:30pm Lost in Translation PG
10:20pm State And Main M
12:10am Frances Ha MA
1:45am Blackfish M
3:15am 24 Hour Party People MA
5:20am Philadelphia PG
7:30am Braveheart MA
10:30am Lagerfeld Confidential PG
12:05pm Farewell, My Queen M
1:50pm Little Children MA
4:10pm You Can Count On Me M
6:05pm Vanity Fair PG
8:30pm Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
10:35pm Notes On A Scandal MA
12:10am Hyde Park On Hudson M
1:50am TT: Closer To The Edge M
3:40am Red Obsession PG
5:00am Storytelling MA
6:35am Changing Lanes M
8:15am Being John Malkovich MA
10:10am Leaves Of Grass MA
12:00pm Blackfish M
1:25pm Frances Ha MA
2:55pm M. Butterfly M
4:40pm The Fifth Estate M
6:50pm The Truman Show PG
8:35pm Blue Jasmine M
10:20pm Light Sleeper M