1:25am You're Next MA
3:00am The Conjuring MA
4:55am A Haunted House MA
6:25am Mr. Morgan's Last Love M
8:30am Elysium MA
10:20am R.I.P.D. M
12:00pm The Amazing Spider-Man 2 M
2:25pm Adoration MA
4:20pm Mud M
6:30pm Disconnect MA
8:30pm 47 Ronin M
10:30pm Knights Of Badassdom MA
12:05am Killing Season MA
1:40am The Call MA
3:15am Thin Ice M
4:50am Prisoners MA
7:25am Knights Of Badassdom MA
9:00am A.C.O.D. M
10:30am Someone Marry Barry MA
12:00pm Carrie MA
1:45pm In A World... MA
3:20pm Spiders MA
4:55pm Last Passenger M
6:35pm The Conjuring MA
8:30pm Vampire Academy M
10:15pm Warm Bodies M
11:55pm Stranded In Paradise PG
1:25am Elysium MA
3:15am The East M
5:15am 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded M
6:55am Stranded In Paradise PG
8:25am Vampire Academy M
10:10am Bad Country MA
12:00pm Warm Bodies M
1:40pm Mama M
3:25pm Drinking Buddies M
5:00pm Closed Circuit M
6:40pm Insidious: Chapter 2 M
8:30pm Delivery Man M
10:20pm The Internship M
12:20am Paranoia M
2:10am For Better Or For Worse PG
3:40am Fright Night 2 MA
5:20am The Hangover Part III MA
7:00am Homefront MA
8:45am Hammer Of The Gods MA
10:25am Delivery Man M
12:15pm Red 2 M
2:15pm Pacific Rim M
4:30pm Backyard Ashes M
6:05pm Man Of Steel M
8:30pm American Hustle M
10:50pm Escape Plan MA
12:50am Dead In Tombstone MA
2:30am Machete Kills MA
4:20am To The Wonder M
6:15am Escape Plan MA
8:15am Man Of Steel M
10:40am Olympus Has Fallen MA
12:40pm American Hustle M
3:00pm Gravity M
4:35pm World War Z M
6:35pm Thor: The Dark World M
8:30pm The Hunger Games: Catching Fire M
11:00pm Riddick MA
1:00am Family Weekend M
2:50am R.I.P.D. M
4:30am Great Expectations M
6:40am Red 2 M
8:40am Machete Kills MA
10:30am Thor: The Dark World M
12:25pm Riddick MA
2:25pm Pain & Gain MA
4:35pm 2 Guns MA
6:25pm Lone Survivor MA
8:30pm Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones MA
10:15pm Carrie MA
12:00am Someone Marry Barry MA
1:30am Convict MA
3:15am Lizzie Borden Took An Ax MA
4:45am In A World... MA
6:20am 2 Guns MA
8:10am Lone Survivor MA
10:15am Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones MA
12:00pm Mud M
2:15pm Prisoners MA
4:50pm Are We Officially Dating? MA
6:30pm 47 Ronin M
8:30pm Non-Stop M
10:20pm The Railway Man M