6:40pm Swimming Pool MA
8:30pm Heaven MA
10:20pm Set It Off MA
12:20am Dirty Teacher M
1:50am City By The Sea MA
3:35am Chasing Sleep MA
5:20am Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
7:25am Disclosure MA
9:35am The Negotiator MA
12:00pm Arbitrage MA
1:50pm Havoc MA
3:20pm Swimfan M
4:50pm The Dead Girl MA
6:30pm Basic Instinct 2 MA
6:30pm Basic Instinct 2 MA
8:30pm Killing Them Softly MA
10:15pm The Bay MA
12:05am Once Upon a Time in America MA
3:50am Wolf Creek MA
5:30am The DaVinci Code M
8:00am The Omen M
9:55am The Untouchables M
12:00pm Heaven MA
1:45pm Circle Of Ei8ht MA
3:15pm Spartan M
5:05pm One Hour Photo M
6:45pm Trainspotting MA
8:30pm Nothing But The Truth MA
10:25pm Arbitrage MA
12:10am Jackie Brown MA
2:45am The Mothman Prophecies M
4:40am Snakes On A Plane M
6:30am Set It Off MA
8:35am Two For the Money M
10:40am My Soul To Take MA
12:30pm Scream MA
2:25pm Scream 2 MA
4:30pm Scream 3 MA
6:35pm Scream 4 MA
8:30pm All The Boys Love Mandy Lane MA
10:10pm Haunted M
12:10am Animal Factory MA
1:45am Trapped M
3:30am The Negotiator MA
5:50am All The King's Men M
8:05am The Gingerbread Man M
10:05am Nothing But The Truth MA
12:00pm Dirty Teacher M
1:35pm Wolf Creek MA
3:20pm Secret Window M
5:00pm The Good Thief MA
6:55pm Domestic Disturbance M
6:55pm Domestic Disturbance M
8:30pm 8MM MA
10:35pm The Sum of all Fears M
12:40am Boiler Room M
2:40am Turistas MA
4:15am Heaven's Pond M
5:50am Disclosure MA
8:00am Scream 3 MA
10:05am Spartan M
12:00pm Fatal Attraction M
2:00pm The Bay MA
3:30pm Blue City M
5:00pm Circle Of Ei8ht MA
6:30pm A Civil Action M
8:30pm 21 GRAMS MA
10:40pm The Accused MA
12:30am One Hour Photo M
2:10am Gothika MA
3:50am Journey To The End Of The Night MA
5:25am Jackie Brown MA
8:05am Scream 4 MA
10:00am Before The Devil Knows You're Dead MA
12:00pm After.Life MA
1:50pm Premonition M
1:50pm Premonition M
3:45pm Frailty MA
3:45pm Frailty MA
5:30pm The Good Shepherd M
8:30pm The Whistleblower MA
10:25pm Haven MA