4:45pm The Omen MA
6:40pm Nightwatch MA
8:30pm The Wicker Man M
10:15pm The Others M
12:10am The Ring MA
2:05am The Ring 2 M
3:55am From Hell MA
6:00am The Untouchables M
8:05am Domestic Disturbance M
9:50am The Life Of David Gale MA
12:00pm What Lies Beneath M
2:15pm The Wicker Man M
4:00pm Blood Diamond MA
6:25pm Ocean's Thirteen PG
8:30pm Sleeping With The Enemy M
10:10pm The Bling Ring MA
11:45pm From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money MA
1:15am Snitch M
3:05am The Prestige M
5:10am Cracks M
6:55am Jagged Edge MA
8:45am An American Haunting M
10:10am Premonition M
11:50am Sleeping With The Enemy M
1:30pm I Know What You Did Last Summer MA
3:15pm I Still Know What You Did Last Summer MA
5:00pm The Bling Ring MA
6:35pm The Deep End Of The Ocean M
8:30pm The Fourth Kind M
10:15pm A Simple Plan M
12:15am Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning MA
1:50am The Faculty M
3:35am Basic Instinct 2 MA
5:35am The Insider M
8:15am The Good Shepherd M
11:05am The Black Dahlia MA
1:10pm Sea Of Love M
3:05pm Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
5:10pm Heaven MA
6:50pm Dead Calm M
8:30pm What Lies Beneath M
10:45pm Flightplan M
12:25am Carrie MA
2:05am After.Life MA
3:45am Lizzie Borden Took An Ax MA
5:10am Where The Money Is PG
6:40am An American Haunting M
8:05am Blood Diamond MA
10:35am Coriolanus M
12:45pm Out Of Sight M
2:50pm Byzantium MA
4:50pm 28 Weeks Later MA
6:35pm Perfect Stranger M
8:30pm The DaVinci Code M
11:00pm Red Dragon MA
1:05am All The Boys Love Mandy Lane MA
2:35am The Wrong Man MA
4:25am Evil Angels M
6:30am Orphan MA
8:35am Cursed M
10:20am Heavenly Creatures M
12:05pm The Butterfly Effect MA
2:00pm The Butterfly Effect 2 MA
3:35pm The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations MA
5:15pm Domestic Disturbance M
6:50pm Raising Cain M
8:30pm Fracture M
10:25pm The Insider M
1:00am Slither MA
2:35am Scream 3 MA
4:30am Teeth MA
6:05am Birthday Girl M
7:40am The Life Of David Gale MA
9:50am The Deep End Of The Ocean M
11:40am The Untouchables M
1:40pm Raising Cain M
3:15pm Snitch M
5:10pm After.Life MA
6:55pm The Messengers M
8:30pm Boogeyman M
10:05pm I Know What You Did Last Summer MA
11:45pm I Still Know What You Did Last Summer MA