3:00pm Point Of No Return M
4:40pm The Others M
6:30pm The Box M
8:30pm Red Eye M
10:00pm The Tailor Of Panama MA
11:50pm Scream 4 MA
1:40am Awake MA
3:05am Ripley Under Ground MA
4:45am Ronin M
6:50am A Civil Action M
8:50am Thir13en Ghosts MA
10:25am Noise MA
12:15pm Deadly Spa M
1:45pm Trainspotting MA
3:20pm Stoker MA
5:05pm Blue Steel M
6:50pm Best Laid Plans MA
8:30pm Dead Calm M
10:10pm The Tall Man M
12:00am Skinwalkers MA
1:30am Willard M
3:10am Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning MA
4:40am Lady In The Water PG
6:30am Peacock M
8:05am The Wicker Man M
9:50am The Call MA
11:30am Death Clique M
1:05pm Awake MA
2:35pm The Mothman Prophecies M
4:35pm The Reaping M
6:20pm The Prestige M
8:30pm Nothing But The Truth MA
10:20pm Cleanskin MA
12:05am The Dead Zone M
1:45am Criminal M
3:15am The Devil's Advocate MA
5:35am Dracula 2000 MA
7:15am Dracula II: Ascension MA
8:45am Dracula III: Legacy MA
10:20am Blind Horizon M
12:05pm Nothing But The Truth MA
1:55pm Heaven MA
3:35pm Raising Cain M
5:10pm Curdled MA
6:45pm The Invisible M
8:30pm The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
10:35pm The Bling Ring MA
12:05am Cube M
1:35am Cube 2: Hypercube MA
3:10am Cube Zero MA
4:45am Pi M
6:10am Ginger Snaps MA
8:00am Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed MA
9:35am Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning MA
11:15am Zig Zag MA
1:00pm The Accused MA
2:50pm Switchback M
4:50pm Blood and Wine M
6:35pm The Hand That Rocks The Cradle M
8:30pm House Of Wax MA
10:25pm Carrie MA
12:05am Queen Of The Damned M
1:50am Red Eye M
3:15am Hostel: Part II MA
4:55am Drag Me To Hell MA
6:40am The Black Dahlia MA
8:45am From Hell MA
10:50am A Civil Action M
12:50pm The Tailor Of Panama MA
2:45pm Ronin M
4:50pm House At The End Of The Street M
6:35pm The Thomas Crown Affair M
8:30pm Snitch M
10:25pm Layer Cake MA
12:10am 28 Weeks Later MA
1:50am Deadfall MA
3:30am The Ninth Gate MA
5:45am Suburban Mayhem MA
7:20am The Others M
9:10am Stoker MA
10:50am Lady In The Water PG
12:45pm The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
2:50pm Dead Calm M
4:30pm Out Of Time M
6:20pm All The King's Men M
8:30pm 25th Hour MA
10:50pm The Purge MA