4:35am The Summit M
6:20am Body Heat MA
8:15am Freedom Writers M
10:20am Australian Rules M
12:00pm Mulholland Drive MA
2:30pm Locke MA
4:00pm The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button M
6:45pm The Human Stain MA
8:35pm Healing M
10:40pm Letters from Iwo Jima MA
1:05am Freedom Writers M
3:10am Bill Cunningham New York PG
4:40am Satellite Boy PG
6:10am The Hoax M
8:10am The Butcher Boy MA
10:00am 21 Grams MA
12:05pm Notes On A Scandal MA
1:40pm Still Life M
3:20pm Saving Private Ryan MA
6:10pm Master And Commander M
8:30pm The Double M
10:10pm The Babadook M
11:50pm The Apostle PG
2:05am Green Dragon M
4:00am Rain Man M
6:15am Being John Malkovich MA
8:10am Blue Jasmine M
9:50am Her MA
12:00pm Healing M
2:05pm Philomena M
3:45pm Charlie Wilson's War M
5:30pm Dances With Wolves M
8:30pm The Darjeeling Limited M
10:10pm Bottle Rocket M
11:45pm The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou M
1:45am Syriana MA
3:55am Red Obsession PG
5:15am The Majestic PG
7:50am The People vs. Larry Flynt MA
10:00am Chinese Puzzle M
12:00pm Close Encounters Of The Third Kind PG
2:20pm Hamburger Hill MA
4:10pm Son Of God M
6:30pm Nebraska M
8:30pm Little Voice M
10:10pm Rushmore M
11:50pm Coco Avant Chanel PG
1:45am Salinger M
3:55am Little Children MA
6:15am TT: Closer To The Edge M
8:00am Around The Bend M
9:30am The Affair Of The Necklace M
11:30am Juno M
1:10pm The Darjeeling Limited M
2:50pm Bottle Rocket M
4:25pm The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou M
6:25pm Healing M
8:30pm Priceless M
10:20pm The Shadow PG
12:10am Girl with a Pearl Earring PG
1:55am Generation Iron M
3:45am The Illusionist M
5:35am The Truman Show PG
7:20am The English Patient M
10:00am The Last King Of Scotland MA
12:05pm The Babadook M
1:45pm Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom M
4:10pm The Human Stain MA
6:00pm Memoirs Of A Geisha M
8:30pm Chinese Puzzle M
10:35pm Under The Skin MA
12:25am Emperor's Club PG
2:20am TT: Closer To The Edge M
4:05am Around The Bend M
5:35am Away From Her M
7:30am Syriana MA
9:40am Gosford Park M
12:00pm Little Voice M
1:40pm Frances Ha MA
3:10pm The Illusionist M
5:00pm The Shadow PG
6:50pm Still Life M
8:30pm Son Of God M
10:50pm Ragtime PG