1:20am Curse Of The Golden Flower M
3:15am Goodbye Bafana M
5:20am Letters from Iwo Jima MA
7:45am W. M
10:00am Looking for Eric MA
12:00pm The Bucket List M
1:45pm 100-Yr-Old Man Who Climbed Out A Window M
3:45pm Lovelace MA
5:20pm Locke MA
6:50pm Lions For Lambs M
8:30pm Jersey Boys M
10:50pm The Shadow PG
12:40am The Beaver M
2:15am M. Butterfly M
4:00am Inside Llewyn Davis M
5:45am Master And Commander M
8:05am Marie Antoinette PG
10:10am Night Train To Lisbon M
12:05pm Gosford Park M
2:25pm Quiz Show M
4:40pm Words And Pictures M
6:40pm The Young And Prodigious T.S. Spivet M
8:30pm Angela's Ashes M
11:00pm Still Life M
12:35am The Thin Red Line M
3:30am Flags Of Our Fathers MA
5:45am Tim Winton's The Turning MA
8:45am Only God Forgives MA
10:20am Proof M
12:05pm The Wings Of The Dove M
1:50pm The Broken Circle Breakdown MA
3:50pm Adaptation MA
5:50pm Topsy-Turvy M
8:30pm Margaret Pomeranz Presents: Whiplash MA
8:35pm Whiplash MA
10:25pm August: Osage County MA
12:30am Words And Pictures M
2:30am Network M
4:40am Hyde Park On Hudson M
6:20am What's Love Got To Do With It MA
8:20am Solitary Man M
9:55am Force Majeure M
12:00pm Cedar Boys MA
1:50pm The Shawshank Redemption MA
4:15pm Still Life M
5:50pm The English Patient M
8:35pm Yves Saint Laurent M
10:25pm Proof M
12:10am Hannah Arendt PG
2:05am Cedar Boys MA
3:55am Saving Mr. Banks PG
6:00am Ragtime PG
8:35am Inside Llewyn Davis M
10:25am Lovelace MA
12:00pm Margaret Pomeranz Presents: Whiplash MA
12:05pm Whiplash MA
1:55pm Dances With Wolves M
4:55pm Only God Forgives MA
6:30pm Romeo & Juliet M
8:35pm Graeme Blundell Presents: Nicholas Nickleby M
8:40pm Nicholas Nickleby M
10:55pm CBGB MA
12:40am Lost in Translation PG
2:25am Cactus M
3:55am Frances Ha MA
5:25am Juno M
7:05am Rain Man M
9:20am Topsy-Turvy M
12:00pm In The Name Of The Father M
2:15pm The Thin Red Line M
5:05pm Yves Saint Laurent M
6:55pm Little Voice M
8:35pm The Grand Budapest Hotel M
10:20pm Arizona Dream M