4:40pm King Of California M
6:20pm The Armstrong Lie M
8:30pm Rain Man M
10:50pm A Month By the Lake PG
12:30am Steel Magnolias M
2:30am Born On The Fourth Of July M
5:00am Gosford Park M
7:20am The Hudsucker Proxy PG
9:15am Schindler's List M
12:30pm 21 Grams MA
2:40pm What Dreams May Come M
4:40pm What's Love Got To Do With It MA
6:40pm The Summit M
8:30pm God's Pocket MA
10:10pm Away From Her M
12:05am Laurel Canyon MA
1:55am Hedwig and the Angry Inch MA
3:35am Drugstore Cowboy M
5:20am Stories We Tell M
7:10am Ray M
9:50am Red Dragon MA
12:00pm A Month By the Lake PG
1:35pm Towelhead MA
3:30pm Bill Cunningham New York PG
4:55pm Midnight Express MA
6:55pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show M
8:35pm The Place Beyond The Pines MA
11:00pm Looking for Eric MA
1:00am Capote M
2:55am A.I. Artificial Intelligence M
5:20am Mr. Pip M
7:15am American Beauty MA
9:20am The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button M
12:05pm 8 Femmes M
2:00pm God's Pocket MA
3:35pm A.I. Artificial Intelligence M
6:05pm Gosford Park M
8:30pm Ripley's Game MA
10:25pm The Wrestler MA
12:20am And When Did You Last See Your Father? M
1:55am The Hudsucker Proxy PG
3:50am The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers M
6:00am The Hunt MA
8:00am Marie Antoinette PG
10:05am Capote M
12:00pm The Man Without A Face M
2:05pm Inside Llewyn Davis M
3:55pm Rain Man M
6:15pm The Book Thief PG
8:30pm The Butler M
10:45pm Blue Jasmine M
12:25am Swimming Pool MA
2:10am Network M
4:10am Vanity Fair PG
6:30am A.I. Artificial Intelligence M
9:00am The Hudsucker Proxy PG
10:55am Catch Me If You Can M
1:15pm Being John Malkovich MA
3:10pm O Brother, Where Art Thou? M
5:00pm The Way Way Back M
6:50pm Piccadilly Jim PG
8:30pm Forrest Gump M
10:55pm The Truman Show PG
12:40am Mr. Pip M
2:35am Performance M
4:25am Kon-Tiki M
6:20am Citizen Ruth MA
8:10am The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers M
10:20am Blue Jasmine M
12:00pm Gosford Park M
2:20pm House Of Flying Daggers M
4:25pm Looking for Eric MA
6:25pm The French Lieutenant's Woman M
8:30pm Layer Cake MA
10:25pm Inside Llewyn Davis M