1:55am Byzantium MA
3:55am Captain Phillips M
6:10am The Place Beyond The Pines MA
8:30am Welcome To The Punch MA
10:15am The Look Of Love MA
12:00pm Machete Kills MA
1:50pm Sinister MA
3:45pm The Great Gatsby M
6:10pm American Hustle M
8:30pm Closed Circuit M
10:10pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
12:05am Passion MA
1:50am Scary Movie 5 MA
3:20am Safe Haven M
5:15am Seven Days In Utopia PG
6:55am Empire State MA
8:30am CBGB MA
10:15am After Earth M
12:00pm Closed Circuit M
1:40pm Man Of Tai Chi MA
3:30pm Stuck In Love MA
5:10pm Kick-Ass 2 MA
6:55pm Runner Runner MA
8:30pm Are We Officially Dating? MA
10:10pm Grown Ups 2 PG
11:55pm Now You See Me M
1:50am Stolen M
3:30am Deadly Spa M
5:00am Still Mine PG
6:45am Runner Runner MA
8:20am Rush MA
10:25am Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa M
12:00pm Are We Officially Dating? MA
1:40pm The World's End MA
3:30pm Hell Baby M
5:05pm Last Passenger M
6:45pm Convict MA
8:30pm Homefront MA
10:15pm We're The Millers MA
12:10am Inappropriate Comedy MA
1:35am Metallica Through The Never M
3:10am Death Clique M
4:40am Enough Said M
6:15am American Hustle M
8:35am Convict MA
10:20am Last Passenger M
12:00pm The Big Wedding MA
1:30pm Lovelace MA
3:05pm Pacific Rim M
5:20pm The Spectacular Now M
7:00pm Someone Marry Barry MA
8:30pm White House Down M
10:45pm The Family MA
12:40am The Best Man Holiday M
2:45am The Lone Ranger M
5:15am Welcome To The Punch MA
7:00am The Frozen Ground MA
8:50am Magic Magic MA
10:30am Someone Marry Barry MA
12:00pm Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues M
2:00pm Scary Movie 5 MA
3:30pm Deadly Spa M
5:05pm Backyard Ashes M
6:40pm The Expatriate M
8:30pm Prisoners MA
11:05pm Baggage Claim M
12:45am Ingenious M
2:15am Ghost Team One MA
3:40am The Details MA
5:25am The Wolverine M
7:35am Prisoners MA
10:10am The Expatriate M
12:00pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
2:00pm The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones M
4:15pm Fast & Furious 6 M
6:30pm Escape Plan MA
8:30pm Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa MA
10:15pm Admission M
12:05am The Hungover Games MA
1:35am Hummingbird MA
3:15am Empire State MA
4:50am Paradise PG
6:20am Escape Plan MA
8:20am Homefront MA
10:05am The Family MA
12:00pm Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa MA
1:45pm Stuck In Love MA
3:25pm The Look Of Love MA
5:10pm One Chance PG
6:55pm Date And Switch M
8:30pm Pacific Rim M
10:45pm Dallas Buyers Club MA