The Dead Girl MA 2006 | v, l

From acclaimed writer/director Karen Moncrieff comes this quintet of stories where seemingly unrelated people's lives converge, not only by their link to the murder of a young woman, but by the difficult hand life has dealt them.

Toni Collette stars as the woman who finds the body of the dead girl; Piper Laurie is her abusive mother and Giovanni Ribisi stars as Rudy, her way out.

Rose Byrne is a young woman whose life is ruled by the disappearance of her sister and her mother's (Mary Steenburgen) grief.

Mary Beth Hurt stars as a woman who discovers her husband has a connection to the dead girl.

Marcia Gay Harden stars as the dead girl's mother, who tries to find answers as to why her daughter ran away; and Brittany Murphy is a volatile young woman, prone to uncontrollable outbursts of rage who just wants to be a good mother to her little girl.

Support cast includes Josh Brolin, James Franco, Bruce Davison and Kerry Washington.

The Dead Girl