7:55am The Insider M
10:35am Carrie MA
12:15pm Psycho M
2:00pm Blood Diamond MA
4:25pm 25th Hour MA
6:40pm Layer Cake MA
8:30pm Sexy Beast MA
10:05pm The Bank Job MA
12:00am Cujo MA
1:30am House At The End Of The Street M
3:10am Under Suspicion M
5:00am Hackers M
6:50am Chopper MA
8:25am Suburban Mayhem MA
9:55am Sexy Beast MA
11:25am The Butterfly Effect MA
1:20pm The Butterfly Effect 2 MA
2:55pm The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations MA
4:35pm Suicide Kings MA
6:25pm Hannibal Rising MA
8:30pm The Silence Of The Lambs MA
10:30pm Red Dragon MA
12:40am The Dead Zone M
2:25am The Ninth Gate MA
4:40am Gang Related MA
6:35am Fay Grim M
8:35am Ocean's Thirteen PG
10:40am A Simple Plan M
12:45pm Blood Creek MA
2:20pm The Talented Mr Ripley M
4:40pm Angel Heart MA
6:35pm Perfect Stranger M
8:30pm Sea Of Love M
10:25pm Out Of Sight M
12:30am Stigmata MA
2:15am Lizzie Borden Took An Ax MA
3:45am Bound MA
5:35am Teeth MA
7:15am The Bank Job MA
9:10am Into The Blue M
11:00am Deceived M
12:50pm Ripley's Game MA
2:45pm The Fourth Kind M
4:25pm Under Suspicion M
6:20pm The Fifth Estate M
8:30pm Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy MA
10:45pm The Firm M
1:20am The Evil Dead MA
2:50am Wild Card M
4:25am The Ghost Writer MA
6:35am Pulp Fiction MA
9:15am Jackie Brown MA
11:55am American Psycho MA
1:40pm Deadly Spa M
3:10pm Beautiful Creatures MA
4:45pm House Of Games M
6:30pm Flatliners M
8:30pm The Insider M
11:10pm Memento MA
1:10am The Amityville Horror MA
2:40am Blood Diamond MA
5:05am Reservoir Dogs MA
6:50am A Perfect World M
9:20am The Best Offer M
11:30am Gang Related MA
1:25pm Death Clique M
3:00pm Snow Angels MA
4:50pm Chopper MA
6:25pm Mr. Brooks MA
8:30pm Deja Vu M
10:40pm Fracture M
12:35am Psycho M
2:20am Johnny Handsome M
3:55am And Soon The Darkness MA
5:25am The Thomas Crown Affair M
7:20am 8mm MA
9:25am Sleeping With The Enemy M
11:10am The Wicker Man M
12:55pm Ronin M
3:00pm Boiler Room M
5:00pm The Deep End Of The Ocean M
6:50pm Dead Calm M
8:30pm The Shining MA
10:55pm The Number 23 MA