6:45pm Kick-Ass 2 MA
8:30pm Thor: The Dark World M
10:25pm Lovelace MA
12:00am House Party, Tonight's The Night MA
1:35am Rapture-Palooza MA
3:05am The Wolverine M
5:10am Empire State MA
6:45am Lovelace MA
8:20am Thor: The Dark World M
10:15am Kick-Ass 2 MA
12:00pm Family Weekend M
1:50pm Over/under M
3:25pm Now You See Me M
5:20pm Red Dawn M
6:55pm Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa M
8:30pm Runner Runner MA
10:05pm Ghost Team One MA
11:35pm The Host M
1:40am Playing For Keeps M
3:30am Death Clique M
5:00am Gangster Squad MA
6:55am Seven Days In Utopia PG
8:35am Stuck In Love MA
10:15am Imogene M
12:00pm Ghost Team One MA
1:30pm Hell Baby M
3:05pm Sinister MA
4:55pm Man Of Tai Chi MA
6:45pm After Earth M
8:30pm Thanks For Sharing MA
10:25pm The Hungover Games MA
11:55pm Oblivion M
2:00am Flight MA
4:20am Pain & Gain MA
6:30am Thanks For Sharing MA
8:25am The Hungover Games MA
9:55am Oblivion M
12:00pm The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones M
2:10pm Jack Reacher M
4:20pm White House Down M
6:35pm Jack The Giant Slayer M
8:30pm You're Next MA
10:10pm Kill Your Darlings MA
11:55pm The Guilt Trip M
1:30am Deadly Spa M
3:00am National Lampoon's Dirty Movie MA
4:35am Movie 43 MA
6:10am Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa M
7:45am Deadly Spa M
9:15am Now You See Me M
11:15am You're Next MA
12:55pm Kill Your Darlings MA
2:40pm Disconnect MA
4:40pm House Party, Tonight's The Night MA
6:20pm The Wolverine M
8:30pm A.C.O.D. M
10:05pm We're The Millers MA
12:00am Fast & Furious 6 M
2:15am The Great Gatsby M
4:40am Parker MA
6:40am House Party, Tonight's The Night MA
8:20am We're The Millers MA
10:15am The Look Of Love MA
12:00pm A.C.O.D. M
1:30pm Drinking Buddies M
3:05pm The Big Wedding MA
4:40pm Grown Ups 2 PG
6:25pm The Heat MA
8:30pm Delivery Man M
10:20pm The World's End MA
12:10am Gangster Squad MA
2:05am Beautiful Creatures M
4:10am White House Down M
6:25am Sinister MA
8:20am Grown Ups 2 PG
10:05am The World's End MA
12:00pm Delivery Man M
1:50pm Rapture-Palooza MA
3:20pm Runner Runner MA
4:55pm Side Effects MA
6:45pm Hummingbird MA
8:30pm Paranoia M
10:20pm Now You See Me M