10:10am The Silence Of The Lambs MA
12:15pm Dead Europe MA
1:45pm Dead Calm M
3:25pm Trainspotting MA
5:05pm Stone MA
6:55pm The Night Listener M
8:30pm The Untouchables M
10:35pm And Soon The Darkness MA
12:10am What Doesn't Kill You MA
1:50am All The King's Men M
4:00am I Am You MA
5:50am The Firm M
8:25am The Gingerbread Man M
10:25am Perfect Stranger M
12:20pm Instinct M
2:25pm The Illusionist M
4:20pm Lord Of War MA
6:25pm Switchback M
8:30pm American Psycho MA
10:15pm Shelter MA
12:05am What Lies Beneath M
2:15am Circle Of Eight MA
3:40am Gothika MA
5:20am Just Cause MA
7:05am Chasing Sleep MA
8:55am City By The Sea MA
10:50am The Life Of David Gale MA
1:05pm The Dead Girl MA
2:45pm Dark Blue MA
4:45pm Disturbia M
6:35pm Cassandra's Dream M
8:30pm Boiler Room M
10:35pm Jagged Edge MA
12:25am The Chamber M
2:15am The Resident MA
3:45am The Missing M
6:00am The Last Castle M
8:15am Kalifornia MA
10:15am The Minus Man M
12:10pm RocknRolla MA
2:05pm The Good Shepherd M
4:55pm Chopper MA
6:35pm End Of Watch MA
8:30pm Before The Devil Knows You're Dead MA
10:30pm Monster MA
12:20am Hostel: Part II MA
1:55am 21 Grams MA
4:05am Fay Grim M
6:10am Saw MA
7:55am Saw II MA
9:30am Saw III MA
11:25am Swimfan M
12:55pm Green Street Hooligans MA
2:45pm Snakes On A Plane M
4:35pm The Bay MA
6:05pm Blood Diamond MA
8:30pm House At The End Of The Street M
10:15pm Zig Zag MA
12:00am Gothika MA
1:40am Havoc MA
3:05am Final Destination 3 MA
4:40am The Hard Word MA
6:25am The Missing M
8:45am Boiler Room M
10:50am Misery M
12:40pm House At The End Of The Street M
2:25pm Sea Of Love M
4:20pm The Mothman Prophecies M
6:20pm 21 Grams MA
8:30pm The Tailor Of Panama MA
10:25pm Alpha Dog MA
12:25am My Soul To Take MA
2:10am Blood Diamond MA
4:35am Chasing Sleep MA
6:25am The Night Listener M
8:00am Godsend M
9:45am Gothika MA
11:25am Jagged Edge MA
1:20pm The Quiet MA
3:00pm 8mm MA
5:05pm Premonition M
6:45pm Frailty MA
8:30pm The Dead Girl MA
10:10pm Dark Blue MA