1:20am Dracula 2000 MA
3:00am Dracula II: Ascension MA
4:40am Dracula III: Legacy MA
6:10am Paranormal Activity M
7:40am The East M
9:40am The Hand That Rocks The Cradle M
11:35am Deja Vu M
1:45pm Awake MA
3:15pm 1408 M
5:05pm Last Passenger M
6:45pm Black Widow M
8:30pm Passion MA
10:15pm Heavenly Creatures M
12:00am The Collector MA
1:30am Stoker MA
3:10am Noise MA
5:05am The Invisible M
6:50am Memento MA
8:50am Captain Phillips M
11:05am Black Widow M
12:50pm Passion MA
2:35pm Contagion M
4:25pm The Devil's Advocate MA
6:50pm The Lost Boys M
8:30pm Scream MA
10:25pm Scream 2 MA
12:25am Scream 3 MA
2:20am The Reaping M
4:00am Dying Breed MA
5:30am The Best Offer M
7:40am 28 Weeks Later MA
9:20am Peacock M
10:55am Red Riding Hood M
12:40pm Scream MA
2:35pm Scream 2 MA
4:35pm Scream 3 MA
6:35pm Into The Blue M
8:30pm The Lovely Bones M
10:45pm Suspect Zero MA
12:25am Nightwatch MA
2:05am Blue Steel M
3:45am Runner Runner MA
5:15am The Talented Mr. Ripley M
7:35am Stigmata MA
9:20am Flightplan M
11:00am Revolver MA
12:50pm The Lovely Bones M
3:05pm Sleeping With The Enemy M
4:45pm Insidious: Chapter 2 M
6:35pm Unknown M
8:30pm Angel Eyes MA
10:15pm Wolf Creek 2 MA
12:00am The Crazies MA
1:40am The Ghost Writer MA
3:45am Now You See Me M
5:40am Deja Vu M
7:50am Darkness M
9:35am I Am Legend M
11:20am Psycho M
1:05pm Angel Eyes MA
2:50pm The Number 23 MA
4:35pm Blind Horizon M
6:25pm Ronin M
8:30pm Captain Phillips M
10:45pm The Silence Of The Lambs MA
12:45am The Dead Zone M
2:30am Deadfall MA
4:10am Cube M
5:45am Smilla's Sense Of Snow M
7:50am Pet Sematary M
9:35am Plush MA
11:20am Insomnia M
1:20pm The Invisible M
3:10pm Noise MA
5:00pm The Rite M
6:55pm Runner Runner MA
8:30pm Pulp Fiction MA
11:05pm Jackie Brown MA
1:40am Reservoir Dogs MA
3:20am The Insider M
5:55am The Hand That Rocks The Cradle M
7:50am Deadfall MA
9:30am Blue Steel M
11:15am Dark Skies M
12:55pm Sexy Beast MA
2:30pm The Prestige M
4:40pm Heaven MA
6:20pm The Town MA
8:30pm The Talented Mr. Ripley M
10:50pm The Box M