4:10pm The Magdalene Sisters MA
6:10pm In The Name Of The Father M
8:30pm Goodbye Bafana M
10:35pm The Impossible M
12:30am Seven Psychopaths MA
2:20am State And Main M
4:10am Only God Forgives MA
5:45am Don Jon MA
7:20am Diana M
9:15am Farewell, My Queen M
10:55am 20 Feet From Stardom M
12:30pm The Boys Are Back M
2:20pm Behind The Candelabra M
4:25pm Memento MA
6:20pm The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers M
8:30pm In The House MA
10:20pm Greetings From Tim Buckley M
12:10am Planet Ocean G
1:45am The Fifth Estate M
3:55am The Majestic PG
6:30am Bra Boys M
8:00am The Magdalene Sisters MA
10:00am Klute M
12:00pm Mistaken For Strangers M
1:20pm Blue Jasmine M
3:00pm Stranger Than Fiction M
4:55pm Solitary Man M
6:30pm Ronin M
8:35pm Born On The Fourth Of July M
11:05pm O Brother, Where Art Thou? M
12:55am Leaves Of Grass MA
2:45am M. Butterfly M
4:30am A Beautiful Mind M
6:50am Frances Ha MA
8:20am Seven Psychopaths MA
10:15am Noise MA
12:05pm Salinger M
2:20pm Her MA
4:30pm House Of Flying Daggers M
6:35pm The Paper M
8:30pm Stories We Tell M
10:25pm Behind The Candelabra M
12:25am The Magdalene Sisters MA
2:25am Lost in Translation PG
4:10am Accidental Tourist PG
6:15am Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
8:20am You Can Count On Me M
10:15am State And Main M
12:05pm Memento MA
2:05pm The Impossible M
4:00pm Born On The Fourth Of July M
6:30pm Klute M
8:30pm Blue Jasmine M
10:15pm A Hard Day's Night M
11:50pm Farewell, My Queen M
1:30am You Can Count On Me M
3:25am Red Obsession PG
4:45am Thank You For Smoking M
6:20am M. Butterfly M
8:05am The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers M
10:15am Shine M
12:05pm In The Name Of The Father M
2:20pm The Affair Of The Necklace M
4:20pm Goodbye Bafana M
6:25pm Saving Mr. Banks PG
8:35pm The Boys Are Back M
10:25pm Frances Ha MA
11:55pm Philadelphia PG
2:00am Seven Psychopaths MA
3:50am Bra Boys M
5:25am Paul Kelly: Stories Of Me M
7:10am Mistaken For Strangers M
8:30am Only God Forgives MA
10:05am The Paper M
12:00pm Piccadilly Jim PG
1:40pm In The House MA
3:25pm Bill Cunningham New York PG
4:55pm Short Term 12 M
6:35pm Coco Avant Chanel PG
8:30pm Quiz Show M
10:50pm Mr. Pip M