4:45pm Frailty MA
6:30pm Before The Devil Knows You're Dead MA
8:30pm The Ghost Writer MA
10:40pm Blood Creek MA
12:15am The Mothman Prophecies M
2:10am The Good Shepherd M
4:55am Highway MA
6:35am The DaVinci Code M
9:05am Sea Of Love M
11:00am The Insider M
1:40pm The Bay MA
3:10pm Haven MA
4:50pm The Dead Zone M
6:40pm Suicide Kings MA
8:30pm Coriolanus M
10:40pm Breathless MA
12:20am Kalifornia MA
2:20am The Life Of David Gale MA
4:30am Catch A Fire M
6:15am Ginger Snaps MA
8:05am Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed MA
9:45am Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning MA
11:25am The Fourth Kind M
1:10pm Blood MA
2:45pm The Ghost Writer MA
4:55pm The Night Listener M
6:30pm Angel Heart R
8:30pm 8mm MA
10:35pm Shelter MA
12:30am The Black Dahlia MA
2:30am Fay Grim M
4:30am Heaven's Pond M
6:10am Constantine M
8:10am RocknRolla MA
10:10am Instinct M
12:20pm Coriolanus M
2:30pm The Tailor Of Panama MA
4:25pm The Devil's Advocate MA
6:50pm Dead Calm M
8:30pm The Reaping M
10:15pm Cursed M
11:55pm The Good Shepherd M
2:40am Haven MA
4:20am Boogeyman M
5:50am Blood Creek MA
7:25am Evil Angels M
9:30am Chopper MA
11:05am Awake MA
12:35pm Lord Of War MA
2:40pm Friday The 13th MA
4:20pm Out Of Sight M
6:25pm Ocean's Thirteen PG
8:30pm The Untouchables M
10:30pm Hannibal Rising MA
12:35am Basic Instinct 2 MA
2:35am The Insider M
5:15am Look Again M
6:50am The Life Of David Gale MA
9:00am Dark Blue MA
11:00am The Mothman Prophecies M
1:00pm Flightplan M
2:40pm Breathless MA
4:15pm The Reaping M
6:00pm The DaVinci Code M
8:30pm The Prestige M
10:45pm Fracture M
12:40am Enemy At The Gates MA
2:50am Highway MA
4:30am Before The Devil Knows You're Dead MA
6:35am The Ghost Writer MA
8:45am Criminal M
10:15am The Prestige M
12:30pm The Dead Zone M
2:15pm Constantine M
4:20pm Rounders MA
6:25pm Insomnia M
8:30pm The Faculty M
10:20pm After.Life MA