12:50am Schindler's List M
4:05am Safe MA
5:45am Munich MA
8:30am Trance MA
10:20am Get The Gringo MA
12:00pm A Few Good Men M
2:20pm Before Midnight MA
4:15pm How To Steal A Million G
6:25pm Network M
8:30pm A Beautiful Mind M
10:50pm Coriolanus M
1:00am The Intouchables M
2:55am Big Fish PG
5:00am Blood Simple MA
6:39am Killing Them Softly MA
8:17am Zulu PG
10:35am Sunlight Jr. MA
12:15pm Leaving Las Vegas MA
2:10pm The Best Offer M
4:30pm The Truman Show PG
6:20pm The French Lieutenant's Woman M
8:30pm Solitary Man M
10:05pm Red Dragon MA
12:10am Bottle Shock M
2:05am Carnal Knowledge MA
3:45am Stage Beauty M
5:40am Iceman PG
7:25am Jindabyne M
9:30am Lincoln M
12:00pm Schindler's List M
3:20pm Catch Me If You Can M
5:40pm Saving Private Ryan MA
8:30pm The Normal Heart MA
10:50pm Zulu PG
1:15am Coco Avant Chanel PG
3:10am Chaplin M
5:40am The Intouchables M
7:35am Big Fish PG
9:45am The Normal Heart MA
12:00pm Stoker MA
1:45pm Red Dragon MA
3:55pm A Beautiful Mind M
6:15pm The Normal Heart MA
8:30pm American Beauty MA
10:35pm The Hunt MA
12:35am Days Of Heaven PG
2:10am Jindabyne M
4:15am Darkman M
5:55am The Girlfriend Experience M
7:15am Coco Avant Chanel PG
9:05am Braveheart MA
12:05pm Bulworth MA
2:00pm The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo MA
5:05pm Solitary Man M
6:40pm The Truman Show PG
8:30pm Planet Ocean G
10:10pm Chariots of Fire G
12:15am Leaving Las Vegas MA
2:10am The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo MA
5:10am The Other Dream Team M
6:40am Performance M
8:30am Carnal Knowledge MA
10:10am Stage Beauty M
12:05pm Standing In The Shadows Of Motown G
1:55pm Rambling Rose M
3:55pm The Best Offer M
6:10pm Mountains Of The Moon PG
8:30pm Bulworth MA
10:25pm The Normal Heart MA
12:40am The Girlfriend Experience M
2:00am The Girl Who Played With Fire MA
5:05am Hedwig and the Angry Inch MA
6:40am The Way Way Back M
8:30am O Brother, Where Art Thou? M
10:25am My Beautiful Laundrette M
12:05pm The Normal Heart MA
2:20pm Solitary Man M
3:55pm Braveheart MA
6:55pm Sunlight Jr. MA
8:35pm The Normal Heart MA
10:50pm Before Midnight MA