3:55pm Ragtime PG
6:30pm Not Without My Daughter PG
8:30pm All This Mayhem MA
10:20pm Son Of God M
12:40am The Lunchbox PG
2:30am Little Children MA
4:50am The Last King Of Scotland MA
7:00am Coco Avant Chanel PG
8:55am Dances With Wolves M
12:00pm Healing M
2:05pm Pleasantville M
4:15pm Salinger M
6:25pm Romeo & Juliet M
8:30pm The Shadow PG
10:20pm Tim Winton's The Turning MA
1:20am Syriana MA
3:30am Ragtime PG
6:05am The Illusionist M
8:00am Her MA
10:10am Emperor's Club PG
12:00pm All This Mayhem MA
1:50pm River Queen MA
3:50pm Son Of God M
6:10pm Gosford Park M
8:30pm Angela's Ashes M
11:05pm Leaves Of Grass MA
12:55am Saving Mr. Banks PG
3:05am Coco Avant Chanel PG
5:05am The English Patient M
7:50am Syriana MA
10:00am The Affair Of The Necklace M
12:00pm The Darjeeling Limited M
1:40pm Bottle Rocket M
3:15pm The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou M
5:15pm Hyde Park On Hudson M
6:55pm God's Pocket MA
8:30pm For the Boys M
11:00pm Fargo MA
12:40am The Truman Show PG
2:25am The Affair Of The Necklace M
4:25am Under The Skin MA
6:15am Generation Iron M
8:05am The People vs. Larry Flynt MA
10:20am The Truman Show PG
12:05pm Like Water For Chocolate M
1:55pm My Favorite Season MA
4:05pm Mulholland Drive MA
6:35pm All This Mayhem MA
8:30pm Chicago M
10:30pm Brassed Off M
12:15am The People vs. Larry Flynt MA
2:25am Away From Her M
4:20am Klute M
6:20am Shine M
8:10am What's Love Got To Do With It MA
10:10am All Is Lost M
12:00pm Tim Winton's The Turning MA
3:05pm Little Voice M
4:45pm Solitary Man M
6:20pm Pleasantville M
8:30pm The Lunchbox PG
10:20pm Sunlight Jr. MA
12:00am Only Lovers Left Alive M
2:05am King Of California M
3:45am Havana M
6:15am In The House MA
8:05am Green Dragon M
10:05am Dallas Buyers Club MA
12:05pm Angela's Ashes M
2:35pm Not Without My Daughter PG
4:35pm Leaves Of Grass MA
6:25pm Words And Pictures M
8:30pm M. Butterfly M
10:15pm Network M