4:35pm The Box M
6:40pm After.Life MA
8:30pm Paranormal Activity M
10:00pm My Soul To Take MA
11:50pm Kalifornia MA
1:50am Hostel: Part II MA
3:30am City By The Sea MA
5:20am The Skulls M
7:05am Takedown M
8:40am Frozen MA
10:15am What Doesn't Kill You MA
12:00pm All The King's Men M
2:10pm Fifty Dead Men Walking MA
4:15pm Trust MA
6:05pm Flight MA
8:30pm Flightplan M
10:15pm Red Eye M
11:45pm Auggie Rose MA
1:40am Edison MA
3:25am The Hard Word MA
5:15am 8mm MA
7:25am Long Weekend M
9:10am The Confession M
11:10am Death Sentence MA
1:00pm Cassandra's Dream M
2:50pm Where The Truth Lies MA
4:45pm Knockaround Guys MA
6:25pm Switchback M
8:30pm Horsemen MA
10:05pm Cleanskin MA
11:55pm Gangster Squad MA
1:50am Valentine MA
3:30am An American Haunting M
4:55am Red Eye M
6:25am Evil Dead MA
8:00am Flatliners M
10:00am Body Heat MA
12:00pm Paranormal Activity M
1:30pm Best Laid Plans MA
3:10pm Reservoir Dogs MA
4:50pm Drag Me To Hell MA
6:30pm The Butterfly Effect MA
8:30pm Basic Instinct 2 MA
10:30pm Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning MA
12:05am Gossip MA
1:40am Boy A MA
3:30am The Quiet MA
5:10am Cockneys Vs Zombies MA
6:40am The Number 23 MA
8:25am Dead Silence M
10:00am The Hand That Rocks The Cradle M
12:00pm Flight MA
2:20pm Wind Chill MA
3:55pm Havoc MA
5:20pm Pi M
6:50pm The Butterfly Effect 2 MA
8:30pm Disturbia M
10:25pm A Simple Plan M
12:30am Scream 3 MA
2:30am Scream 4 MA
4:30am Razorback M
6:10am The Haunting M
8:10am House Of Wax MA
10:10am The Hard Word MA
12:00pm Flightplan M
1:45pm Edison MA
3:25pm An American Haunting M
4:55pm Ripley Under Ground MA
6:45pm The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations MA
8:30pm The Good Shepherd M
11:20pm The Box M
1:20am Trust MA
3:10am What Doesn't Kill You MA
4:55am The Bay MA
6:20am Switchback M
8:25am Knockaround Guys MA
10:00am Gangster Squad MA
12:00pm Horsemen MA
1:40pm Red Eye M
3:10pm Frozen MA
4:50pm Auggie Rose MA
6:45pm House At The End Of The Street M
8:30pm Plush MA
10:15pm And Soon The Darkness MA
11:45pm Fifty Dead Men Walking MA