7:45am Zero Dark Thirty M
10:25am The Firm M
1:00pm The Juror MA
3:05pm Boiler Room M
5:10pm And Soon The Darkness MA
6:45pm Untraceable MA
8:30pm Out Of Time M
10:20pm Darkness M
12:10am Stigmata MA
1:55am Red Dragon MA
4:00am Shelter MA
5:55am Insomnia M
7:55am I Know What You Did Last Summer MA
9:40am I Still Know What You Did Last Summer MA
11:25am Where The Money Is PG
12:55pm The Best Offer M
3:10pm Red Eye M
4:40pm The Wicker Man M
6:25pm The Silence Of The Lambs MA
8:30pm The Reaping M
10:15pm Ronin M
12:15am Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning MA
1:45am The Deep End Of The Ocean M
3:35am Blind Horizon M
5:25am The Evil Dead MA
6:55am Pi M
8:25am Blood MA
10:00am Memento MA
11:55am Snow Angels MA
1:45pm Event Horizon MA
3:25pm The Shining MA
5:50pm Pulp Fiction MA
8:30pm Jackie Brown MA
11:10pm Runner Runner MA
12:40am 100 Bloody Acres MA
2:15am Heaven MA
3:55am Reservoir Dogs MA
5:35am Dead Calm M
7:20am Long Weekend M
9:05am We Own The Night MA
11:05am Rosewood Lane M
12:45pm The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call MA
2:50pm Noise MA
4:45pm Angel Heart MA
6:40pm Hackers M
8:30pm Ocean's Thirteen PG
10:35pm Out Of Sight M
12:35am What Lies Beneath M
2:45am Silent Hill MA
4:55am All The King's Men M
7:05am Evil Angels M
9:10am The Thomas Crown Affair M
11:10am Mr. Brooks MA
1:15pm 25th Hour MA
3:35pm The Night Listener M
5:10pm Beautiful Creatures MA
6:45pm Flightplan M
8:30pm A Simple Plan M
10:35pm Shelter MA
12:30am Carrie MA
2:10am The Best Offer M
4:20am House At The End Of The Street M
6:05am Changing Lanes M
7:45am The Omen MA
9:40am Raising Cain M
11:15am The Prophecy M
12:55pm The Prophecy II MA
2:25pm The Prophecy 3: The Ascent MA
3:50pm The Prophecy: Uprising MA
5:20pm The Prophecy: Forsaken M
6:40pm Below M
8:30pm Coriolanus M
10:40pm Perfect Stranger M
12:25am Friday The 13th MA
2:00am How I Live Now MA
3:40am Where The Money Is PG
5:10am The Ghost Writer MA
7:20am The Black Dahlia MA
9:25am The Messengers M
11:00am The Ninth Gate MA
1:15pm The Insider M
3:55pm Captain Phillips M
6:10pm A Perfect World M
8:30pm Mystery Road M
10:30pm Snow Angels MA