8:30pm The Fifth Estate M
10:40pm Ronin M
12:40am Razorback M
2:15am Long Weekend M
3:50am Peacock M
5:25am Spiral M
7:00am All The King's Men M
9:10am Queen Of The Damned M
10:55am Just Cause MA
12:40pm The Fifth Estate M
2:50pm Awake MA
4:20pm Point Of No Return M
6:00pm The DaVinci Code M
8:30pm Sleeping With The Enemy M
10:10pm The Prestige M
12:20am The Others M
2:10am 25th Hour MA
4:25am Best Laid Plans MA
6:00am The Bling Ring MA
7:35am The Purge MA
9:05am The Accused MA
11:00am The Box M
1:00pm Drag Me To Hell MA
2:45pm The Invisible M
4:30pm Jagged Edge MA
6:25pm The Mothman Prophecies M
8:30pm Wind Chill MA
10:05pm Beautiful Creatures MA
11:40pm Darkness M
1:25am Zig Zag MA
3:05am Nothing But The Truth MA
4:50am Raising Cain M
6:25am The Insider M
9:05am Lizzie Borden Took An Ax MA
10:35am Suburban Mayhem MA
12:10pm Teeth MA
1:50pm The Amityville Horror MA
3:25pm Ripley's Game MA
5:20pm Wild Card M
6:55pm Where The Money Is PG
8:30pm The Fourth Kind M
10:10pm Deja Vu M
12:20am Blood Creek MA
1:55am Blood Diamond MA
4:15am Chopper MA
5:45am Rosewood Lane M
7:30am Fay Grim M
9:30am Angel Heart MA
11:25am Under Suspicion M
1:20pm Deadly Spa M
2:50pm Deceived M
4:40pm Gang Related MA
6:35pm The Butterfly Effect MA
8:30pm Flatliners M
10:30pm The Game M
12:40am Bug MA
2:25am Mr. Brooks MA
4:30am Coriolanus M
6:40am Hackers M
8:30am Blue Steel M
10:15am Flatliners M
12:15pm Deja Vu M
2:25pm A Simple Plan M
4:30pm Flightplan M
6:15pm The Ninth Gate MA
8:30pm Stigmata MA
10:15pm Paranormal Activity M
11:45pm Scream 4 MA
1:35am And Soon The Darkness MA
3:10am Suicide Kings MA
5:00am Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy MA
7:15am The Fifth Estate M
9:25am The Game M
11:35am Memento MA
1:30pm Reservoir Dogs MA
3:15pm Pulp Fiction MA
5:55pm Jackie Brown MA
8:30pm Kill Bill Vol. 1 MA
10:25pm Kill Bill Vol. 2 MA