10:15am M. Butterfly M
12:00pm In The Bedroom MA
2:15pm Ragtime PG
4:55pm Cedar Boys MA
6:45pm Wadjda PG
8:30pm Gosford Park M
10:55pm Cactus M
12:30am A Hard Day's Night M
2:05am Smoke Signals PG
3:40am First Position G
5:20am Accidental Tourist PG
7:25am Gandhi PG
10:35am Mistaken For Strangers M
12:00pm Havana M
2:30pm Running With Scissors MA
4:35pm The Book Thief PG
6:50pm Hunger MA
8:30pm The Grand Budapest Hotel M
10:15pm The Armstrong Lie M
12:20am Tiny Furniture MA
2:05am Storm Surfers PG
3:45am Kokoda M
5:25am Uncharted Waters M
7:00am Saving Private Ryan MA
9:50am Snow Falling On Cedars M
12:00pm The Double M
1:40pm Gosford Park M
4:00pm The Best Offer M
6:15pm Mud M
8:30pm Awakenings M
10:35pm The Firm M
1:10am The Gilded Cage M
2:45am M. Butterfly M
4:30am Storytelling MA
6:00am 21 Grams MA
8:05am Philadelphia PG
10:10am Somersault MA
12:00pm Hunger MA
1:40pm First Position G
3:20pm In The Bedroom MA
5:30pm Dances With Wolves M
8:35pm Locke MA
10:05pm August: Osage County MA
12:10am Being John Malkovich MA
2:05am The Hoax M
4:05am Rust And Bone MA
6:10am The Apostle PG
8:25am Body Heat MA
10:25am Solitary Man M
12:00pm The Thin Red Line M
2:55pm Romeo And Juliet M
5:00pm The Way Way Back M
6:50pm The Last Impresario M
8:30pm Cedar Boys MA
10:20pm Wadjda PG
12:05am The Summit M
1:50am The Armstrong Lie M
3:55am Freedom Writers M
6:00am Salinger M
8:10am Australian Rules M
9:50am Dreamgirls M
12:00pm Locke MA
1:30pm The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button M
4:15pm River Queen MA
6:15pm The Butler M
8:30pm Son Of God M
10:55pm 12 Years A Slave MA
1:15am 21 Grams MA
3:20am Saving Private Ryan MA
6:10am The Summit M
8:00am The Way Way Back M
9:50am Mud M
12:00pm Ragtime PG
2:35pm The Grand Budapest Hotel M
4:20pm August: Osage County MA
6:20pm Dreamgirls M
8:35pm Close Encounters Of The Third Kind PG
10:55pm In The Bedroom MA