6:35pm End Of Watch MA
8:30pm Boiler Room M
10:35pm The Firm M
1:05am Frozen MA
2:40am Three Days Of The Condor M
4:35am Lady In The Water PG
6:30am Point Of No Return M
8:10am Albino Alligator MA
9:50am The Quiet MA
11:30am Infamous M
1:30pm Wonderland MA
3:20pm What Doesn't Kill You MA
5:05pm The Final Cut M
6:45pm Body Of Evidence MA
8:30pm American Psycho MA
10:15pm Death Sentence MA
12:00am Dead Europe MA
1:25am Gossip MA
2:55am Valentine MA
4:30am Just Cause MA
6:15am Intermission MA
8:05am Spartan M
9:55am Best Laid Plans MA
11:35am Red Eye M
1:05pm Vanilla Sky M
3:25pm Phone Booth M
4:50pm The Crazies MA
6:35pm Body Heat M
8:30pm Blue Steel M
10:15pm Saw MA
12:00am Saw II MA
1:35am Saw III MA
3:35am Find Me Guilty M
5:40am Where The Truth Lies MA
7:30am Argo M
9:35am House At The End Of The Street M
11:20am Pi M
12:50pm Deadfall MA
2:30pm Blue Steel M
4:15pm Peacock M
5:50pm The Insider M
8:30pm Out Of Sight M
10:35pm Fifty Dead Men Walking MA
12:30am Levity M
2:10am An American Haunting M
3:30am Open Water M
4:50am Misery M
6:40am World Trade Center M
8:50am In The Valley Of Elah MA
10:55am Out Of Sight M
1:00pm Stone MA
2:50pm Hannibal Rising MA
4:55pm Shattered Glass M
6:35pm Under Suspicion M
8:30pm Ocean's Thirteen PG
10:35pm Phone Booth M
12:00am Cassandra's Dream M
1:50am Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning MA
3:25am The Texas Chainsaw Massacre MA
5:05am Murder In The First MA
7:10am Trainspotting MA
8:50am The Firm M
11:25am Frozen MA
1:00pm Ocean's Thirteen PG
3:05pm The Number 23 MA
4:50pm Swimming Pool MA
6:40pm Trust MA
8:30pm A Civil Action M
10:30pm Point Of No Return M
12:10am Haven MA
1:50am The Jacket MA
3:35am Resurrection Man MA
5:15am Switchback M
7:15am Infamous M
9:15am The Assassination Of Richard Nixon MA
10:55am The Jacket MA
12:40pm Boiler Room M
2:45pm Where The Truth Lies MA
4:35pm Death Sentence MA
6:25pm Lord Of War MA
8:30pm The Untouchables M
10:35pm The Crazies MA