3:05pm What We Do In The Shadows M
4:35pm Delivery Man M
6:25pm Guardians Of The Galaxy M
8:30pm The Skeleton Twins M
10:10pm Sex Tape MA
11:50pm Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones MA
1:35am Someone Marry Barry MA
3:05am The Longest Week M
4:35am The Crash Reel M
6:30am Guardians Of The Galaxy M
8:35am Sex Tape MA
10:15am Hateship Loveship M
12:00pm The Skeleton Twins M
1:40pm The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty PG
3:40pm Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit M
5:30pm Edge Of Tomorrow M
7:30pm Transformers: Age Of Extinction M
10:20pm Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa MA
12:05am Deadfall MA
1:40am The Frozen Ground MA
3:25am American Hustle M
5:45am Date And Switch M
7:20am Stand Up Guys MA
9:00am What We Do In The Shadows M
10:30am The Longest Week M
12:00pm Transformers: Age Of Extinction M
2:45pm Labor Day M
4:40pm Ender's Game M
6:35pm Sabotage MA
8:30pm Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie M
10:10pm The Other Woman M
12:05am The Grand Seduction M
2:00am American Hustle M
4:20am Need For Speed M
6:35am Ender's Game M
8:30am Ride Along M
10:15am Homefront MA
12:00pm Blood Ties MA
2:15pm The Trip To Italy M
4:10pm The Hunger Games: Catching Fire M
6:40pm Last Vegas M
8:30pm Fury MA
10:50pm Transcendence M
12:50am They Came Together MA
2:15am Walk Of Shame M
3:55am Out Of The Furnace MA
6:00am Last Vegas M
7:50am Pain & Gain MA
10:00am Transcendence M
12:00pm Fury MA
2:20pm Prisoners MA
4:55pm The Grand Seduction M
6:55pm Sugar Daddies M
8:30pm 22 Jump Street MA
10:25pm Captain America: The Winter Soldier M
12:40am Frank MA
2:20am Detachment MA
4:00am 47 Ronin M
6:00am Prisoners MA
8:35am Sugar Daddies M
10:05am The Other Woman M
12:00pm 22 Jump Street MA
1:55pm Afflicted MA
3:25pm Le Week-End M
5:00pm Behaving Badly MA
6:40pm Wolf Creek 2 MA
8:30pm Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes M
10:45pm Enemy MA
12:20am Bad Words M
1:55am Man Of Steel M
4:20am Adoration MA
6:15am Wolf Creek 2 MA
8:05am Enemy MA
9:40am Captain America: The Winter Soldier M
12:00pm Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes M
2:15pm American Hustle M
4:35pm Escape Plan MA
6:35pm Draft Day M
8:30pm Snowpiercer MA
10:40pm Edge Of Tomorrow M